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27 Professional Make Up: Before And After

Professional Make Up: Before And After

Those women you see every day can be so much different from what they see in the mirror when remove their make up. In the world of glamorous fashion women are born to be women, but
most of them prefer to look like professional models or dolls. Thes photos belong to a professional make up artist from Russia, Vadim Andreev, who helps women to change.

12 The Best You Can Do With An Old Volga

The Best You Can Do With An Old Volga

Here is what can be done with an old car "Volga"! A cool coupe with unreal camber! All you need is
free time, creativity, money and your desire. You are about to see all the process in detail.

13 Cool Steampunk Keyboard

Cool Steampunk Keyboard

One guy from Russia likes to modify old ordinary stuff. This is one of his works - the keyboard
modified to look as one from the nineteenth century! Get some steampunk inspiration!
4 Assorted Russia, Part 63

Assorted Russia, Part 63

A new monument has appeared in Odessa, Ukraine. It was made in memory of Steve Jobs and to honour his great creation - "The Apple".
The big palm was made from about 300 kg (660 lb) of metal scrap. It took the author almost one year to make the sculpture.

0 Pictures Made From Metal Scrap

Pictures Made From Metal Scrap

People make pictures not only from paints, they depict images with coffee, flowers and leaves, clothes
and much more. One Russian man chooses metal scrap and electric components to create his own art.

10 One of the Best Moscow Hotels

One of the Best Moscow Hotels

Hotel "Leningradskaya" was located in one of the Stalin's Seven Sisters (seven similar high-rise buildings built in the 1950s). Today there is a five star hotel there. It has less rooms, the design has changed as well. Bathroom equipment, furniture and household
appliances are all new. However the hotel has preserved the best from "Leningradskaya": the decor, splendour, grandiosity. Many guests of the city stay there just to see its bronze grids, chandeliers, ceilings and furniture made from precious wood.

8 The Place I Live At

The Place I Live At

Russian houses inside are mostly grey and dull. People have nothing interesting to see there when they come back home. An artist from
Astrakhan Boris Chernichenko decided to change this situation and now the eight storey building where he lives looks so good inside!

16 If You Lived Like a Russian Tsar

If You Lived Like a Russian Tsar

What does it mean to live as a tsar? Can anyone feel cosy in such posh halls?The Great Kremlin Palace was built from 1837 to 1849 in Moscow, Russia. It was intended to emphasize the greatness of
Russian autocracy. The Palace was formerly the tsar's Moscow residence. Its construction involved the demolition of the previous Baroque palace on the site, designed by Rastrelli
0 When You Work At the Furniture Making Factory

When You Work At the Furniture Making Factory

No matter how you earn a living you have some free time at work sometimes. How do you spend this time? A couple of guys who work at a factory producing
furniture use this time usefully and creatively. Besides, they always have some materials remaining after production. Chipboard, for example.
0 In One of the Oldest Moscow Houses

In One of the Oldest Moscow Houses

There is a nice place in Moscow - a house of the Volkov-Yusupovs. It's one of the oldest buildings in Moscow, it was built in the XVII century and was painted and decorated in the end of the XIX century in the
"Russian style". The house of Volkov-Yusupovs appeared in the times of Ivan the Terrible, it used to be surrounded by the forest then and the tsar liked to hunt there and stay in the house.