7 Kremlin Luxury Inside Photos

Kremlin Luxury Inside Photos

We are in the main palace of Russia - in the Kremlin of Moscow. Adult citizens of the city still remember its marble staircases, labyrinths of endless corridors and halls, red carpets on the floor. They used to run there, sit on the throne and even paint
mustanches on faces of the statues. But then all the locked of the Kremlin were changed, and they started to repair it. But today the palace does not thrill as it used to twenty years ago. And how can it thrill when even ermine skins are plastic now?
14 Handmade Brass and Copper Cellphone

Handmade Brass and Copper Cellphone

Probably everyone uses cellphones today: even kids and old people. But how can you make your cellphone special? Not just a stylish gadget bought at a
higher price but a really unique thing? This is how an ordinary Chinese cellphone turns into a steampunk masterpiece from the nineteenth century.

8 Village Life On Soviet Paintings

Village Life On Soviet Paintings

Arkady A. Plastov was a recognized artist of the USSR, winner of Lenin and Stalin Prizes. He depicted life in Soviet villages and it never looked
gloomy, quite on the contrary, his pictures were rather bright and colorful, people depicted looked happy either at work or at a holiday table.
1 Solid Ice Toyota Car

Solid Ice Toyota Car

Such a cool Toyota Land Cruiser (Lexus GX) appeared in the ice city of Perm.  Not
only children enjoy to drive it but adults as well. Respect to those who made it!
4 The Best Pictures Of Moscow Architecture 2012

The Best Pictures Of Moscow Architecture 2012

Not so long ago we started to show you the photographs of the winners of the contest "The Best of Russia": you've seen the best
pictures of the Russian nature and Russian people in 2012. Now it's turn of the best pictures in the nomination "Architecture".

7 The New Vision of Moscow

The New Vision of Moscow

These photos of the Russian capital were taken from various roofs, towers, bridges and simply during
walks. The author of the photos is Dmitry Chistoprudov whose pictures you see at ER rather often.

12 Sports Car Restored by Pro

Sports Car Restored by Pro

If you like everything related to cars and car tuning you will like this photo report about the sports
car Eagle SS that was restored by professionals. The bright car should have a bright future!

3 Really Huge Flowers!

Really Huge Flowers!

In the end of August 2012 the department store "Tsvetnoi" of Moscow was decorated with 107 flowers, two of them
were giant orchids. We are about to see the process how they were decorating the store with huge flowers.

19 The Best Pictures of the Russian People 2012

The Best Pictures of the Russian People 2012

Yesterday we started to show you the photos of those who won in the photo contest "The Best of Russia" in
2012. The first post was about the Russian nature. Today we gonna see the best pictures of people.

5 Village Art

Village Art

2013 is the year of a snake according to the Eastern calendar. In one village of Yakutia locals made the symbol of the year from... cow manure. Now the weird cobra stands in the centre of the village and promises to
bring happiness and prosperity in 2013. To make the sculpture they needed 300-400 kg of cow manure. The villagers themselves and guests of the Yakut village like to take photos with the manure snake.

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