0 Ukrainian Security Service General Grand Dad Showing Skills

Ukrainian Security Service General Grand Dad Showing Skills

  This Ukrainian grand dad was a KGB (and then Ukrainian Security Service) general. Even that he is pretty old he still has some skills and someone has got him on video so we decided  to share this video with you. He says those are normal
AK-47 knives, "nothing special, just regular non-modified AK-47 bayonet knife". I am not sure exactly of his age, but this man is Konstantin Siry - was an Ukrainian anti-terrorist center officer. People call him "legendary".

5 Russian Army Electric Bikes

Russian Army Electric Bikes

So, it looks like the Russian army is going to get electric bikes. Also, the police are going to get them. It has batteries which enable it to run for a distance of 320 km. Also, three
sorts of batteries can be used: "uphill", "speedy" and "long distance" depending on what sort of task needs to be solved. Let's see a police version of the electro bike:
15 Heavy Armed Clashes in Grozny, Chechnya, Right Now [updated]

Heavy Armed Clashes in Grozny, Chechnya, Right Now [updated]

As being reported right now (it's night in Russia) there is a heavy gun fight with tanks and artillery in the middle of Chechen capital Grozny city. As being reported it all started in 1.30am as some people shot down three policemen who stopped their car. Then across all the city fights emerged. There have appeared the claims of
some people saying that they are an organized group of over 300 people who attacked Chechnya. As for officials they say there are no 300 attackers, but much less. However some of the buildings in the middle of the city are stormed with tanks and heavy grenade launchers. See more pics and videos inside.

5 Tsunami Destroyed Russian Airbase

Tsunami Destroyed Russian Airbase

In 1979, a tsunami hit the Russian airbase "Thunderbird" on the Russian Pacific Coast. The aftermath was photographed by a pilot who had a camera handy. Tens
of planes and jets were destroyed and the runway was damaged. In some places, planes ended up UNDER the runway pavement. Just see the pics:

0 Production of KA Helicopters

Production of KA Helicopters

Just a few fresh photos of Ka-52 "Alligator" helicopters being manufactured in the "AKK Progress" factory on the Russian
Pacific coast. Just a few photos, if you are interested - take a look. Thanks to Yuri, who travelled there and took them.

16 Abandoned Exploration Tools and Vehicles of Franz Josef Land

Abandoned Exploration Tools and Vehicles of Franz Josef Land

You probably remember that a few days ago there was a posting about the seasons changing in Franz Josef Land - one of the most Northern Russian islands, being on the latitude of Northern Greenland, and being
uninhabited. However, the fact that nobody lives there doesn't mean that there is no activity. In fact, there are tons of the old Soviet vehicles, tools, tractors, devices and you name it. Want to take a look?

8 The Early Soviet Air Defense Missiles from 1963

The Early Soviet Air Defense Missiles from 1963

  Just a few historical photos of one Soviet air defense point from a private album. Not many of these are published because in Soviet times it was harder to take photos on military sites, especially such
strategically important ones as air defense sites. Here we can see how 50 years ago the S-75 (and now there are the S-400) missiles were loaded, prepared, etc. If you like this kind of stuff lets see more inside:

19 Zil Army Car

Zil Army Car

ZIL is a pretty old Russian car factory making trucks, etc. Now they have come up with something else. By
the special order of Russian army, they rolled out this creepmobile. Some more photos inside.

9 Trip to a Fantastic Old Ships Graveyard

Trip to a Fantastic Old Ships Graveyard

  Just imagine an old Soviet place where ships - warships, regular ships, etc - which are cut in half or into pieces remain for years. Tons of stuff to explore and photograph. That's why Vladimir Malder has
gone all the way to the most Western part of Russia - Kaliningrad, to visit this secret abandoned place, which is of course forbidden to enter. Want to see what he saw there? Read on!

3 Russian Army Playing Cards

Russian Army Playing Cards

To get a better idea of the Russian army, you might want to see the playing cards with Russian army comics probably made by soldiers or by ex-soldiers. In order to make
it even more cool, one might want to print them out and have your own personal Russian army playing cards as these ones are in high resolution if clicked.

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