7 Tula, Russia: Army on the Move

Tula, Russia: Army on the Move

In Tula, a half-million people city which is close to Moscow, people today have seen the army on the move, going right thru their city. People took photographs and basically
didn't have any explanation for why there was an army on the march in the middle of the day. It was reported that around sixty army vehicles have crossed the city.
3 Another Ship Was Sunk

Another Ship Was Sunk

As has been reported by Ukrainian media outlets, one more ship has been sunk near a Ukrainian naval base. According to the reports, it is already the fourth ship that has been sunk in the narrow straight which connects the lake where the naval base is located, and the Black sea. As
Ukrainian analysts report, this has been done to block the exit of Ukrainian ships out of their base. The ships used in this operation are said to be the old Russian navy ships that were part of the Black Sea Fleet. We have here a video of how it has reportedly happened.
2 Finding an Enemy Boat in Japanese Sea

Finding an Enemy Boat in Japanese Sea

These days in the Pacific, a Russian Navy drill is taking place. It's objectives are to train personnel in the better detection of
enemy submarines and to retaliate against the air attacks of an unnamed enemy. The drill is happening in the Japanese sea.
19 Two American  Drones Reportedly Shot Down in Crimea (Video)

Two American Drones Reportedly Shot Down in Crimea (Video)

As local Crimean and Ukrainian news sources reported, there were two American-made drones, presumably MQ-9 Reapers, shot down recently. There is no reliable report of which country those aircraft belonged to, or what their purpose in Crimea was, however a video has surfaced that is said to be recovered from one of the two hit drones showing a
close surveillance task being performed by an aircraft above the unidentified military forces using Russian-made military trucks. The soldiers later notice the aircraft and use something that looks like green lasers to probably blind the aircrafts camera. You can see the video yourself inside, it is just 90 seconds:
2 Mine Sweeper Drone Dragonfly

Mine Sweeper Drone Dragonfly

A mine-sweeping drone was shown to the public at the Moscow security technologies expo. The gadget reportedly can keep flying for up to 40 minutes and detect different types of home-made explosives from as far away as 120 feet. They call it "Strekoza", which means dragonfly, and the CEO of the company producing the "Dragonflies" is sure it can change the process of explosives detection. As, he says,
for now the person with a detector is used to find the explosives, but in the case of a Dragonfly, it can be carried in an armored personnel carrier and fly around detecting bombs when needed. Then later the detected bombs can be destroyed remotely. As he says, the Russian police department has expressed interest in these as they may be the solution to their problems.
4 Sudden Check for Preparedness of the Army

Sudden Check for Preparedness of the Army

A check for the preparedness of the Russian army was conducted in early March. Now this video has surfaced summing it up. It was probably also broadcast on
national TV. As they say, the check for preparedness was a sudden and unplanned event. Recommended to watch as it has recently come from the army.
26 Six US Airforce Fighter Jets Landed in Lithuania

Six US Airforce Fighter Jets Landed in Lithuania

Meanwhile, it has been reported that six F-15 jets of the USAF have landed in Lithuania, ex Soviet republic, which is situated close to Ukraine. Those six planes as
stated add to the four of the same already present in Lithuania. Here are the photos from the airbase in Lithuania where the planes have actually landed.
1 More Army Movements (Updated)

More Army Movements (Updated)

More movements of army units were spotted through different cities of Russia today. The photos are of the numerous army vehicles moving through Voronezh city. Also, after this post got published, we received
some more photos from Astrakhan, where more army units on the move were witnessed. Those photos can be seen below too, and the video is from Kazan where another unit on the move was seen.
1 Swimming with Guns Championship

Swimming with Guns Championship

You probably didn't know, but there is an annual championship held in the Russian Army, that is called "Swimming with Arms". Its objective is to find the best swimmers who can swim and dive with full ammunition, uniform and loaded guns. The record breaking results were shown in 2012, however the practical norm to be allowed to participate in the
championship is to be able to swim 100 metres in less than three minutes, carrying the Kalashnikov gun with you. Also, a soldier must be able to swim under water no less than 40 metres, also carrying all his ammo and being fully dressed. Usually, almost a hundred of best trained Army athletes compete for the chance to win a trophy.
3 New Rocket Goes to the Launchpad

New Rocket Goes to the Launchpad

A new Soyuz2 rocket is ordered to be prepared for a launch. This is being classified as a lighter rocket compared to the bigger ones used before and it is only the second one built to date. Here we can see the photos of how it looks and a video of a launch itself. The rocket is being guarded by special army forces throughout all the time spent travelling to a launchpad.
Officers are on report. Please note plastic bags on their feet - this is done to maintain extra cleanness inside of the facility. Some of the similar launches are performed from Plesetsk - a place deep in the woods, close to the White Sea.   And a video:

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