3 Really Huge Flowers!

Really Huge Flowers!

In the end of August 2012 the department store "Tsvetnoi" of Moscow was decorated with 107 flowers, two of them
were giant orchids. We are about to see the process how they were decorating the store with huge flowers.

19 The Best Pictures of the Russian People 2012

The Best Pictures of the Russian People 2012

Yesterday we started to show you the photos of those who won in the photo contest "The Best of Russia" in
2012. The first post was about the Russian nature. Today we gonna see the best pictures of people.

5 Village Art

Village Art

2013 is the year of a snake according to the Eastern calendar. In one village of Yakutia locals made the symbol of the year from... cow manure. Now the weird cobra stands in the centre of the village and promises to
bring happiness and prosperity in 2013. To make the sculpture they needed 300-400 kg of cow manure. The villagers themselves and guests of the Yakut village like to take photos with the manure snake.
3 The Best Pictures of the Russian Nature 2012

The Best Pictures of the Russian Nature 2012

We decided to show you the works of those who won the All-Russian annual photo contest "The
Best of Russia". Today we present the best pictures in the nomination "Nature".
4 The Story Of One Church

The Story Of One Church

St. Andrew's Church is one of the symbols of Kiev, Ukraine, which is also famous abroad. It is an Orthodox temple named after St. Andrew the Apostle. It was built in 1749-54 by the order of Empress Elizabeth on the place where had been erected the cross by St. Andrew
during his trip to the North. The architect of the construction was Bartolomeo Rastrelli who was also famous for being an author of such structures as Mariinsky Palace in Kiev, Winter Palace in St. Petersburg and the Catherine Palace in Pushkin.
12 In the Felt World

In the Felt World

Irina Andreeva is someone who creates an amazing world from felt objects. She seeks for inspiration in special places,
abandoned houses and gets it from nature. Her personal exhibition has recently opened in the city of Izhevsk.
23 Stalin Like You Have Never Seen Him Before

Stalin Like You Have Never Seen Him Before

The image of Stalin is similar for almost everyone. Today we want to show you the leader as a person who
also had childhood and youth. This is how he was depicted by Georgian artists on their pictures.
5 Assorted Russia, Part 66

Assorted Russia, Part 66

This is another Moscow house where an artist live. Maybe vandals won't spoil it when
see such a beauty. The selection of today is better not be opened while eating.
18 TOP 40 Best Photographs In Russia 2012

TOP 40 Best Photographs In Russia 2012

The photo project "Best photographs of Russia" first started in 2008. Any Russian citizen has been able to take part in it no matter if he/she has been a professional photographer or not. But only photos taken on
the territory of Russia have been accepted. This year they have chosen a lot of winners: 294!  This is TOP-40 of the best works in 2012. Some of them you could have already seen at EnglishRussia.

7 Computer System Unit Becomes a Part of the Desk

Computer System Unit Becomes a Part of the Desk

This post is for you if you like to remake various things and turn them into unusual staff with your own
hands. This time the computer system unit is built in the desk. The result is rather cool.  

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