6 Weird And Funny Food Magic

Weird And Funny Food Magic

Products that we eat every day can be turned into unusually looking dishes if you
apply a little bit of efforts and have enough time. Some tips are in the post.
14 Miss Belarus 2008 And Snow Plow

Miss Belarus 2008 And Snow Plow

One of the country's largest producers of road-construction equipment has released a calendar featuring Miss Belarus 2008! So, meet Miss Belarus 2008 Anna Krivitskaya and a
screw-rotor snow plow Amkodor 9531! By the way, the company obviously has some weakness for Miss Belarus contestants. To find out why, check out the photographs below!
11 Miss Belarus 2012

Miss Belarus 2012

Miss Belarus 2012 contestants arrived at Minsk to stay in town till March, 17th to prepare for the beauty contest and participate in its
semifinal. We want to show you one of the photo sessions made in Minsk which lasted for two days and involved just a few of the girls.
0 Birth of a Drawing

Birth of a Drawing

See how a drawing depicting heroes of WWII who managed to
survive the four toughest years in the world history is created.
4 Assorted Russia, Part 49

Assorted Russia, Part 49

A 24-year-old tattoo artist from Naberezhnye Chelny named Timur find out a way how to create a spiritual alliance with his cat. He sent his
favorite to sleep for an hour and made a tattoo on its chest. The sign means 'Seize the moment' but there is a spelling mistake.
5 Ant Tales By Andrey Pavlov

Ant Tales By Andrey Pavlov

Those are real ants photographed by Andrey Pavlov. The ants in his photographs
behave either naturally or follow the photographer's instructions.
3 Winter Sights Of Kazan

Winter Sights Of Kazan

Welcome to Kazan, a city
in Tatarstan Republic.
3 Downtown Moscow On A Scale Of 1:75

Downtown Moscow On A Scale Of 1:75

In Radisson Royal Hotel in Moscow, you can find a beautiful diorama of the Kremlin and downtown Moscow made on a scale of 1 to 75. Made in the
1970s, the diorama has traveled a lot to be exposed at different international exhibitions. A few years ago, it was bought by the hotel.
4 Interrogation By Donald Weber

Interrogation By Donald Weber

"Moron". In English, the word ‘interrogation’ has no negative coloring. It has one in Russian though. Donald Weber who had traveled in the post-Soviet countries a lot caught the concept of this word by collecting photo reports about interrogations, and published a book called Interrogation. The author claims that the book is not about Russia or Ukraine. He says it is about primitivism and cruelty inherent in all modern countries
in general, including those claiming themselves to be 100% democratic. Their citizens, according to Weber, are aware of their own powerlessness when faced the law. Their fear fades away only when the trial proceedings are over and they are found not guilty. One of the photographs by Doland Weber became a prize-winner in the photographic competition World Press Photo 2012. (Donald Weber—VII)
4 Skyscrapers Of Moscow

Skyscrapers Of Moscow

Some people like risking their lives climbing the roofs of skyscrapers just to take pictures of a city that
not everybody is able to take. Below are pictures of Moscow city taken from one of its highest buildings.