10 Russian Combat Robot Platforma M

Russian Combat Robot Platforma M

Marines of the Russian Pacific Navy have got new helpers, the newest Russian combat robots called "Platforma-M".  It just arrived for the army and was initially presented in 2013. Think of it as a mini tank that can spy on your enemies, kill them
with the onboard machine gun or shoot grenades from its four grenade launching tubes and you get an idea of this machine. Thanks to the awesome blogger Youri who went to the Navy base and took these photos so we can see it too!

13 Russian Newest BUK-M2E Missile

Russian Newest BUK-M2E Missile

If you were following the story of flight MH-17 shot down over Ukraine last year then you probably recall that one of the theories was that someone from either of the conflicting parties there used a Russian made BUK motorized anti aircraft missile. Like, there is a report that a recent investigation has been conducted and small pieces and traces of a BUK missile were found both in the plane debris and the passenger bodies. Anyways, the answer is
still to be determined, but here is a BUK missile self propelled truck with the newest generation of those missiles. Previously there were BUK-M1 missiles, which might be used in Ukraine, and which are called SA-11 in Nato. However this one is the next generation of this setup, called BUK-M2E or SA-17 Grizzly by Nato. Thanks to the cool Russian army blogger Igor K. who visited the exhibition we can see it in detail:

9 Russian Myasischev Jets

Russian Myasischev Jets

When you think about Russian military jets, you usually think about either SU or MiG planes. Those are the two most important and big "brands" of Russian and Soviet war planes. Those jets were widely used in the USSR, are very popular in modern day Russia and were also always sold abroad in large quantities. However, those two major jet labels are not the only ones. For example there are a few more jet aircraft engineering bureaus in the USSR.
Those jets are very rare, they were usually produced in very small quantities and just a few of the planes are left intact. So it was very lucky that Said, the photographer, went to an exposition where such rare jets are on display now. These are "Myasischev" planes, named after their chief engineer Vladimir Myasischev. They had a short name "M" and were dubbed M-50, M-18 etc., and we have a few of them inside:

12 Russia’s Biggest Submarine, the Akula

Russia’s Biggest Submarine, the Akula

A few photos here of Akula - Russian largest and biggest submarine yet. It's a nuclear underwater warship that is biggest in the world, has nuclear generators on board, is
called "Akula" in Russian which means "A Shark" and is dubbed "Typhoon" by Western armies. Their photos is always a pleasure to see and here is a new compilation.
10 Russian Warships Firing Missiles on Syrian Targets

Russian Warships Firing Missiles on Syrian Targets

  Today this video is viral in Russia. It was released by a ministry of defense and shows Russian war ships based in Caspian
sea, near Russian coast firing on Syrian targets. It shows both warships firing and the trajectory of the missiles.

3 Russia’s Newest Su-30SM Number 38 in an Air Show

Russia’s Newest Su-30SM Number 38 in an Air Show

Antonio went to another Russian airshow and made shots of the awesome newest SU-30SM jet with a number "38". Though SU-30 jets are pretty old, dated back to 1990, they had numerous modifications and upgrades
turning them into more modern planes. This "SM" index means most modern upgrade which they received only in 2014. Totally awesome new planes totally different from old 1990 stock model. See inside:

4 Russian Newest KA-52K Helicopters

Russian Newest KA-52K Helicopters

Since they say they move KA-52s to Syria now, these are might be examples of the machines soon ISIS is going to see. Those are newest and most advanced KA-52s copters - KA-52 K Models. They are going to hit
hard, and here is why - just take a detailed look on how cool are those. This is the FIRST PUBLIC appearance of those machines, and you are going to witness them first hand too as well:

5 Russian Forces in Syria part 2

Russian Forces in Syria part 2

More photos arriving from the Russian air force base in Latakia, Syria. In this set we would be able seeing planes, pilots, some construction going and all etc. All thanks to the Russian journalists starting arriving
there. Also you would see one interesting fact - most of the jets participating in bombings have their Russian Air Force markings - the Red Stars - being painted out with just plain gray polygons or circles.
10 How Russian Soldiers Live in Syria

How Russian Soldiers Live in Syria

Famous Russian war journalist went to Syria to see how newly arrived Russian soldiers live in the newly established military camps in Syria. He was admitted
to visit and see how soldiers live, how they cook food etc. Just a few photos but a good start! Thanks to Sasha for publishing these photos!

3 Russian Combat Helicopters KA-52s  Being Prepared

Russian Combat Helicopters KA-52s Being Prepared

As soon as the Russian air force began its strikes in Syria and there is the possibility of more military weapons and personnel arriving to the Middle Eastern country soon, we want to show you what is being prepared for combat. These are KA-52s helicopters called "Alligators". Back in Afghanistan Soviet Union used a lot of helicopters to fight pre-Taliban forces. Then in modern day Afghanistan
American forces use a lot of helicopters too which proved to be very useful to fight small groups of the enemy.  So it's kind of unlikely to us that some of these are going to arrive (if not yet arrived) in Syria soon. Meanwhile they are being intensely trained in Russia.  Thanks to Yuri, a blogger we have a chance to take a peek at the latest Alligator drills.

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