Russian mamoth's tusks used for art 1

6 The Tusk Art

The Tusk Art

Mammoths are already dead for centuries, and most of their remains are being found in the deep frozen soil of Siberian regions. Just some of them are used for scientific research, thousands more are being used by locals for
carving. The whole carving art has been formed for many years of finding those mammoth remains. They don't have ivory but plenty of this prehistoric material so it has become good substitute for the carving craft.
New Pepsi logo in Russia 1

18 New Pepsi Logo

New Pepsi Logo

The new Pepsi logo is also widely
discussed in Russian blogs.
Russian lacquer boxes 1

8 Soviet Lacquer Boxes

Soviet Lacquer Boxes

The black lacquer boxes were originally a popular Russian traditional art, but during the Soviet era they
changed the pictures from tradition to some Soviet reality depicting stuff. Like Stalin on the photo below:
Kiev street Art, Ukraine 1

12 Kiev Street Art

Kiev Street Art

Another piece of street art,
now from Kiev, Ukraine.
Old Russian organizer 1

19 The Old Organizer

The Old Organizer

I didn't know that the organizers have such a long history. This one is the last example of pre-communist Russia organizers. Made in
leather covers containing the full map of Russia and all other things that organizers have now, but it was 90 years ago.
visiting St.Petersburg, Russia 1

59 Visit St.Petersburg

Visit St.Petersburg

Those photos are like saying "Go
visit St.Petersburg, Russia"
Russian snail-house 1

19 The Mini Snail-House

The Mini Snail-House

This Russian lady from Petrozavodsk, Russia, now living at Helsinki, Finland has made this stunning mini-snail
house. The true size of the interior details can be understood looking at her fingers on the photos.
16 Hidden Gems of Russian Internet 1

Hidden Gems of Russian Internet 1

With this post we try to expand a bit on gems of Russian Internet - the sites that do something unique that no other sites on English speaking Internet segment do. Well, on Russian Internet sometimes it's possible to meet websites pretty unique in functionality to other segments of the Internet. Today I would tell about one. People in Russia are happy, when they want to find
any songs they just visit an mp3 search engine and have all the music ready. The secret of such websites is that they browse through some major Russian social networks and find all the music people upload there and share with each other and then those search engines let the users see the direct links for the music or even download it as mp3 files.
Russian artist, Vasiliy Shulzhenko 1

37 Another Russian Artist

Another Russian Artist

Another modern Russian artist, popular
these days on Russian Internet.
Mapple roses 1

16 The Maple Roses

The Maple Roses

Fall came to Russia and more and more children are fond of making roses from
maple leaves. If you like to make some too here's a short photo-manual..

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