4 Marine Airforce Is Ready

Marine Airforce Is Ready

  The Marine Airforce of East Naval Forces is ready to take orders from its chief commander - the president. It's the duty of a pilot to obey the
orders and carry out the tasks. These are mostly KA helicopters, inside you can take a look at how are they getting on in the new position...
58 Crimea (Ukraine) Yesterday

Crimea (Ukraine) Yesterday

Some photos taken in Crimea, Ukraine yesterday. Photos are from different sources and are describing the situation as a whole. Also, according to Wikipedia and the Ukrainian census of 2001, the majority of people
in Crimea (77% to be exact) are considered to be native Russian speakers. 97% of people of Crimea conduct their daily communications in Russian, so these photos can be understood as somehow sincere.
6 The Biggest Command Ship In The World

The Biggest Command Ship In The World

The "Ural" was a command ship operated by the Soviet Navy. She was intended to be a communications
vessel. The electronics and combat missions of this ship used to be closely guarded secrets.
8 New Planes to Our Army

New Planes to Our Army

Hi again. Here we have some nice news! One of the air divisions have got new SU-35S equipped with Saturn-AL31 engines, costing at around 50
million dollars a piece. The air force base which got them is said to be in the Far East and their approximate flight range is 3,500 kms.
8 German Potato Field and Our Soldiers

German Potato Field and Our Soldiers

These are the Red Army soldiers walking around at the potato field in Hohheim, Germany. What do they do there? I don't know. Why are
they there? No idea. Do locals look scared? Not at all. And, no, it was not during WW2, the shots are said to be dated 1972.
22 Nazis as Seen by Russians

Nazis as Seen by Russians

How did Russians see German Nazi invaders
during the World War 2? This is how.
5 McCain on Maidane

McCain on Maidane

Mr McCain is taking photos of protesters on the mobile phone. They say it was around 250,000 of
protesters, many of them holding some sort of lights and signing a song of a popular Ukrainian singer.
2 This is Russia, Adele

This is Russia, Adele

Hold your breath away! Russian army choir sings now James
Bond "Skyfall" main theme! This is Russia, Adele!
6 In the Big Technical Museum

In the Big Technical Museum

The technical museum named After K. G. Sakharov is probably one of the main places of interest in Togliatti. It was founded in 1998, today it has many unique exhibits and is surely
worth visiting. The museum allows to trace the historical development of the automobile, engineering, armoured, aviation, railway, missile, artillery and naval weapons.

1 Motorcycles In the Russian Empire, Part II

Motorcycles In the Russian Empire, Part II

More unique photographs of motorcycles ridden in
the Russian Empire. See the previous part here.