21 Orchestra in a Subway

Orchestra in a Subway

Yesterday there was a symphony orchestra performance right in the metro hallway. Trains came,
people were coming in and out and then the music started. See the video below.
Russian enema monument
34 Russian Enema Monument

Russian Enema Monument

In Russia they have world's first Enema Monument. It is a 800-pound
solid bronze statue, erected in the small town near Stavropol city.
Art by Alex Andreev, Russian artist
84 Hermetic Art

Hermetic Art

Weird but nice art by Alex Andreev, Russian artist. He personally calls his
style "Hermetic" whatever it could mean it's worth taking a look.
Russian realism art
19 Russian Modern Realism

Russian Modern Realism

That's an example of contemporary new art trend
in Russia - Modern Russian Realism Art.
Russian iphone nano concept
21 iPhone Nano from Russia

iPhone Nano from Russia

[caption id="attachment_2505" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Russian iphone nano concept"][/caption] People from all the world try to guess would Apple come up with its iPhone nano model - the smaller in
size iPhone alternative - or won't. One Russian designer says new iPhone could look like this, with the old fashioned dial which is operated like iPod dial but for dialing the numbers. via ru_designer
Watermelon car in Ukraine, Russia
33 The Watermelon Car

The Watermelon Car

Now after the watermelon bags meet
watermelon car from Ukraine.
Russian drawing of the movie
21 Paintbrush Movie

Paintbrush Movie

Russian bloggers had something to do lately. The task was simple - to open up MS Paint and draw down some
well-know scene from any popular movie. Hundreds of hand made paint movie scenes, how much can you name?
First Soviet Russian bulb
29 First Soviet Bulb

First Soviet Bulb

This is how the first Soviet Russian bulbs looked liked. They had the Stalin and Lenin half-face cut as a glower and were considered to be a very classy present - the first of the series were
presented to the delegates of Soviet parliament of 1935. Nowadays they are considered to be an awesome antique gadget and for sale in Moscow antique shops for around $2,000.
Russian navy comics
14 Russian Navy Comics

Russian Navy Comics

Meet this series of Russian comics describing the everyday life of Russian
navy submarine as seen by the eyes of the ex-Russian marine captain.
Russian design lamp
5 Lamp of Bulbs

Lamp of Bulbs

Russian designer makes
custom "Lamps of Bulbs".