4 Secret Moscow Underground Line

Secret Moscow Underground Line

  Report from the U.S. Department of Defense: In 1991, the United States Department of Defense published a report entitled "Military Forces in Transition", which devoted several pages to a secret government underground facility in Moscow. It also included a diagram of the system superimposed on a map of the city. "The Soviets have constructed deep-underground both in urban Moscow and outside the city. These facilities are interconnected by a network of deep interconnected subway lines that provide a quick and secure means of evacuation for the leadership. The leadership can move from their peacetime offices
through concealed entryways in protective quarters beneath the city. There are important deep-underground command posts in the Moscow area, one located at the Kremlin. Soviet press has noted the presence of an enormous underground leadership bunker adjacent to Moscow State University. These facilities are intended for the national command authority in wartime. They are estimated to be 200-300 meters deep, and can accommodate an estimated 10,000 people. A special subway line runs from some points in Moscow and possibly to the VIP terminal at Vnukovo Airfield"

4 Russian Army Alphabet

Russian Army Alphabet

It comes out there is a weapon named for almost every letter of the Russian alphabet. There are thirty
different Russian letters and thirty different Russian weapon names starting with each unique letter.

28 A Police Station Stormed in Gorlovka, Ukraine

A Police Station Stormed in Gorlovka, Ukraine

Today in Gorlovka, Ukraine, close to Donetsk city, people have stormed a police office. It is being reported that a few hundred people participated, mostly dressed in sportswear and wearing masks on their faces. They
threatened policemen with death if they don't surrender, a Russian news website reports. After they got into the building, a few policemen were beaten and a British journalist, Paxton, got his camera seized.

4 Krasukha-4 – An Army Grade Jammer

Krasukha-4 – An Army Grade Jammer

"Krasukha - 4" is another weapon of the Russian army. However this weapon doesn't shoot projectiles. Its sole purpose is to generate interference to jam other signals. As the Russian article on it says, it "makes missiles and planes of others blind and deaf literary". I am not sure how literal this is but what I get from it
is that it is a recently released top secret vehicle, with jamming equipment with a range of up to 300 km, that can jam electronics of the enemy planes, and even as they say, satellites. They also say that "if our Krasukha-4 is active we are sure with 99% possibility that enemy will miss our planes."

3 A Museum of Jets Used in Air Defense

A Museum of Jets Used in Air Defense

  Some shots from the museum of the jets that had been used in air defense. The author says that the museum had a really tough time surviving after the collapse of the USSR,
and a few times they received offers to sell the museum, but the commanders of the air force base insisted on saving the museum. Landing gear of MIG-23M

6 A Packed Abandoned Soviet Shelter

A Packed Abandoned Soviet Shelter

"This is a unique shelter! It is packed with old Soviet defense stuff! I think so much stuff is there because the shelter is half flooded and not many will
risk going there barefoot, but I took my gumboots with me to enter" - writes the photographer, who took a trip to this place recently. More inside.

33 A Military Drill in Ukraine

A Military Drill in Ukraine

They say an extensive military drill was held in Ukraine. The Department
of defense has published some images, and here are some of them.
18 Ex Russian Soldier Lives Twenty Nine Years in Afghanistan

Ex Russian Soldier Lives Twenty Nine Years in Afghanistan

  Today, I've read the story about a Russian, a Soviet citizen Sergei Krasnoperov, who was a soldier in Afghanistan in 1984 and then fled to the Mujahideen - the Muslim forces opposing the Soviet army there. Sergei, forty nine years old now, has served almost two years in Afghanistan, however according to his story, during the last months of his army service his relations
with other soldiers became unbearable. "They all joined against me and I couldn't respond. I even didn't want to flee - all I wanted was justice to those soldiers who abused me, but the officers didn't care. I didn't even have a gun at the time, or I would have just killed them." So he decided to flee and he did. He went to the nearest enemy forces and
3 Airforce Drill Near Finland

Airforce Drill Near Finland

Today, an air force drill started in Karelia, 250 km east of Finland. Reportedly, air force jets and teams have arrived from four regions of Russia. The drill is planned to be conducted during
both the day and the night. The official defense department statement says that the main region of the drill would be Ladoga lake, which is on the border with Europe and Finland.

15 Russian Official Army Field Ration

Russian Official Army Field Ration

Here are photographs of an official army field ration. The package is shielded with aluminum foil to prevent spoilage for
longer. Total calorie count is 4287 calories, and it weighs 1.7 kilos (or around 3 pounds). What's inside? Let's see.

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