Parade Rehearsal In Moscow 1
22 Parade Rehearsal In Moscow

Parade Rehearsal In Moscow

It's not an easy business to take pictures of the parade rehearsal in Moscow - but these guys managed to do it last year and repeated the feat this year as well when watchful guys of federal security
service were hunting for curious photographers not to allow these pics appear... In fact the rehearsal of the parade this year does not  differ much from that one of the previous year.
Russian Special Forces Veterans 1
52 Russian Special Forces Veterans

Russian Special Forces Veterans

Wonderful project - Russian and Soviet special forces veterans on the photos. Many of
them fought in Afghanistan, Chechnya and other flash points of our planet.
Army units near Moscow 1

57 Military Units near Moscow City

Military Units near Moscow City

One Russian blogger has spotted tens of army heave machinery units, tanks and ballistic missiles parked
in the temporary camp that was overnight built near Moscow city suburb "Khodynskoe". o
The Great Patriotic War Dedicated 1
46 The Great Patriotic War Dedicated

The Great Patriotic War Dedicated

Russia is getting ready to celebrate 65 years anniversary of the Great Victory. Old pictures of those hard days never seen
before are coming to light to remind us again and again how horrible, painful and emotional those events were.
after civil war in Kyrgyzstan 1

29 After Civil War in Kyrgyzstan

After Civil War in Kyrgyzstan

So, as was said before the coup was fast, the clashes went thru and stopped and now the city stays quite with the streets deserted, with new people in power. Street
scenery still though can give a clue what was going on last evening, during the protests, the violence, the looting that was all over thru the town.
Mud Or Sludge, Tanks Don\'t Trudge 1
32 Mud Or Sludge, Tanks Don’t Trudge

Mud Or Sludge, Tanks Don’t Trudge

Maybe it is the first time you see real "alive" tanks and infantry combat vehicles instead of museum exhibits painted green. While
operation they sound like a jet. In fact this is how a gas-turbine engine works. When they start shooting it seems you go deaf.
Crashing Russian jet planes 1

16 Russian Planes Wasted

Russian Planes Wasted

After signing the internation agreements limiting the weapons they went up with bringing it to life. Some photos made on one of the
Russian airbases at the end of 1990s where another part of Russian jets were trashed in favor of weapons reduction.
16 Top Russian machine guns

Top Russian machine guns

Various weapons are very often exposed in movies nowadays. Here are legendary Russian machine guns having their own history ever shown in the Soviet (and not only) movies. 1. Maxim heavy machine gun model 1910. It was a first self-powered machine gun with water
cooling of the barrel. Gun produced after 1940 were upgraded in such a way that coolant circuit could be loaded not only with water but with snow or ice. This gun could provide only automatic fire so it was extremely effective against infantry.
Ekranoplan 2
68 Ekranoplan


1987 was the year when the first 350 tons ground effect "ship" from the series of Soviet battle missile carriers was produced. It was called Lun after the Russian name for a bird of prey - hen harrier. Another name for this vehicle was Project 903. It carried 6 Moskit cruise missiles (SS-N-22 Sunburn in NATO
classification). Hitting four of them causes inevitable sinking of a vessel of any know type and size. The second Lun-class battle aircraft was supposed to be produced in several years but due to the end of cold war and partial disarmament the project was changed to a rescue aircraft and it was never finished.
Russian fun
32 Smash it With Showel and More

Smash it With Showel and More

A secret document has leaked revealing some of the inner directives of one of the military agencies. It reveals the exact information on how to fight and intercept latest stealth jets of enemy states. We've got our copy here and translated those. Title says: "Hit with showel all the weak spots of F117".  Then more detailed instructions go: "Hit the navigation
dashboard and armaments controls with a showel." "Hit the pilots place." "By hitting the surface of the plane with a showel you make the anti-radar stealth surface damaged" "Put the small stones inside the engines with a showel". I don't know guys, maybe someone can use that, so we published. Inside we have one more infographics.

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