16 One Day of the Recruit Who Voluntarily Joined The Belorussian Army

One Day of the Recruit Who Voluntarily Joined The Belorussian Army

These guys are standing in the dark, at seven o'clock in the morning. They are all recruits. Soon they will have to farewell with their parents, relatives, friends,
girlfriends and civilian life. Some of them will serve one year, others a year and a half. We are going to show you now what the Belorussian army begins with.

5 Unusual Perspective On WWII

Unusual Perspective On WWII

This might seem an unusual side of the war. The person who collected these photos wanted to represent the war not as drama but as everyday life with moments of
calmness and humanity. The result is not so good, though. There was no much humanity, calmness was anxious. Photos of destruction and grief are not included.
11 Bomber Aircrafts Museum Collection

Bomber Aircrafts Museum Collection

We've been to the aviation museum of Monino many times. Here we presented a collection of the museum bomber
aircrafts. Almost all the vehicles are in a good condition. Many volunteers are helping the museum.
27 World Biggest Helicopter: Mi 26

World Biggest Helicopter: Mi 26

This helicopter was flying over the burning reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and over hot spots around the world in the UN peacekeeping missions. It carry cargoes with weight of twenty tons at the distance of 2000 km (1242 miles). The diameter of its screw is equal
to the wingspan of Boeing-737. It has two engines, 11 000 hp each. Mi-26 is the largest serial transport helicopter in the world! "Utair" air company uses the biggest helicopters, the fleet of the company amounts to 352 helicopters, 25 of them are Mi-26.
7 In Autumn, 1943, Part III

In Autumn, 1943, Part III

Now goes the final and the most spectacular event of the reconstruction devoted to Kiev liberation from the Nazi invaders. 800 people and 30 units of equipment took
part in it. You are about to see the event with the eyes of one participant who was on the battlefield and in the trenches. See the previous reports: 1, 2.
31 Tweets of the Russian Soldier

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

One guy volunteered to serve in the army himself. He was dreaming to shoot life in the army, beautifully describe it, maybe even make a movie. Others told him he was crazy, tried to deter him. But he, being 25, finally came to the military unit and became an airborne soldier. Reality turned out to be different. Soldiers could not
have anything their own: neither a professional camera, nor personality. The only thing he managed to have was a cheap snapshot camera which was often hidden almost in his pants. So these photos do not belong to him, they are here to make the general impression. Welcome to the Russian army as it is!
18 In Autumn 1943, Part II: the Germans

In Autumn 1943, Part II: the Germans

Last week we started to show you the photographs from the big reconstruction devoted to the 69th anniversary of Kiev liberation from the fascist conquerers. Now you can see the second portion of the photos from the event. In autumn 1943 the troops of Wehrmacht, defending Kiev, managed to repel the advance of the Soviet troops twice. Their defence on the
right bank of the Dnieper was quite reliable and they still planned to change the course of the fighting and move back to the east. They didn't expect the massive attack of the Red Army from the north in November, 3rd, 1943. They were drinking their coffee, taking photos near their guns and were doing morning exercises...

13 Helicopters As Museum Exhibits

Helicopters As Museum Exhibits

We've been to Monino museum several times. And it's always good to be back there. This time we are going to concentrate on the
helicopters which can be seen in the place. V-12 - a heavy military transport helicopter KB Milya is meeting us first.
16 In Autumn 1943

In Autumn 1943

These are the photos from the big military and historical reconstruction devoted to the 69th anniversary of Kiev liberation from the fascist conquerers. 800 people from more than ten countries took part in the event. They all travelled back to early November, 1943. In the field conditions, under the rain, appeared a camp
of the Red Army, some miles away, in trenches and dugouts, the Wehrmacht occupied its defensive positions. On the last day of the festival they made a reconstuction of the battle that took place on the third of November, 1943 right here. More than thirty units of military equipment were used.
11 Craziness, Part V

Craziness, Part V

They will always find a place where to bathe! Their socks can stand next to boots. Their policemen do not
eat donuts to look presentable! Their bears ride horses! Their cows go by cars! They are all crazy!

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