Sevastopol Panorama 1

25 The Sevastopol Defense Panorama

The Sevastopol Defense Panorama

One of the most notable events involving the city is the Siege of Sevastopol (1854-1855) carried out by the British, French, Sardinian, and Turkish troops during the Crimean War, which lasted for 11 months. Despite its efforts, the Russian army had to leave its stronghold and evacuate over a pontoon bridge to the north shore of the inlet. The Russians had to sink their entire fleet to prevent it from falling into the hands of the enemy and at the same time to block the entrance of the Western ships into the inlet. When the enemy troops entered Sevastopol, they were faced with the ruins of a formerly glorious city. A panorama of the siege created by
Franz Roubaud and which was restored after its destruction in 1942 is housed in a specially constructed circular building in the city. It portrays the situation in the height of the siege, on 18 June 1855. It was made with two methods - the closer to the observer layers are made with the real objects - cannon balls, cannons, grass, fortification logs, guns - everything is real etc and further from the observer starts the epic drawing on the round walls of the panorama, creating the illusion that the observer is standing on the top of the hill in the center of the battle for the defense of Sevastopol.
11 The Lada Ad

The Lada Ad

New Lada ad is being aired. "The Legendary
Lada 2107, Quality. Traditions. Safety.
Russian art 1

37 Ghosts and Life

Ghosts and Life

Ghosts come
to Russia.
Russian sculptures 1

25 Horror by the River

Horror by the River

When the night comes to this small town in Russia its dwellers dress their into their best cloths and go to
the promenade by the city river bank among the steel horror sculptures erected by unknown genius.
Russian village 1

93 Life at Russian Village

Life at Russian Village

This is one day from the random Russian village. The school, the
household routine and the fun of some random Russian countrymen.
Old Russian lady painted house 1

55 Old Lady’s House

Old Lady’s House

This is old Russian lady from Ukraine. You can see her in the middle on the photo above. She had a life full of hardships but overcame all of them, then settled in a small village in Ukraine. Her grown-up son was beating her constantly demanding to sell all her things and furniture and give all the money to him. Eventually he got
into a jail and the lady was left all by herself in this house. And once she tried to draw something on the wall when she had nothing to do. She liked so much this that she went on and on and finally all her retirement money she spent on the paint to turn all her house into an art gallery. Just take a look.
St. Petersburg, Russia 1

47 Another View on St.Petersburg

Another View on St.Petersburg

This photographer has his own view of one of the most beautiful
Russian cities and he expresses it with his photos.
Old Russian Luxury Houses 1

29 Old Russian Luxury Houses

Old Russian Luxury Houses

If nowadays rich Russians prefer red-brick houses of strange design, many years ago some other fashion was ruling the minds of Russian high society. It was a unique to Russia style of building large
wooden houses of genuine Russian design. They had an ability to build houses from stone, like in Europe, but preferred wood on purpose, they liked wood, the feeling of the wooden house.
Apocalypse in Russia 1

35 Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

This guys tried to visualize how could Russian
cities look like if the end of the times is today.
42 The Parachute Jumping

The Parachute Jumping

And now the parachute
jumping, Russian style...

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