Russian goth church
39 Pseudo Goth Church

Pseudo Goth Church

In Russia there are no Goth Cathedrals or Churches, just because Russian Orthodox church, the dominating confession are Russia is not a Goth style guys, neither now nor centuries before. They preferred their original Russian architectural desings or sometimes copied from Eastern church - from Byzantium, modern Turkey, from where this church
branch has originated. But it's not by chance they say that in Russia East and West meet. Sometimes Russian church architects of the past has built something reminding the goth cathedrals of Europe combined with traditional Russian design elements. Those were called pseudo-goth churches. Here is one of such.
Russian calendar
24 Russian Economic Crisis Calendar

Russian Economic Crisis Calendar

From time to time we have Russian custom design calendars. Many readers enjoy them. The world's economic crisis inspires such creations now. The calendar is devoted to bankrupted previously
living rich traders and bankers. The one above reads: "So friend, you finished playing on market? Then go clean my shoes in supermarket!" Let's see what's more inside:
Russian monument with children and sin
71 The Sins Monument

The Sins Monument

This monument in Moscow city depicts the children (standing in the middle) surrounded by filthy grown ups - each grown up has its own flaw or sin, one of the most common sins of
the modern society, together they like stand around the innocent children that have nowhere to go - going to either side would lead to some kind of attachment.
18 Russian Jedi Skating

Russian Jedi Skating

This Russian skater decided to make some not usual
performance while on the contest in Japan.
Russian Propaganda
15 Not So Soviet

Not So Soviet

Some authors try to imagine how could life in Soviet Russia could be depicted
if there was no a strict censorship on the expressions of sensuality.
24 The Pop Singer

The Pop Singer

This Russian pop-singer is looking obviously scared after that woman approached him. Also,
as you may noticed the voice track was not interrupted in that moment. Here is why.
Perm city station, Russia
46 Perm City Station

Perm City Station

All the travellers coming to the Russian city Perm station are now being
greeted by such an artwork. It's like "Welcome to Perm city".
Sholokhov Monument, Moscow Russia
15 The Modded Monument

The Modded Monument

We have mentioned already this monument for it's weirdness and horse heads, but now some
enthusiastic and creative Moscow youngsters has modded it to even higher degree of weirdness.
St. Petersburg, Russia
29 St. Petersburg by Alexandr Alexeev

St. Petersburg by Alexandr Alexeev

Shots of St. Petersburg city,
Russia, by Alexander Alexeev.
Russian souvenirs and Russian gifts
76 Steampulk Tableware

Steampulk Tableware

This stuff is being made by the guy from Moscow. He sells all this right there in Moscow, but probably can sell via internet
too. He makes stuff to decorate tables and turn the regular salt and pepper sets to some steampunk exotics.

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