3 SAMAN Once Abandoned, Now Guarded Again

SAMAN Once Abandoned, Now Guarded Again

  A typical closed Soviet cantonment #75 "Saman" is situated near the southern slope of the mount Vargina in 11 km from the
center of Vladivostok city. Some time ago it was abandoned and empty, but now security soldiers appeared here.

4 Living in Huge Metal Barrels behind the Polar Circle

Living in Huge Metal Barrels behind the Polar Circle

  This houses are called "all-metal unified blocks". They used for army or civilian needs, when in a short time it was necessary to make a temporary houses for
people. Some of them can be found on the Graham Bell Island. It is an island located at 80.8663889°N 64.2891667°E in the Franz Josef Archipelago, Russia

40 Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

The RuForces blog published this: "Somewhere on the border there are tanks of Taman second division ready getting ready to cross the uncrossable ditch of Taruta on the border to help the Slavic brothers". What is ditch of Taruta? It was a widely covered
occurrence of an Ukrainian businessman and newly appointed governor who ordered to dig a ditch across the Russian-Ukrainian border to protect Ukrainian border. We have more photos of tanks, helicopters  and of the ditch inside.

30 Kortik, the Soviet Ship Defense System

Kortik, the Soviet Ship Defense System

  In the 1970s of the last century the NATO had received several new types of anti-ship missiles . Using of the latest technologies make these weapons particularly dangerous for enemy ships . High-speed rocket, with efficient homing and flying at a height of several feet above the water , is a great danger to the ship. Its interception was quite challenging. So that to protect ships against such threats ships it was needed a new set of anti-aircraft weapons with
better characteristics than were available. So, the "Kortik"(sometimes it's called "Kashtan") appeared.  Most typically deployed as a combined gun and missile system, it provides defense against anti-ship missiles, anti-radar missiles and guided bombs. The system can also be employed against helicopters and aircrafts or even surface vessels such as fast attack boats or targets on shore. Photos are clickable for wider versions.
21 Russian Army in a Field, Five Miles Away from Ukraine

Russian Army in a Field, Five Miles Away from Ukraine

Two videos have been posted today of Russian army a few miles away of Ukrainian border. One more
video inside of the army on the move on the highway in the region next to Ukraine.

2 Special Forces Contest in Belarus

Special Forces Contest in Belarus

In Belarus police a special contest is being held. The winners will get the right to wear a maroon beret - a special headwear with a distinction. As being said policemen consider it to be a special insignia distincting the most brave amongst them. The
contest is open for Belarussian police special forces active members, but not only them can participate - others serving in military or even studying in the police university can test themselves and have a chance earning the beret.
32 The Best Ground-Based Air Defense System in the World

The Best Ground-Based Air Defense System in the World

    An air defense brigade based near Moscow has the new generation of anti aircraft missiles the S-400 "Triumph" or SA-21 Growler as NATO calls them.  Those are still cannot be bought by foreign countries and are used for Russian defense only, however there was an information that China got an approval for getting some of those. But only after 2016 when Russian army is planned to get its stock of the missiles. As wikipedia
says those air defense missiles are unbeaten by any of the air defense systems in the world and is much more effective than American "Patriot" system. All the systems including this one are almost brand new as the first complexes were shipped only in 2007. So here are the widescreen, clickable photos of what is being called "the best ground-based air defense system in the world" by Pravda.ru:
2 Storming the Command Center

Storming the Command Center

    In Pskov region, next to Estonia, a check was held for the 76th storm-airborne division of Russian army. On a land strip of three
kilometers soldiers have tried to storm a command centre which was captured by "saboteurs". You can click the photos for the wider images.

8 Russian Army Has Landed on the Coast

Russian Army Has Landed on the Coast

   ...as part of a joint drill by the Russian Navy and the Navy Infantry. The drill included firing real shots, this time. As the official
blog of the  Russian Far East Navy says: "We have an increase of the drills recently, and this one included the Navy Infantry."

8 New Russian Spaceport is Being Built

New Russian Spaceport is Being Built

A new Russian spaceport "Vostochniy" ("Eastern") is being built in far east Russia. Earlier, in Soviet times, the majority of launches were performed from the Soviet spaceport "Baikonur" in Kazakhstan. Now Kazakhstan is a separate state and it's said that Russia pays $115 million to Kazakhstan
yearly to be able to use the facility. The construction of the new spaceport is expected to reduce these costs and it also brings more workspaces to the Far East of Russia. The construction began in 2011 and the first unmanned flight is expected to be launched from here in 2015.

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