3 Russian MiGs 31 on Sokol Airbase

Russian MiGs 31 on Sokol Airbase

A few shots of awesome Russian MiG-31s on the Russian airbase of Sokol, near Perm city. Ruslan, who took the photos
says that this is not an airplane, this is a complex force that can reach and punish anyone at any altitude.

9 Newest Russian Weapons in Action in Weapons Expo 2015

Newest Russian Weapons in Action in Weapons Expo 2015

Recently in Nizhny Tagil there was the Arms Expo 2015. The most advanced and the newest Russian weapons are taken there for display and to gain interest from foreign buyers who visit this expo each year, and this year is not an exception! This time it's the tenth exhibition - more and more people attend each year - this year there were over 20,000 people
visiting from all over the world. They sell everything here, from tanks to uniforms, from gas and fuels to first aid kits - anything you need to equip a modern army. Sixty five counties have sent their buyers to see the newest weapon products and make contracts. Let's see what they saw, thanks to Ilya who went there and took the photos!

1 Guy Builds a Tank from a Bicycle

Guy Builds a Tank from a Bicycle

Do you see a tank? It looks like the real thing, huh? But in reality it is not! It is made out of paper and two
bicycles! Let's see what it looks like up close, see how it has been built and find out if it can move or not!
5 Russian Armata Tank Firing Rounds

Russian Armata Tank Firing Rounds

This is a short one minute video of the newest Russian ARMATA tank shooting. As they say in the video - previously it was top-secret info and even the shooting process couldn't be openly shown or posted on the Internet, but now as you can see they have
declassified this and we can see what it looks like to be inside the tank during the shooting and outside of the tank. There are a lot of computer screens inside. Also, the footage was taken with American GoPro cameras.. So cooperation is here!

0 Soviet Missile R-12 in a Museum

Soviet Missile R-12 in a Museum

Ukrainian blogger Komariv went to the Soviet Cosmonautics museum and took a few photos of a Soviet R-12 rocket, which was the most mass produced Russian strategic missile. It was first
implemented in 1959 and its range is 2,000 kilometers. It carries a nuclear load of 1 megaton of TNT and in the museum it is being displayed on a launch pod. Let's see some details!

4 Giant Russian SUV Converted from an Army Truck

Giant Russian SUV Converted from an Army Truck

Vyacheslav Zolotukhin from Krasnokamensk Russia has created a unique vehicle - Mega Cruiser Russia. It took him year and a half and the results are outstanding. He took an army truck, a GAZ-66 (you can see its pic on the next page) and converted it into
a SUV. A very big SUV, it is twice as big as some of the largest cars in the class, the Lexus LX or Toyota Land Cruiser. Let's see this giant - and it's a truly large vehicle - four people can be comfortably seated on its rear seat!

8 Russian SU Jets on MAKS 2015 Air Show

Russian SU Jets on MAKS 2015 Air Show

One of the best aeroplane photographers of Russia - Marina - has visited a Russian airshow, "MAKS 2015", which took place this month in Russia and posted what she thinks to be the best photos of the Russian
SU jets in action during the demonstration flights they performed. She took these photos over the course of ten days and here they are for your viewing pleasure. Big thanks goes to Marina!
12 Tsar Bomba Arrives to Moscow

Tsar Bomba Arrives to Moscow

      The Tsar bomb or "Tsar Bomba" in Russian, is huge. It's equivalent to 500 megatons of TNT and is the biggest bomb mankind ever made. See how careful the workers are loading and unloading it from the truck. It arrived
after previously being stationed in the nuclear scientists city in the middle of Russia, at a Moscow museum to commemorate the 70 year anniversary of nuclear weapons being made in Russia. Watch the photos and video inside:

5 When a Tank Hits a Wall

When a Tank Hits a Wall

During a recent tank drill by the Russian army one of the T-72B3 "Burevestnik" got into an accident that caused it to hit a concrete or brick wall at full speed. One might imagine that the tank, with all its mass, going at high speed, should crush the wall, however, this probably
only happens in movies. In reality the wall has damaged the tank a lot, in fact the armored plates cracked in multiple places baring the inner parts of the tank. The photo above shows the tank after the hit, there are a few more photos of the details inside:

10 Russian BURAN Space Shuttle Scale Model

Russian BURAN Space Shuttle Scale Model

A Russian man has made a scale model of the one and only Soviet space shuttle Buran. The model
is very detailed and we could not find it online so we decided to publish it here.

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