Moscow, 1890 1

21 Moscow Postcards from 1890

Moscow Postcards from 1890

We had Moscow photos of 1890 some time ago already, but these are new shots but of the
same year, actually they are postcards printed in Riga (Latvia now) at that time.
Fake Russian McDonalds 1

45 Mc Duck

Mc Duck

We've seen already fake gas stations, now they have fake McDonalds, like this one, called "McDuck", in
Russian city Petrozavodsk. They used the exact "M" trademark logo but also added some duck face for it..
photos of St. Petersburg, Russia 1

23 Round St. Petersburg

Round St. Petersburg

These are some round panoramic
images of St. Petersburg, Russia..
nazi robots 1

43 Nazi Robots

Nazi Robots

These days many Russian online communities hit by the discussion of these photos. They were published in one popular Russian blog and the guy who published claimed that he has found the unique rare photographs of his grandfather from
WW2 when he encountered the Nazi Robots. Of course many didn't believe this and found the same things are in Lucas "Star Wars" movie, but many were fooled and this caused a big buzz, spread across many blogs.
storm in Ukraine 1

30 Storm HDR

Storm HDR

Russian Bloggers have already processed yesterday's storm photos
and got some cool HDR images for your viewing pleasure:
Russian painted houses 1

49 Strange Fashion of Moscow Suburbs

Strange Fashion of Moscow Suburbs

Really strange fashion of painting psychedelic things on the walls of houses deep in Moscow suburbs seems to progress. This one is most impressive - just imagine all those common low-class people leaving inside those houses doing their
everyday things like washing stuff or drinking or eating and watching TV, but now they don't do all this things inside dull gray boxes of concrete but inside something that looks like just stepped out from Japanese animation..
soviet era victims monument 1

96 Soviet Era Victims Museum

Soviet Era Victims Museum

This is a strange monument complex in one of Russian parks. In the center of this complex there are different monuments from the Soviet Era stand, collected from different communist party locations and
around it there is a stone storage for hundreds of stone heads looking from out of the bars at those communist art examples with despair. The Stalin statue by the way is already without a nose.
Russian bus stop 1

14 Horror Bus Stop

Horror Bus Stop

Sometimes there is a place for horror not only in the abandoned places but even at public bus stops. This is
a regular bus stop with such a piece of horror on top. Sign reads "I was a looser, I took a bus".
Paintings of Russian prehistoric North 1

49 Northern Dreams

Northern Dreams

This guy, Vsevolod Ivanov, was born in Russian Karelia region, the place as some people think the prehistoric motherland of all
Northern nations. He is artist and is known for devotion of all his paintings to this ancient Russian North themes.
Soviet graffiti 1

43 Soviet Graffiti

Soviet Graffiti

In Soviet Russia you couldn't take some paint tin and go draw something on the walls, just because if you've been caught you go directly to jail. All graffiti were considered an evil
propaganda, so only approved from the Communist party wall-art could appear. Some still remain there until nowadays - like this one in one of Moscow subway stations.

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