ice statues in Moscow Kremlin 1

13 The Ice Kremlin

The Ice Kremlin

These days in Russia there is also some winter kind of attraction in the Moscow downtown, right near the Kremlin. One can
see the ice-made statues and copies of the Kremlin towers which stand near the original bigger stone versions.
russian ad 1

22 A Hardware Shop Calendar

A Hardware Shop Calendar

One Russian hardware shop sends out to his customers some calendars before the new year begins. Many shops do this but this
one, selling different hardware for home and work depicted its hardware in a really alternative way of use.
Russian nature in winter 1

43 Russian Nature at Winter Shots

Russian Nature at Winter Shots

Some nice shots of Russian nature at winter by
Mikhail Tkachev. It's winter now isn't it!
Russian club that make staged photos 1

101 Some Not-So-Usual Photos

Some Not-So-Usual Photos

These are photos of one Russian online community members of which enjoy making some staged photos with creepy plot. Here we have some of their recent topics, like: "A Cheating Wife: You need to make a photo of a man, "a lover", hanging outside the real window. The window should be not lower than a 3rd store of a multi-stored building. "A husband" should lean out from another window with a gun, aiming at "the lover". From yet another window "the cheating wife" should look out in despair." "The Waiter: A man dressed like a water should crawl out of a refuse chute in some multi-stored building, right from the disposal opening. He should hold a tray with some servings and a towel in another hand" "A Zombie: A man, rolled up in bandages should crawl on his stomach at a pedestrian
crossing. He should have a knife sticking out of his back. Another guy should chase him with a working chainsaw" "The Pickles: Make a photo of many jars of pickles. Some of them should have pickled cell-phones. Not less than five cell phones in each jar please" "A Pyramid: You should have a three level pyramid on the photo. The first level is some random truck, the second is a passenger car and some two-wheeled thing on the top of "the pyramid" please." Now see what they got shot after they got those tasks. The members of this community live in different Russian cities, they make the photos in their own neighborhoods, right in the middle of the day while sudden passers-by watching them doing this stuff.
russian art 1

28 A Cyber Sculptor

A Cyber Sculptor

This sculptor's name is Andrei Severinko from Ukraine. He finds the parts for his works on different
dumps, then bring them home and create those cyber-creatures. Some of them are really creepy.
Russian wooden pc mod 1

68 Russian Wooden PC

Russian Wooden PC

If you live in Russia you can get a wooden PC. Instead of all this boring plastic panels you get a masterpiece
made of finest mahogany with each smallest detail precisely curved and polished. How do you like it?
Moscow, 1890 1

21 Moscow Postcards from 1890

Moscow Postcards from 1890

We had Moscow photos of 1890 some time ago already, but these are new shots but of the
same year, actually they are postcards printed in Riga (Latvia now) at that time.
Fake Russian McDonalds 1

45 Mc Duck

Mc Duck

We've seen already fake gas stations, now they have fake McDonalds, like this one, called "McDuck", in
Russian city Petrozavodsk. They used the exact "M" trademark logo but also added some duck face for it..
photos of St. Petersburg, Russia 1

23 Round St. Petersburg

Round St. Petersburg

These are some round panoramic
images of St. Petersburg, Russia..
nazi robots 1

43 Nazi Robots

Nazi Robots

These days many Russian online communities hit by the discussion of these photos. They were published in one popular Russian blog and the guy who published claimed that he has found the unique rare photographs of his grandfather from
WW2 when he encountered the Nazi Robots. Of course many didn't believe this and found the same things are in Lucas "Star Wars" movie, but many were fooled and this caused a big buzz, spread across many blogs.

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