0 In One of the Oldest Moscow Houses

In One of the Oldest Moscow Houses

There is a nice place in Moscow - a house of the Volkov-Yusupovs. It's one of the oldest buildings in Moscow, it was built in the XVII century and was painted and decorated in the end of the XIX century in the
"Russian style". The house of Volkov-Yusupovs appeared in the times of Ivan the Terrible, it used to be surrounded by the forest then and the tsar liked to hunt there and stay in the house.

2 Procure Firewood In a Creative Way

Procure Firewood In a Creative Way

The winter is coming. And many people have to procure firewood. But citizens of a Russian city Rybinsk decided to do it in a creative way and even break a world record. In
Demino vallage they built the largest stack of wood in the world. It is twenty two meters (72.12 ft) high which is two meters (6.56 ft) higher than the previous record.

2 Master of Russian Origami

Master of Russian Origami

A school teacher Sergey Tarasov from Tigritskoye village of the Krasnoyarsk region is a true talent. He managed to make huge models of St.
Basil Cathedral and St. Saviour Monastery from paper. Sergey has already received some awards but it's probably not the end.
5 Experimenting With Electricity

Experimenting With Electricity

The author of these works is Alexey Parshukov but nothing else is known about him. Some say that this is real electric current on his photos. Other say it's
not possible. People keep arguing trying to prove it's them who learnt physics better at school. But what do you think? Can it be real?
0 In the Gallery of Unusual Wooden Sculptures

In the Gallery of Unusual Wooden Sculptures

Iles Tataev, a man from Grozny, Chechnya, has a gallery house where he exhibits his unique sculptures from ... knurr. Iles has been working in genre and documentary filmmaking for
thirty years and sculpturing was just a hobby. But when he came to Moscow in 1996 his hobby turned into profession and in 1999 the first big exhibition of Iles was opened.
16 Sunni Mosque That May Die

Sunni Mosque That May Die

The Sunni Mosque or the Mukhtarov Mosque is a historic mosque on the left bank of the Terek River in Vladikavkaz. The
mosque owes its name to the Azerbaijani millionaire Murtuza Mukhtarov who financed its construction in 1900-1908.
18 Flying Over the Kremlin

Flying Over the Kremlin

The Kremlin in the city of Kazan is a unique historical, architectural and cultural complex which combines both Christian and Moslim, Russian and Tatar motives. The
Kremlin is situated on the high left bank of the Volga river and left bank of the Kazanka river. We are going to have a helicopter tour over the Kremlin now.

14 The Ancient Monastery of Armenia

The Ancient Monastery of Armenia

Armenia has a number of monasteies dated the IX-XI centuries. Many of them have been important spiritual centers of the country. In the epoch of feodalism development they even had high schools where students were taught historiography, literature, philosophy, theology, music, miniature painting and other sciences. That's why they had to
build special houses for books storage. Such houses were characterized by folk architecture made with stone. Tatev monastery was exactly one of them.It's the monastery of the Armenian Apostolic Church situated in the south-east of Armenia, near Tatev village and not so far from Yerevan - the capital of Armenia.

24 Aliens On Earth

Aliens On Earth

If you want to become famous and well-paid, do something absurd. No, really, it's what I thought when saw these "masterpieces" first. A Ukrainian
artist Vasiliy Tsagolov does not have his own website or promoters, but it doesn't prevent him from selling his pictures for 100.000 dollars.
8 Bottle Caps As a House Decoration

Bottle Caps As a House Decoration

One woman from Kamarchaga village of the Krasnoyarsk region whose name is Olga Kostina is beautifying her house in quite an original way. She uses
bottle caps to decorate the house from outside. Matching the caps of different colors she depicts nice patterns, images of animals and plants.