18 How the Sukhoi Superjets Are Being Built

How the Sukhoi Superjets Are Being Built

These Superjets are the first passenger jet planes that are built after the formation of new Russia and also that is the first passenger plane of SU company which previously built
only well known SU military jets. The 33rd airplane is being assembled currently in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. So today we can see how SSJ100 is built on the Far East of Russia.

16 Abandoned Future Props

Abandoned Future Props

Nice place to visit. Lots of abandoned scrapped trucks that used to be the army supplies, now stays there nobody cares. Might be used one day
for movie props or for something else, crazy to think that much of good can be just wasted staying there under the open skies.
39 Ex Air Force Colonel Goes to McDonalds

Ex Air Force Colonel Goes to McDonalds

...as a regular fast food chain worker. He cleans tables and serves customers and generally is fond of his job. "I like my job, it's much better than to work in security or some other dull business. Here I can see different people, talk to youngsters and teach them
life". His ex colleagues find his choice pretty decent and don't condemn him for working in the fast food chain, as they say "the real Soviet or Russian officer should be able to do any job without a regret or despair, this what we've been told".
18 How to Hide a Tank

How to Hide a Tank

This is how you hide the tank in Soviet Army. Nobody would ever guess that's it's not a hobbit lair but a full
size tank. Click to enlarge full screen and enjoy all the smaller details of this ingenious trick.  

8 Army Instagram

Army Instagram

This is why you need Instagram - photos of food and clothes can't
stand in comparison with people who take their Instagram to army.
24 Army of Belarus

Army of Belarus

We are going to spend some time with an odinary regiment of Belarus and
see how they conduct live firing, survive in cold and much more.
1 Bionic Robot is Here

Bionic Robot is Here

And it comes from Russia. Real bionic motorized robot that can dance and move, dubbed "Ferrari". It's skin
is fully made of biologically connected tissues. it can't fly yet but we didn't expect it to fly.
1 Stupidity. Talent. Alien Languages.

Stupidity. Talent. Alien Languages.

In today's show you are going to see some stupidity, some talent and some alien languages. Russian soldiers performing African rap songs when bored - who would have thought of this some thirty years ago. The rest is mostly
plain stupidity though it is often captivating and should have its place too. But it all starts with the sheep. Real, real sheep. And no road cams today, no crashes, no cops. And you should smile at least twice.
13 Snow, Targets and Two Smoking Barrels

Snow, Targets and Two Smoking Barrels

...not two actually, but lots of more. Winter, lots of snow, guns, police, shooting, moving here and there just to move. What a life.
Little bit after some food, shooting from bazooka, AK47, driving a Hummer like a creature around and going home in the evening. Nice.
8 Missile Trucks Scattered In the Forest

Missile Trucks Scattered In the Forest

We already know that forests of the Moscow region hide many interesting things such as Soviet abandoned military equipment. Today we are somewhere in a Moscow forest again
and not for mushrooms, of course. We are here to find some large green trucks MAZ and KrAZ impressing with their dimensions, power and pretty good condition.

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