Russian history 1

49 Russian Digging

Russian Digging

Just taking a step to any village outskirts and digging a few feet deep inside the soil would reveal tons of the things laying there since World War II. Almost all the territory of
Western Russia was a battlefield so if you ever go to Russia you don't need to pay a visit to an antique store, you can start digging at any place and get your part of loot.
Russian coffin shaped resaurant in Ukraine 1

32 Coffin Shaped Restaurant

Coffin Shaped Restaurant

"Be seated in the free coffin of your choice", this is how visitors are
being greeted in this new coffin-shaped restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine.
Russian car 1

21 The Super Mario Lada

The Super Mario Lada

In Russia they have
Super Mario Ladas.
50 Jimmi Jimmi

Jimmi Jimmi

Many Russians don't like the migrants from the ex-Soviet Southern states who come to modern Russia and do different hard jobs for less,
but this guy is cool, at least he knows 3 languages: Hindi, his native Tajikistanian and Russian, and he can sing and dance.
Russian movies 1

41 Soviet Movies – Hollywood Faces

Soviet Movies – Hollywood Faces

This time Russian photoshop masters from have tried to put faces of
well-known American Hollywood actors upon the scenes of Soviet movie classics.
Baby Dolls Fair in St. Petersburg, Russia 1

33 Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls

These are not mother and her numerous kids, this is a "Baby Doll Fair", a strange event in St.
Petersburg, Russia where dolls of infants, toddlers and babes are widely presented and being sold.
The car from Krasnoyarsk, Russia 1

51 The Dragon Cars Mania

The Dragon Cars Mania

In Krasnoyarsk, Russia they are obsessed with creating dragon-cars these
days. It became a real mania among some of the youngsters of this city.
Kiev, Ukraine, Russia 1

25 Kiev, 1905

Kiev, 1905

Kiev, Ukraine, Russian
province, 1905.
moving dragons of St. Petersburg 1

10 The Dragon Lab

The Dragon Lab

These guys at St. Petersburg, Russia create moving dragons
sculptures. The purpose is not clear but they say the models look cool.
Sevastopol Panorama 1

25 The Sevastopol Defense Panorama

The Sevastopol Defense Panorama

One of the most notable events involving the city is the Siege of Sevastopol (1854-1855) carried out by the British, French, Sardinian, and Turkish troops during the Crimean War, which lasted for 11 months. Despite its efforts, the Russian army had to leave its stronghold and evacuate over a pontoon bridge to the north shore of the inlet. The Russians had to sink their entire fleet to prevent it from falling into the hands of the enemy and at the same time to block the entrance of the Western ships into the inlet. When the enemy troops entered Sevastopol, they were faced with the ruins of a formerly glorious city. A panorama of the siege created by
Franz Roubaud and which was restored after its destruction in 1942 is housed in a specially constructed circular building in the city. It portrays the situation in the height of the siege, on 18 June 1855. It was made with two methods - the closer to the observer layers are made with the real objects - cannon balls, cannons, grass, fortification logs, guns - everything is real etc and further from the observer starts the epic drawing on the round walls of the panorama, creating the illusion that the observer is standing on the top of the hill in the center of the battle for the defense of Sevastopol.