15 Unwanted Atomiс Submarines

Unwanted Atomiс Submarines

The village of Porchinikha was made by soldiers as a base for atomic submarines. It’s the most northern point of the Kola Peninsula on the Barents Sea shore with the road. There are mistakes in maps, soviet cartographers put this road on the map instead of a corvine path. Drive on the off-road? I wouldn’t be that sure. I found this place long time ago, when
discovered a world of geocashing in 2004. One of the virtual caches buried here as well. It's amazing but since 2003 (the date of the cache burying) no one took it, everyone puzzled: "Is it a foot or a water path?" Everyone saw satellite photos and couldn’t get how it is possible at all to get here without taking off the ground.
Hundred year old Mark V tanks refurbished

43 The Refurbished Tanks

The Refurbished Tanks

Militarism can be a nice hobby to join together people after the work in such place like a railroad department repair factory. Now, instead of indulging in something after the job's done they can go instead and work on the refurbishing of a few Mark-V hundred year old tanks. Those tanks Russian army had during the World War I and then after the Russian army has split in two parts as a result of Communists takeover in 1917 some of the tanks were left
with the units opposing communists regime, but not for very long - the Red Army captured back the moving monsters and used them for a while. Then after World War 2 they were left rusting in some villages while some enthusiasts paid attention on those amazing pieces of early twentieth century engineering genius and decided to repair them and then install as an attraction on the city's street for general public view.
Russian playwar

19 The Night Battle

The Night Battle

Ever wondered how do the battle looks like for real at night? I mean, not as seen by Hollywood movie but a real battle with real combat units, tanks and commanders? People say
that sometimes it is even more picturesque than in the movies, and here is the report from the Russian army playwar maneuveres that took place recently.
Russian soldier in Afghanistan draws pictures

39 Ballpoint Afghanistan

Ballpoint Afghanistan

This Russian soldier, he was on a few wars, in Afghanistan in Tajikistan and then in Chechnya. He got in real battles and lost many of his friends in action, that's a true story true soldier.
Everywhere he went he took one thing with him that helped him to cope with all that. It was a simple ballpoint pen that he used to draw the most touching memories on the paper.
Russian AK-47 lane

21 AK-47 Lane

AK-47 Lane

Probably that's the only case when the famous AK-47 is being used in peaceful purposing, at least some parts of it. This ex-officer got
somewhere a lot of those and couldn't find a better way for them than to make the paths between his huts in such a manner.
Russian helicopters

17 The Helicopters Museum

The Helicopters Museum

A museum of Russian helicopters. Simple as it, but a lot of fun for visitors, especially
with kids when they can explore the machines previously seen only in movies.
Russian ship burned down

33 BOB – Burn Out Boat

BOB – Burn Out Boat

Speaking about Russian navy, here are some photos
from the Russian ship after the accident.
Russian submarines

22 The Northern Fleet Submarines

The Northern Fleet Submarines

Russian Northern fleet is mainly based on shores of the White Sea and the Arctic Ocean. It has some great looking
large submarines that are often a good thing to look to feel what huge machines people can build.
32 Plane Catastrophe

Plane Catastrophe

Yesterday, on Sunday, August 16, two greatest Russian Sukhoi Su-27 planes  crashed while doing training exercises over a cottage village. One of the planes stuck into a house like a knife into butter, the second one was led out of the village and fell on the wasteland. One of the pilots died, the two others were saved. The
local people weren’t killed, but the owners of the destroyed house got badly injured with burning fuel from the plane and were immediately taken to hospital. Now the cause of the catastrophe remains unclear, but on the eyewitness account this all could happen because of a bird stuck in the engine.
23 B-413 Submarine. Interiors.

B-413 Submarine. Interiors.

The B-413 submarine belonged to the Soviet Northern Fleet for almost 20 years -- from 1969 to 1990. Next eight years it was a unit of the Baltic Fleet, and soon after its decommissioning, in July 2000, the B-413 became an item of the Museum of the World Ocean. Now it’s exhibited in Kaliningrad, and in 2000 after the tragedy of the Kursk submarine the museum organized a fundraising campaign for the
families of crewmembers who died in the catastrophe. The interiors haven’t changed a bit since 1969 when it was constructed. Everything there is very accurate and small, for tall men it was more than hard to live and work in the submarine, as there is little room and you had to move very quickly, especially when the situation required it. The photos below worth many words.

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