4 Russian Nuclear Submarine Emergency Module

Russian Nuclear Submarine Emergency Module

Let's kick start the week with something cool and never before seen. Like for example, did you know that some Russian submarines have an emergency capsule - a module where people can get in and it would eject and
rush to the surface, saving the crew (or a part of the crew) and letting the big boat go sinking further down? If you didn't know that, we have the photos from a recent testing of this thing. Let's see..

16 A Story of one Soldier Who Was Sent to Cut Woods

A Story of one Soldier Who Was Sent to Cut Woods

There was one soldier who was serving his conscription and it was almost finished. However, before he was discharged from the service he had to perform just one final task. There was a sort of tradition by Soviet commanders to give their soldiers a difficult final task before they wave "good bye" and leave. So in the case of this particular soldier the task
was to cut wood (yes in the Soviet army soldiers were often used in different civil jobs like cutting wood or building houses). So there was a plot in the forest, a future high voltage power line lane that needed to be cleared, like the one on the picture above. That was a task of at least one month of pretty heavy labor. However...

31 Faces Before and After Russian Airborne Service

Faces Before and After Russian Airborne Service

We already compared some people's faces yesterday, but here is something different. A Russian photographer Yuri, has taken photos of eleven Russian guys that served in one of the hardest places to serve - in the Russian airborne forces. The first photo was taken during their first days in the army and the second is close to
the completion of their service. Airbornes jump from planes, go through walls of fire, participate in fights, etc, etc. More than that, Airborne forces are known for their harsh relationships between the soldiers themselves, especially new ones and the more experienced ones. So let's see if we can spot any differences?

26 Trip to the Underground Moscow Nuclear Shelter

Trip to the Underground Moscow Nuclear Shelter

Mikhail and some of his friends went down into the one of the Moscow nuclear shelters prepared for emergency in case someone pushed the Red Button. That is a huge shelter which seats 2,700
people and can also hold cars. It's over 2,000 square meters in area. Do you want to see what is inside - we can show you thanks to the photos and stories he brought from there.

2 Chinese Air Force in Lipetsk Russia

Chinese Air Force in Lipetsk Russia

Three SU-30MKK war planes of the Chinese air force have arrived in Lipetsk, Russia. It is not often that an airplane of the army of the another state is a guest in Russia, and it is even more rare to see jets from China. So here is the story and photos. By the way, those SU-30MKK are Russian SU planes that were specially designed for the
needs of the Chinese air force in the early 2000s.  They are very similar to the SU-30MK planes that were designed for and sold to the Indian air force, but still there are some differences. The Russian prototypes used to design those planes were called SU-27. Sergey has taken some photos of those and has a story.

9 An Abandoned Warship Near Moscow

An Abandoned Warship Near Moscow

Right near Moscow, there is a real warship the has been standing abandoned for more than ten years, but still with some chance of being reactivated some day. So the blogger Alexander and
his friends decided to climb onto this ship and take photos from inside and outside. Have you ever been on an abandoned Russian navy ship? If no, then here is your chance:

5 AN-12 Soviet Airplane

AN-12 Soviet Airplane

The AN-12 Russian Soviet plane was one of the most widely used planes around the world, together with the American C-130. European socialist countries, countries of Africa and Latin America
and of course the Soviet Union have been using it on a large scale all over the world since it began being manufactured in the 1960s. Let's see what this plane is all about.

70 Donetsk Airport from Above

Donetsk Airport from Above

This is (or this was?) a Donetsk airport. Photographed from above and became famous lately for the battles still going on there even there not much of those on other parts of
Ukraine. By the way, to remind you, Donetsk is the largest metropolitan area in Eastern Ukraine. Also inside you can find a video of the bridge somewhere near by.

6 Russian Tactical Drill on Pacific Coast

Russian Tactical Drill on Pacific Coast

I am not big fan of the army marching and showing what they have, however they do do this and it makes for pretty nice photos of the military equipment, which are to my taste and looks pretty captivating, so why not post them? Also, they do it in Primorye, which is on the Pacific
Coast, and not for the first time. Basically they have drills there (and not near Ukraine), and lately there are rumors in Russia that the Chinese army has been moved closer to the border, so maybe they are doing something there. Anyways, here are the photos:

3 Sauna in the Typhoon class Submarine

Sauna in the Typhoon class Submarine

You might not have known that the largest submarine in the word, the 174 meter (575 ft) long submarine of the Typhoon class, has got a sauna inside. Ok, once you've learned this you probably can imagine a pretty big roomy
sauna (as the submarine is so big) but no, the sauna is pretty humble. Oleg, the blogger, has taken a rare chance to sneak into this underwater giant and take some photos of its "SPA" center. Let's see!

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