10 How Russian Soldiers Live in Syria

How Russian Soldiers Live in Syria

Famous Russian war journalist went to Syria to see how newly arrived Russian soldiers live in the newly established military camps in Syria. He was admitted
to visit and see how soldiers live, how they cook food etc. Just a few photos but a good start! Thanks to Sasha for publishing these photos!

3 Russian Combat Helicopters KA-52s  Being Prepared

Russian Combat Helicopters KA-52s Being Prepared

As soon as the Russian air force began its strikes in Syria and there is the possibility of more military weapons and personnel arriving to the Middle Eastern country soon, we want to show you what is being prepared for combat. These are KA-52s helicopters called "Alligators". Back in Afghanistan Soviet Union used a lot of helicopters to fight pre-Taliban forces. Then in modern day Afghanistan
American forces use a lot of helicopters too which proved to be very useful to fight small groups of the enemy.  So it's kind of unlikely to us that some of these are going to arrive (if not yet arrived) in Syria soon. Meanwhile they are being intensely trained in Russia.  Thanks to Yuri, a blogger we have a chance to take a peek at the latest Alligator drills.

8 Russian SU-25SM Attack Bombers in Syria

Russian SU-25SM Attack Bombers in Syria

If you track the Middle East news recently, there is a lot of talk about Russian SU-25SM attack bombers spotted in Syria, both in satellite
photos of foreign intelligence and also in the recent French video some French tourist took in Latakia, Syria. Here is bit more about it.

2 Mining Gold in Russian Kolyma

Mining Gold in Russian Kolyma

Remember a recent posting where Sergey went to Kolyma and enjoyed beautiful views there? (If not you can see it here). So here is another report by this brilliant Russian blogger. While staying there - at Kolyma - which is famous
in Russia for its large volume gold mining industries - he visited some gold producing sites and made a report on how gold is actually being mined now there. Sergey even found some gold himself! Interesting stuff.

0 Day on the Russian Strategic Airbase DOMNA

Day on the Russian Strategic Airbase DOMNA

Thanks to awesome Russian blogger calling himself su_30m, we are able to see what is supposed to be top secret, especially back in Soviet era - day on the strategic Russian Far Eastern airbase Domna. It covers a 2000 km long area of Russian Far East and before it was practically impossible to see what they are up to. It was even more top secret before,
because this airbase is equipped with the new Russian Sukhoi jets - the SU-30SM You would see the day-to-day routines of the pilots being on real alert and also you can appreciate beauty of sunset flights and various things about life there, the planes, the people. Log in to your English Russia account and see all pictures on ONE PAGE!

7 Production of Russian SU-34 Fullback Twin Engine Strike Fighters

Production of Russian SU-34 Fullback Twin Engine Strike Fighters

The Sukhoi SU-34s are Russian twin-engine, twin-seat strike fighters, intended to replace the older Sukhoi Su-24s. Not many of those are deployed yet. The first jets were received into the Air Force in 2008 - and as of July 2015, only around 70 aircraft are flying. These planes and its production facilities were probably top secret before, and maybe in Soviet Times
it would be totally impossible to get into the facility. However nowadays some bloggers with connections are able to get into the factory and can even take detailed photos of what's going on in those factories. And thanks to one such blogger - Aslan - we are now able to see the previously top secret stuff at Sukhoi's Novosibirsk air factory.
4 Russian Airplanes in Syria

Russian Airplanes in Syria

A short video clip taken by some Syrian rebel filming a
group of Russian aircraft in the Syrian skies.

7 22 Russian Warships on Their Route to Syria

22 Russian Warships on Their Route to Syria

A As is being reported in Russian media, there are currently over twenty Russian warships and battleships in the Mediterranean Sea. Most of these have already
relocated to the Eastern end - close to where Syria is, and probably heading to that country. Here is the whole list and description of the armada in action.

0 Russian Air Show Mochishe 2015

Russian Air Show Mochishe 2015

Summer seems to be the season for air shows and military expos in Russia. We had some posts from the MAKS air show earlier this year, and also some from the Nizhny Tagil arms expo, and now thanks
to blogger Sasha, who visited Mochishe - the home of another Russian air show in 2015. Let's see what he got! The first photo on top shows a SU-27 of "Falcons of Russia" squad.

4 Russian Two-Barrel  Submarine

Russian Two-Barrel Submarine

A Russian submarine with two torpedo tubes, with two HUGE torpedo tubes, was produced in the 1950s by Russian Navy engineers. A truly weird creation of Soviet engineering thought -
partly beautiful, partly awkward and in many senses unique. It could carry nuclear loads, too. The photos and some description of this interesting submarine is inside!

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