9 Underground Submarine Base of Balaklava

Underground Submarine Base of Balaklava

This is a general view of Balaklava Bay, the Black Sea. Under this mountain in the middle there is an armoury, a channel, and a service, repair and equipment base for submarines. It had been built since 1957 until 1961 by military men, who were later accompanied by specialists in underground construction. It is also an anti-radiation shelter for 3000 people. The maximum width of the
rocky ground is 126 meters. The channel has a length of 505 meters, a width of 6-8.5 meters and a depth of 6-8.5 meters. The base became abandoned in 1995 and in 2003 they opened a museum there, where they show the armoury and the channel, but the access to mines, torpedoes and the service, repair and equipment base remain closed for regular viewers.
Tank Brigade Training 9
28 Tank Brigade Training

Tank Brigade Training

On Novermber, 2nd in Naro-Fominsk, a demonstration of training of the reconnaissance company of the 4th tank brigade took place. The event was timed to the Military Reconnaissance Day, which they celebrate in Russia on November, 5th.
Reconnaissance parties are very important for the army because they provide it with information. That is why soldiers should be ready for anything, such as shooting, fighting, firing mines, throwing knives, making an ambush, etc.
Civil Aviation 16
7 The Museum Of Civil Aviation In Ulyanovsk

The Museum Of Civil Aviation In Ulyanovsk

civil aviation in Ulyanovsk is one the largest aviation museums in Russia. It contains over 9000 exhibits including hundreds of originals. Read more...
9 Nuclear Testing Ground 20 Years Later

Nuclear Testing Ground 20 Years Later

20 years ago they closed the nuclear testing ground in Semey, Kazakhstan and the younger generation living today knows about it only from their parents' stories.
These 20 years have shown that stopping testing nuclear weaponry does not necessarily mean that the destruction of the environment stops as well.
17 How To Assemble A Jet?

How To Assemble A Jet?

Have you ever wanted to know more about  jets, to touch them and stay inside the
cabin? Today we'll visit a workshop where the mighty airplanes are assembled.
3 Military Fort A

Military Fort A

Fort A was built in 1911-1915, north of Brest Fortress, and is one
of the few fortresses of its kind left. Let's go check it.
Super Jet 27
15 Another Russian Superjet

Another Russian Superjet

One week ago the third Superjet constructed in the Far East of Russia entered into service with Aeroflot. The
plane was named after Ivan Orlovets, a famous pilot of Aeroflot who tested the first jet aircrafts.
Cookery School 32
17 Food Made By Soldiers

Food Made By Soldiers

Last time we visited a Cookery School in the Moscow region. Have a
look through some other photos related to the same topic.
9 Dubious Sculptures For Kids To Play With

Dubious Sculptures For Kids To Play With

When draftees were making these sculptures for children's playgrounds, they did not mean anything nasty (we hope so!). 
So, take a look at these masterpieces scattered around a small city called Teykovo in the Ivanovo Region.
122 Russians Call It White Swan; Americans Call It Black Knave

Russians Call It White Swan; Americans Call It Black Knave

It is warm, the sky is blue, soft rumbling is heard from the most powerful turboprop engines in the world... We are at the airbase in Engel's. These are photos that you could never have hoped to see before. During the Soviet era, this was top, top, top secret
stuff. But not anymore thanks to brave Russian bloggers who took their cameras with them when they visited this place. Are you ready to see the largest supersonic, variable wing geometry plane up close and uncensored? Let's take a look!

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