4 Alice in Wonderland Moscow Graffiti

Alice in Wonderland Moscow Graffiti

Some graffiti from a common Russian suburb multi-stored buildings yard, which differs from
many others with its manner and that it is based on famous Alice in Wonderland story.
10 Ice and Snow Sculptures in Petrozavodsk

Ice and Snow Sculptures in Petrozavodsk

  These days there was a lot of snow all over USA and Russia, so many people post the things they make from it. And here is
a photoset from Russian city Petrozavodsk in Karelia, about the contest for the best snow or ice thing you can make.

28 Afghani War Carpets

Afghani War Carpets

There is a war in Afghanistan for more than 20 years already. It has been started in late 70s when first Soviet troops entered Afghanistan to support the current regime. Then after the collapse of USSR the war with external enemy has stopped for a while, but inside there were still conflicting groups fighting with each other for the power. Little by little Taliban got the dominating position in the country and just a few years later NATO troops entered the country. So all the time there was a war, and most of the time all the parties used Soviet,
then Russian weapons. It's scary to see how the war thematics have moved to all spheres of life in Afghanistan even to carpet weaving skills. Previously this Middle-East country, lying on the border with Russia was famous for its hand-made carpets with beautiful Eastern ornaments. These days weavers make carpets with war. And main war items depicted on the carpets are from Russian origin. Here are the examples of Russian weapons that can be clearly distinguished on the contemporary Afghani carpets:
25 Russian-Japan War Propaganda Posters

Russian-Japan War Propaganda Posters

In the beginning of 20-th century Russia participated in the war with Japan. Some our readers
asked if there were some propaganda posters from that times. There are some.
6 Prophetic Postcards Back From 1914

Prophetic Postcards Back From 1914

This is a series of old postcards back from 1914 describing their look in future of Moscow city. Authors in 1914 tried to figure out how would their city look after 100-200-300 years from then. We now can see were they
successful or not. The picture above shows how should look one of Moscow highways in 200 years after 1914. It should be totally polished with an ice so that ultramodern air-motored sleighs could glide fast and easy.

17 Painted Houses of Borovsk

Painted Houses of Borovsk

People of this small Russian town Borovsk are fond of painting their houses with different kind of stories. Some prefer pictures from
past, some are more modern oriented. Visitors of the city can get a special map with all the sites of interest across the town.
bomb money box
1 Money Box in a Form of Air Bomb

Money Box in a Form of Air Bomb

Russian designers from Artem Lebedev Studio have introduced another interesting thing. How about having your piggy bank in form of the air bomb? Every air
bomb money box can be signed with your "target" like "For IPOD" or "For new bike", same way like soldiers wrote on their bombs "for Nazi".
mosfilm monument
31 Mosfilm Monument

Mosfilm Monument

This was a big epic monument, a sybmol of Russian sculpture. It was made in 1937 by a woman sculptor. More than 60 ft (20 metres) tall, made
of steel. It was also used in "Mosfilm" movie leading Soviet making company. These days it stands disassembled.
soviet monument
9 Broken Soviet Monuments

Broken Soviet Monuments

Russian photographer Igor Moukhin is fond of making photos
of some broker Russian monuments. Like this ones.
russian design
22 Russian Contemporary Design

Russian Contemporary Design

In this post we'll have a little insight into the world of contemporary Russian design, the advanced part of it. into the world of contemporary Russian design, the advanced part of it. It is no secret that in every country there are some pretty gifted
designers that in our time of globalization can sell their creations to Western countries. Here are some most successful works of Russian designers in 2006. The car on the photo above and below is a prototype of Russian car "Russo-Balt".

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