7 Russian Veterans in Vietnamesse Embassy

Russian Veterans in Vietnamesse Embassy

In Moscow embassy of Vietnam a party for Russian army veterans was held. It seems to be an annual event when representatives of Vietnam invite Soviet soldiers to thank them for their help during the Vietnamese war. It's being held on fifth of
August, the day on which it is said that the first American plane was shot down in the Vietnam skies. Vitaliy, the blogger, has had a chance to get inside this event to see what was happening there. We have the photos inside.

0 An Abandoned Command Control Center

An Abandoned Command Control Center

Alexey has paid a visit to an abandoned Soviet command control center somewhere in Ural where he lives. He says he saw this
structure ten years ago but couldn't enter it at that time. Now he went there again and succeeded in getting in.

7 Russian Bombers Preparing to Take Off

Russian Bombers Preparing to Take Off

Russian blogger Sergey was witnessing a four hour long preparation for a flight of three ultra long range
supersonic missile carrying bomber TU-22M "Backfire" planes. Here are the photos he brought from the trip.

3 Airborne Fountains 2014

Airborne Fountains 2014

A few days ago there was a NAVY Day, now on the second of August, there is an Airborne Troops Day. This day was famous in Soviet times and then in Modern Russia as the day when ex-airborne soldiers meet up
in the city, drink and celebrate it in their style. Fountains appear to be their main points of attraction and here is a report from a big golden fountain in Moscow during Airborne Day.

37 Army Meals 2014

Army Meals 2014

  One guy has posted his army daily meals online, instagram style, so we can now see too what is being served to a soldier. I am not sure what regiment he comes from, is the food the same all over the army? But anyways, here
we see breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you tell me if you find it yummy or yucky, healthy or not, if you could live on it or prefer to remain hungry. What about the meals is strange to your non-Russian eye?

10 Navy Day in Sevastopol

Navy Day in Sevastopol

Remember there was a Russian NAVY fleet day celebrated a few days ago? We showed you some ships at St.Petersburg - navy ships and the
old town. Now, here are a few more photos from that day but from a different place. This time these come from Sevastopol.

1 Russian Navy Day in St. Petersburg, 2014

Russian Navy Day in St. Petersburg, 2014

Yesterday there was a day which is being marked as "Russian NAVY day", so across the cities there were events connected with the NAVY fleet, NAVY sailors, etc. Some people who served in the NAVY were taking out their old sailor hats and put them on
while walking around, and the current Navy regiments were conducting parades of their fleets. One of these parades has caught the eye of Sergey, the photographer, so he shares the images of what he saw in St. Petersburg with us.

1 Belarus Parade

Belarus Parade

In Belarus they also have parades. Pavel, photographer, has visited the event to see the army of this country on parade. "This is murder!", says Pavel, "a murder of the pavement of our city! Yes, we have a glorious past but why should
we destroy roads paved with our tax money with those tanks?" Looks like this what people think about their parade. At least Pavel does. But here are some photos he took, so what does the Belarus army have in store? 

8 WW2 Plane Saved and Restored from the Bottom of Lake

WW2 Plane Saved and Restored from the Bottom of Lake

Remember how we showed you a WW2 tank that they pulled out of the river? Yes, that was their fifty-fifth operation of pulling large WW2 machinery from the bottom of Russian rivers and lakes. However this is something different - this time another group of enthusiasts have pulled a real WW2 plane out of the lake and fully repaired it so that the plane that you can see in the air in the picture above is a real WW2 plane they recovered. The group of people went to the no man's land in distant parts
of Russia and pulled the old war plane from the bottom of a lake which didn't belong to anybody, then restored it investing some of their resources, and ultimately got a free plane! See how those Red star wings looked when they were freshly recovered from the lake mud. I find it interesting how they pull them out -  they put car tires on the wings and around the body of the plane, then inflate them so that the plane rises up from the bottom. See it here:

4 Russian Tsar Declaring the War

Russian Tsar Declaring the War

A crowd of people has gathered on the Dvortsovaia (Palace) square in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Russian Tsar Nikolai II comes to the balcony in person to read the declaration of War. The Russian empire declares the war on Germany. The crowd meet the decision of entering into a war with patriotic joy and enthusiasm. Some people hold banners: "Slavic people unite!", "Let Serbia
Live!", "It is a Slavic Hour now!", "All for one and one for all!", "For Motherland!". See how it was with these wide screen documentary photos of the event that took place in the capital of Russia on August the 2nd, 1914. Three years before the emperor read another declaration of Abdication - causing Imperial Russia to cease to exist in 1917.