Russian robots

22 Robo Somethings

Robo Somethings

This days there is robot contest held in Moscow where different Russian self-made robots participate. It's
not clear what are the robots for, so the captions are just translated from what we had.
Russian art

29 Cool Modern Art

Cool Modern Art

Russian art studio has some series of works illustrating some aspects of Russian life, working in modern
realistic style. The first one is a bright depiction of how Russian hunt looked like through the history.

12 Kiev: Now and Then

Kiev: Now and Then

I personally like those kind of artworks, when photos of one place now and then are carefully merged. We had sometime ago
brilliant set of St. Petersburg during the WW2 photos combined with present ones. Now alike photos from Kiev city.
Russian Live Statues

59 Russian Living Statues Contest

Russian Living Statues Contest

You've probably seen from time to time those people who pretend to be a statue standing on the streets somewhere in downtown in summer time, freaking
out the passers by, earning some spare coins. Now all of those came to Russian city Sochi to participate in Living Statues contest.
Welcome to Moscow postcards

27 Welcome to Moscow Postcards

Welcome to Moscow Postcards

It's an often thing to buy a set of postcards when in travel with views of the place you have visited. This author thinks that Moscow, Russia
current postcards are not too speaking and impressive so he offers his own set of postcards for touristic merchandise purposes.
Russian grainery
9 Story of One Photo 2

Story of One Photo 2

When person sees this image for the first time he usually just automatically tags it as "photoshopped, not a big deal" and
goes browsing further. Well, this time we would stop for a while and see is it really that photoshopped or not.
Russian wooden mouse
28 Russian Wooden Gadgets

Russian Wooden Gadgets

These days when people going to be more green such devices gain popularity. Russian author of wooden mice writes: "Wood, as the cover material for everyday appliances is almost not used nowadays. Plastics are cheaper, easier to produce, faster - they suit well for mass production. Real wood is still can be found from exclusive furniture producers (regular furniture is made from plywood or laminated sheets). Saw wood industry is also mainly oriented for the construction works, thus the wooden material is available on market is of worse quality. Technologies of producing beautiful things from wood suffered greatly. They are almost, not almost, just forgotten. Just some time ago people could make from wood the things that look like a miracle for a modern
person. For example those Russian wooden clocks of the 19th century:" Such Russian clocks were produced by the Bronnikov family from Russia. For three generations they mastered their skills on crafting light-weight fully functional wooden pocket clocks. Such gadgets were true hit back then, among their customers there were Russian Tzars and other high society members. They were sending their samples to the international exhibitions of Paris and New York to make foreign people awe. The price of such wooden clocks exceeded of those of gold. Not many of those survived Russian revolution and communist reign. Those who did are a rare guest of antique shops priced at around $20,000 for each.
Russian blind artist
21 The Story of the Blind Artist

The Story of the Blind Artist

The paintings you see in this post might seem not be worth publishing from the first site. The thing can make us look more closely at them is the story of the artist who brought them to life. What makes them special is that this person is... blind. I don't know if he is unique or there are some more people around the world who are totally blind but here his story. He was not blind from the birth. He lost his sight during a digging operation in the forests of Ukraine, where they tried to find remains of Russian soldiers who are considered to be missing since the World War 2. He got blew up on the 50 year old German Nazi land mine and since then he couldn't see with the both of his eyes. One of the Dmitri's works. Before this accident he had already some recognition among the local artist community and his works didn't look like those later ones. You can see one of his works when he still was able to see as the last photo of this post. Then when he lost sight he lost everything. He became a disabled person whom nobody needed or cared about. He was in deep depression, and once he has got a call from his old friend, who tried to support the artist and offered to conduct an public exhibition of his old works. Of course he agreed. Then they had some time before the exhibition and Dmitri - that is the name of our hero - decided to try to draw
something again to present at the ongoing exhibition, to show the world that he is still an artist, even with a missing sight. He called it "Even the longest way starts with a tiny step." At first he couldn't draw anything that reminded the sane painting. But after hours of practice and persistance he managed to give a birth to his first painting of his new life. Now there are 250 new works, created after the accident in which he lost his sight, and some of them are highly recognized by critics and were bought for private collections of Russian and foreighn art lovers. Dmitri, the blind artist. "When I see the works of Dmitri, I became ashamed of ourselves, how often do we complain, how often we say that life is not fair with us, and still we can see the world around us. But Dmitri can't, and still he doesn't complain, he works. Every his painting is a piece of the world he knew, he knows and he would know. We, proffesionals from art, don't care that he can't see - he still remains a proffesional artist for us. Of course, his style has been changed, but still he is a good colorist and stylist and we don't make any discounts on his wound, when saying this.", says Valentina Myzgina, the chief manager of Kharkov Art Museum.
Russian gifts
29 14 Weird Russian Gifts

14 Weird Russian Gifts

After visiting Russian gift shops one can make some list of the weird items that can be purchased there. Our list would
start with a purse. The sign on it reads "Anti-vandal purse, capacity is $10,000" Let's see what's more there.
21 Orchestra in a Subway

Orchestra in a Subway

Yesterday there was a symphony orchestra performance right in the metro hallway. Trains came,
people were coming in and out and then the music started. See the video below.

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