Russian Art 1

18 Russian Souvenirs

Russian Souvenirs

If before you could bring back home some Matroshka dolls from your trip to Russia now you can take some new
Russian hits - gift stones painted in popular Western colors like "Marlboro" or "Wrigleys" up there.
Russian car 1

19 It’s not Dirty

It’s not Dirty

This car ain't no dirt. That's an aerography for the car. So did
they spoil the car with such an art or it's so kinda cool?
20 The Human Pixels

The Human Pixels

That's probably the most creative TV ad they had on
the ex-USSR in 2008. In Ukraine, particularly.
23 Russian Oldest Hard Rocker

Russian Oldest Hard Rocker

This one is the oldest heavy metal music lover in Russia. He played heavy metal when even Stalin was alive and you know, heavy metal and all rock'n'roll was
banned in Soviet Russia so there were really just a few of them - and he is the only one survived, in Kondopoga city of Karelia, North West Russia.
Russian design 1

13 Burn Your Life

Burn Your Life

With this calendar from Ukrainian designers one can
literary burn the candle of their life each day.
Russian graffiti 1

17 Another Street Art

Another Street Art

This is a depiction of well known Russian poet Pushkin on a duel with some Western TV
heroes (they are on the second pic). And some other latest graffiti shots.
Russian mods 1

35 The Fire Fighters Mod

The Fire Fighters Mod

I think firefighters may like such mod for their home sound system made
by Russian guys with the help of some old fire extinguishers.
condoleezza rice 1

15 Condi at Work

Condi at Work

Russian people love Condoleeza, so they
design a better workplace for her.
Russian playing cards 1

49 The Soviet Mayan Playing Cards

The Soviet Mayan Playing Cards

As it happens Mayan motives were popular in Soviet times in Russia. The only vendor for playing cards (as for many other stuff in Soviet Russia) was the Soviet State, so there were only a few type of
the cards - just maybe ten at most, not hundreds or thousands as in free market societies, and one of the types of the playing cards were devoted to the Mayan culture for some reason.
Russian mamoth's tusks used for art 1

6 The Tusk Art

The Tusk Art

Mammoths are already dead for centuries, and most of their remains are being found in the deep frozen soil of Siberian regions. Just some of them are used for scientific research, thousands more are being used by locals for
carving. The whole carving art has been formed for many years of finding those mammoth remains. They don't have ivory but plenty of this prehistoric material so it has become good substitute for the carving craft.

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