2 Flying Alligators, Sharks, Cows And Crocodiles

Flying Alligators, Sharks, Cows And Crocodiles

Yes, tanks and night hunters do fly too. All these beasts go aloft over the 344 th Centre
of Combat Training and Transition Training of Air Staff in Torzhok, Tver Region.

0 Soldiers Share Their Photos

Soldiers Share Their Photos

A selection of some Instagram pictures
demonstrating everyday life in the Russian army as
10 Great Power of One Museum Exposition

Great Power of One Museum Exposition

Some pictures from the Museum of the Military Equipment "Battle Honour of Ural", the exposition of aviation. This place can be highly recommended to be visited. It has hundreds of exhibits, many of them are truly unique. If all this equipment is activated ot
once, its power will be superior than power of many armies of Central and Western Europe. But today we are going to pay our attention only to military aircrafts exhibited here because the museum is too big to see everything at once.
0 Words Written By Soldiers

Words Written By Soldiers

Soldiers are quite inventive when entertainments are concerned. Such small
flashmobs are rather popular in Russia. What words do soldiers form for fun?

7 Product 476

Product 476

Heavy military and transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A is a deeply modernized version of a well-proven Il-76MD. It is
intended for international transportation of military forces, heavy equipment, loads and airlift delivery.

10 Soviet Aircraft 3MD In Detail

Soviet Aircraft 3MD In Detail

Today we are at the Monino airfield again to see the Mysischev 3MD, a Soviet strategic bomber, closely from outside and inside. It was built in 1960 by the design bureau named after V. M. Myasischev. This modification of 3M had a better
equipment, VD-7B engines,  longer and more pointed nose part with a boom of a fuel receiving device at its end, wider wings. The aircraft was first demostrated in the airport of Domodedovo, Moscow in July, 1967. NATO code - Bison-C.

16 Sudden Air Exercises

Sudden Air Exercises

Near the Russian city Vorkuta there was recently held a sudden test of the air
force combat readiness. You are going to see some shots of the event.

8 Amphibious Aircraft Be 12: Plenty of Shots

Amphibious Aircraft Be 12: Plenty of Shots

The Beriev Be-12 Chayka ("Seagull") is a Soviet turboprop-powered amphibious aircraft designed for anti-submarine and maritime patrol duties. Today only three states can maintain such aircrafts for their
army need: Russia, the USA and Japan. This units is located in the museum of Monino, the Moscow Region. Inside this post you can see a plenty of photos of the aircraft: inside and outside.

0 Mi 10 Helicopter In Detail

Mi 10 Helicopter In Detail

We are at the museum of Monino, the Moscow region to see the legendary Mi-10 helicopter close. Unfortunately Mi-10 do not fly in Russia anymore though one vehicle can still fly up in the air but it deserves a separate
post... Mi-10 is a further development of Mi-6, a military utility helicopter. It was designed in 1961-64, put into service in 1963. The helicopter was serially made by the Rostov helicopter factory.

2 Life of the Guards Airborne Division

Life of the Guards Airborne Division

The 106th guards airborne division is deployed in Tula, Ryazan and Naro-Fominsk. It was formed back in April, 1944 and participated not only in WWII
but and in many more military conflicts of Transcaucasia, Central Asia, Chechnya. Right now you can see how the division spends its days.