16 In Autumn 1943

In Autumn 1943

These are the photos from the big military and historical reconstruction devoted to the 69th anniversary of Kiev liberation from the fascist conquerers. 800 people from more than ten countries took part in the event. They all travelled back to early November, 1943. In the field conditions, under the rain, appeared a camp
of the Red Army, some miles away, in trenches and dugouts, the Wehrmacht occupied its defensive positions. On the last day of the festival they made a reconstuction of the battle that took place on the third of November, 1943 right here. More than thirty units of military equipment were used.
11 Craziness, Part V

Craziness, Part V

They will always find a place where to bathe! Their socks can stand next to boots. Their policemen do not
eat donuts to look presentable! Their bears ride horses! Their cows go by cars! They are all crazy!

18 One Day of the SWAT In the Rear

One Day of the SWAT In the Rear

This is a photo report from Ali Yurt village, Ingushetia where Russian SWAT preserves the order and protects the locals
from uninvited guests. Some details of SWAT soldiers life, weapons they use and other things are inside the post.

17 Tupolev Planes

Tupolev Planes

Experimental Design Bereau "Tupolev", producing "Tu" airplanes, has recently celebrated its
90th anniversary. That is why we want you to see this selection of the bereau planes.

12 Maintenance of S 400 Triumph Anti Aircraft Weapon System

Maintenance of S 400 Triumph Anti Aircraft Weapon System

We are going to visit one of the units of Air Defence in the Moscow region which has a famous Russian anti-aircraft weapon system S-400 "Triumph" of a new generation. The S-400 uses 3 different missiles to cover its entire performance
envelope. These are the extremely long range 40N6, long range 48N6 and medium range 9M96 missile. Each one has different capabilities. The system is intended to destruct all modern and future means of aero-space attack.

4 Specifics of SWAT Service

Specifics of SWAT Service

On the second of November there were held demostrations of special forces fighters at the Tomsk SWAT base "Bulat". The
fighters of the base have been sent to the North Caucasus region to maintain order and public safety since 1993.

11 Twelve Months, Twelve Planes

Twelve Months, Twelve Planes

The Russian Ministry of Defence has presented a cool aviation calendar with
Russian aircarfts. The photos are taken by a photographer Vadim Savitsky.
9 Moscow Defence: Connection of Times

Moscow Defence: Connection of Times

We cannot travel in time and see what was happenning many years ago, and we luckily do not see what was happening during WWII. But it will never stop to interest us. We still want to touch
the history. On these photos two epochs were connected: war time and present days. In the centre of attention is the defence of Moscow. Look how it was and how it is today.

25 It Is NOT Halloween!

It Is NOT Halloween!

It is just a new collection of demobees "spring-fall 2012". It's an important event in their lives
and they should look in a proper way to celebrate it. The solemn event needs a solemn uniform!

4 Armored Cars Aimed To Protect

Armored Cars Aimed To Protect

Interpolitech is an international exhibition of State Security: special police and military equipment, armament, weaponry, ammunition, means of
individual protection, optics, information security and means of communication. Now you are going to see some armored cars from the exhibition.

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