18 TOP 40 Best Photographs In Russia 2012

TOP 40 Best Photographs In Russia 2012

The photo project "Best photographs of Russia" first started in 2008. Any Russian citizen has been able to take part in it no matter if he/she has been a professional photographer or not. But only photos taken on
the territory of Russia have been accepted. This year they have chosen a lot of winners: 294!  This is TOP-40 of the best works in 2012. Some of them you could have already seen at EnglishRussia.

7 Computer System Unit Becomes a Part of the Desk

Computer System Unit Becomes a Part of the Desk

This post is for you if you like to remake various things and turn them into unusual staff with your own
hands. This time the computer system unit is built in the desk. The result is rather cool.  

3 Macro World of Snails And Insects

Macro World of Snails And Insects

A young Voronezh photographer Vadim Trunov has a large portfolio but his macro photographs are probably the most
impressive. Among the favorite characters of Trunov are mantises, ladybugs, ants, dragonflies, bugs-soldiers.
2 Cards From Alexander Popov

Cards From Alexander Popov

You can often see photographs of Alexander Popov at EnglishRussia. He is a talented photographer who visits interesting places, production and
construction sites. Here is a selection of 100 photos from the photographer which do not relate to one topic. They are all like postcards.

7 How I Made a Trike

How I Made a Trike

The owner of this three-wheel trike started to dream of making a unique motorcycle with his own hands back in 2003. In 2004 he bought
an ordinary motorcycle and used it for one season only. Then he finally decided to make a trike. See how he managed to do it.
10 A Tour to The Capital of Uzbekistan

A Tour to The Capital of Uzbekistan

Now you are going to travel to the city of Tashkent in the sunny Uzbekistan and see its architecture, some places of interest, local people, colorful markets
and some more. Tashkent is 2200 years old, its population is about 2,5 million people. The name of the city is translated as "a stone city".
6 One Photo: Dress Your Kid Well

One Photo: Dress Your Kid Well

One pic post. Be sure to dress your kid well
on a photo day or you can end up with this.
8 In the World of Snowflakes

In the World of Snowflakes

Andrey Osokin is a photographer who lives in Moscow and is interested in
macrophotography. For the good winter mood he presented a series of photos with magic

3 Instead of Pavement

Instead of Pavement

Can you guess what it is? As part of the festival "Archistoyaniye" they built an amazing trampoline in thevillage of Nicola Lenivets. Its length is 51
meters (167 ft). The trampoline is presented not only like an installation but also a pleasant and convenient way to move in space quickly.

12 My House Is Special!

My House Is Special!

One family couple from Minsk, Belarus, had been dreaming about a special place to live in. Their dream has come true.
The total area of the house is 180 m2, it includes five rooms. The project was fully realized by the owners.