Playing cards from Ukraine 1

58 Playing Cards from Ukraine

Playing Cards from Ukraine

If you ever wondered how do Ukrainian playing
cards might look like here is a sample.
Russian sausage art 1

42 Russian Sausage Art

Russian Sausage Art

The sausage art is now popular in Russia. They have made some major masterpieces
out of sausages and wurst and put on display so that anyone can eat them.
Russian satellite artefacts on google maps 1

27 Even More Giant Soviet Signs

Even More Giant Soviet Signs

After this first initial "100 Years Lenin's Anniversary" sign was discovered via google maps (on the photo above), made 40 years
ago a whole bunch of similar sightings were found across Russian territory using the same Google instrumentary.
20 New Music Videos

New Music Videos

Here are two new music videos rising in popularity across Russian Internet. First one above is a song devoted to the native city of the singers. It's called "I
love you Tsivilsk!" The second is about vampires in some Russian school. "They want blood blood! They want meat meat! They want eat eat!"
monument of star sower in lithuania 1

45 Star Sower

Star Sower

The star sower monument in Kaunas, Lithuania. In the daytime this monument
doesn't make any sense, but when night comes down to the city....
Russian wood carving 1

31 Russian Wood Carving

Russian Wood Carving

In Russia wood carving was popular in older times, these are some
examples of the modern wood carving by Cronid Gogolev.
production of google earth artefact in chelyabinsk  1

51 Smile to QuickBird

Smile to QuickBird

The production of Google Earth "artefacts" - the bright spots on the dull satellite landscapes seems to be a popular task nowadays in Russia. We've had already a story about guys from Moscow who have written a curse word on the roof of one of the buildings which can be nicely see now at Google Earth. This time a whole crown of people in participated has been aware of the exact
timetable of the "QuickBird" satellite passing over the Chelyabinsk city and planned to make a big yellow smiley face of their bodies on one of the city squares in order to commemorate their city in Google Earth. You can see on these photos some part of this process, if it was successful or not we'll see after the next Google Earth update.
guide to Russia 1

32 Guide to Russia

Guide to Russia

They say that this kind of printed guide to Russia is being handled to every
passenger of some flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg that come from USA.
street art in Odessa, Ukraine 1

27 Odessa Street Art

Odessa Street Art

Street art in
Odessa, Ukraine.
Russian history 1

49 Russian Digging

Russian Digging

Just taking a step to any village outskirts and digging a few feet deep inside the soil would reveal tons of the things laying there since World War II. Almost all the territory of
Western Russia was a battlefield so if you ever go to Russia you don't need to pay a visit to an antique store, you can start digging at any place and get your part of loot.