4 Beauty With Your Own Hands

Beauty With Your Own Hands

Here is how at low cost you can do a beautiful thing. What we need: skillful
hands, a hammer, an anvil, a furnace and a couple of iron pieces.
1 A Bit of Nice Cars

A Bit of Nice Cars

One guy decided to show his
collection of models. Check it
3 Kiev Soviet Geometry

Kiev Soviet Geometry

It's out of the question that Kiev is a pearl of architecture, its buildings are gorgeous. In all post-Soviet territory Kiev's multistory buildings are
probably the most beautiful.  LJ user under nickname ked-pled takes unreal photos of architecture. Some of them are presented in the post.
6 DIY Sports Bike

DIY Sports Bike

One guy spent some weeks to make a
sports bike almost from nothing...
5 Assorted Russia, Part 54

Assorted Russia, Part 54

These people create an impression of a regular
family until you look in their eyes....
0 Theatrical Scenery In Miniature

Theatrical Scenery In Miniature

Spectators admiring a play don’t think about how much work it takes to stage it. It is a highly laborious work to design and create costumes, accessories,
scenery… Irina Kuts is a production designer of a drama theater in Sevastopol who along with theatrical scenery creates their miniature copies.
5 Teeny-Weeny Cold Steel

Teeny-Weeny Cold Steel

We've told you about people whose hobby is to make mini cold weapons. Today we want to present
works by Vasily Knyazhin who must be extremely patient and skillful to create this...
0 The Largest Theater In Russia

The Largest Theater In Russia

Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater is the most important theatre in Novosibirsk and Siberia. It was completed in February, 1944, the first performance being held on May 12th, 1945. It is the largest theater in Russia (larger than the
Bolshoi Theater in Moscow!). Located in downtown Novosibirsk, on Lenin Square, it is the symbol of the city. After its renovation in 2005, its computerized stage equipment became the most technically advanced in Russia.
6 Aero Photography By Sergey Makarenkov

Aero Photography By Sergey Makarenkov

Heavy metal. Sergey Makarenkov takes photographs from the plane. When he first rose into the air, he realized he could not live without seeing a bird’s
eye view of this world. Since 2007, he spent about 400 hours flying on the plane photographing. Let us present some of his aviashots.
2 Babushkas To Conquer Eurovision 2012

Babushkas To Conquer Eurovision 2012

Life in the Russian provinces has never been easy. The absence of common utilities even now is not a rarity in villages: water is
gathered from wells, stoves have to be heated up, the cattle watched, in the summer the vegetable patch needs tending…

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