7 Western cartoon heroes occupy streets of Russia

Western cartoon heroes occupy streets of Russia

Russian group of enthusiastic artists decided to inhabit traditional Russian
landscapes with famous Western cartoon characters. The result is big fun. Take a look!

6 Only in Russia..

Only in Russia..

Only in Russia girl can go and order herself a photo session with a huge bear. No muzzles, no chains, no precautions - where is it else possible?
Bear can leak her cheeks, she hugs him, etc etc. And every girl can just go pay a few roubles and get those photos. Only in Russia.

12 Russian Emperors Faberge Collection

Russian Emperors Faberge Collection

A huge collection of Russian Royal's House Faberge collection. Not
only Faberge eggs but also lots of other stuff. Check it out.

4 Vintage MS-1 Tank Made from Snow

Vintage MS-1 Tank Made from Snow

Someone in Perm city has built a tank made of snow at museum entrance in Perm city Russia. It went out pretty well, especially at night with good light
projected on it. Here you can see how they planned the details with paint at first, and inside there are a few photos of the finished product.

7 Russian Acoustic Guitar Makers from Bobrovo Russia

Russian Acoustic Guitar Makers from Bobrovo Russia

It might be a surprising fact for you but in Russia there are still a few factories producing guitars. During Soviet times, Russian people had to buy mostly all locally made products, so guitar manufacturers were blooming. Then, Russia opened its markets to foreign merchandise and many ex-Soviet factories went bankrupt. Many think that Russian guitar makers went bankrupt
too and aren't producing anything now, Chinese stuff is cheaper and often better made. However this is not true, and this is one example of an old Soviet guitar maker that is still making acoustic guitars. Thanks to Russian photo blogger Andrei who went there and took photos we can see what the Russian guitar maker looks like from inside.

3 City Made of Porcelain Ceramics

City Made of Porcelain Ceramics

Imagine a whole model city made of china - porcelain. Fences, houses, people, pets, etc, etc. This is what they have done here, it's all made of traditional Russian porcelain, over a a
few hundred pieces all made from china and hand painted, making a huge city on display now in one of Kolomna's museums. Vittasim went there and took these cool photos.

12 Family of Russian Old Believers

Family of Russian Old Believers

Dersu is a small village on the Russian Pacific coast. It consists mainly of Russian old believers. They are people of strict religious beliefs which prohibits them from
using modern day technologies, wearing modern clothes and so on. Let's see how they live there - thanks to an awesome blogger Alex H. who published these photos!

10 Russian Depressing and Creepy Kids Playgrounds

Russian Depressing and Creepy Kids Playgrounds

Some time before we published from time to time some of the creepiest images taken at Russian kids playgrounds. For some reason many cities have plenty of those - maybe because the playgrounds are maintained by enthusiasts who are not very aesthetically sound and just do their best to support what they have. But this doesn't make this
things installed on the playgrounds look less creepy and strange. Just I am sure you would be shocked on how strange Russian playgrounds can look. In many instances you won't be able to identify what the authors have tried to achieve, and be swept away by the materials they used. Really depressing scenery inside!

2 Palace of Peter the Great’s Greatest Friend

Palace of Peter the Great’s Greatest Friend

Russian statesman Menshikov is well known in Russia. He is often referred as the best and the only friend of Russia's greatest innovator Tsar Peter the Great. They say that de facto this person was a ruler of Russia for two consecutive years. His official titles included Prince
of Russia, Duke of Ingria and many more. So for sure this man needed a palace as all Tsars did at that times and so he had one. Thanks to Russian blogger Deletant we are able to see the best luxury and style man could buy at that time in Russia. Let's see!

4 Ancient Wooden Churches of Karelia Land

Ancient Wooden Churches of Karelia Land

If you really want to see a lot of old Russian traditional wooden architecture, namely churches and chapels, then for sure you need to visit Karelia. This land borders Finland for over 1,000 km along its length on one side, and like Finland is called
"Land of the Lakes" with over 90,000 small lakes. Since the early times people have lived here and built these beautiful, unique wooden churches. Let's see inside, thanks to the Russian blogger Alexei, who took those awesome photos!

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