1 Helicopters Over Moscow

Helicopters Over Moscow

We are going to join some helicopters and fly straight to the exhibition Heli Russia-2013 and also visit
the joint company of "Russian Helicopters" and "AgustaWestland" where they build AW-139 helicopters.
8 Helicopter Called Crocodile

Helicopter Called Crocodile

Why is this helicopter called "crocodile"? Maybe because it's the first thing which comes to your mind when you see it at
the distance of some meters.The second thing which you think about is that you need to run away... immediately!
0 Breaking Bricks Is Not So Easy!

Breaking Bricks Is Not So Easy!

Army is the place that turns boys into real men. This is what we usually believe. Real soldier must be ready for
anything and have no fear. Just see how a young soldier is trying to prove he can break bricks with his bare hands.

8 Diorama Inspired By the Heroic Story of the War

Diorama Inspired By the Heroic Story of the War

For many model makers it's not enough to buy and glue some parts together and they create cool dioramas especially military ones. They think through all details: landscape, ruins, fortifications, drama of the scene. It is the tragic and heroic story about the Soviet heavy tank KV-2 (the most powerful
for that time - summer 1941) that ruined the wooden bridge and sank in the river near the small town left by the Red Army. With help of the locals one young lieutenant managed to find new members of the crew, pull the heavy vehicle out on the bank to use it for the final battle.

5 Ka 52, The Perfect Predator of the Russian Aviation

Ka 52, The Perfect Predator of the Russian Aviation

We want to talk about a beautiful "predator" - attack helicopter Ka-52. This
heavy vehicle moves so gracefully that it seems to be dancing in the air...
0 The Place Where Real Men Are Born

The Place Where Real Men Are Born

Those who have to come to army are mainly absolutely unprepared for what they come across there. They have just left their careful and loving mothers to plunge into army hardships and disappointments. Professional teachers and doctors, for example, are trained for a long time while conscript soldiers have only one month of practice before they are sent to any flash point where they simply turn into
cannon fodder. This is the main reason why the military patriotic union "Cascade" was created. Boys from Zhukovsky (city in the Moscow region), mainly troubled teens, learn to swim, shoot, box, drive - everything a real man has to able to do. The best of them have a right to go to the training camp in summer. The conditions of life there are almost the same as combat ones.

4 Seeing A Bit More At the Air Show

Seeing A Bit More At the Air Show

Right now we are going to visit the airfield called "Sokol" ("Falcon"). There are many people are about to arrive and
see the air show which will be held there, but we will better look around and see at what vehicles they use.

8 That Far 1943

That Far 1943

A selection of impressive black and white
photographs of that uneasy year 1943.

4 Su 25 Are Getting Ready For the Victory Parade

Su 25 Are Getting Ready For the Victory Parade

These Su-25 vehicles will be flying at the Victory Parade in Moscow today. They
have arrived from Lipetsk and are rehearsing now at the Kubinsky airfield.

2 Victory Parade Dress Rehearsals

Victory Parade Dress Rehearsals

Almost all big Russian cities hold rehearsals of military parades devoted to the 68th
anniversary of the victory in WWII. Here are some shots from Moscow and Vladivostok.

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