26 Kubinka-2010


Some photographs selection from
the armor museum Kubinka.
28 Border Guards Day

Border Guards Day

28th of May, 2010 is Border Guards Day in Russia. On this day traditionally border guards walk in the city, bathe in fountains and drink a little bit. This year the holiday ended with a successful fight 100 VS 100! They were separated by three platoons. About 70 fighters were detained, about 30 ones were pushed into ambulance cars, the rest were set free.
Official statement: "the holiday is assigned to demonstrate combat strength of the platoons, to raise fighting spirit of soldiers doing their call of duty for their motherland and state, but first of all, on this day it's customary to remember the feat of those who didn't spare themselves to rebuff invasions of their country".
Armored Train To Chern\' 1
11 Armored Train To Chern’

Armored Train To Chern’

Unveiling a monument and theatricalized scene
at the station on the eve of Victory Day.
Overturned Tank At The Kremlin Walls 1
36 Overturned Tank At The Kremlin Walls

Overturned Tank At The Kremlin Walls

A self-propelled artillery vehicle SU-100 overturned soon after the Victory Parade when was trying to
drive onto a truck tractor to be delivered to the military unit. Fuel spilled on the asphalt.
58 TU-160 – BlackJack or White Swan?

TU-160 – BlackJack or White Swan?

Tu - 160 (Blackjack according to NATO codification) - a Russian supersonic strategical missile bomber variable-sweep
wing provided. The heaviest and the most powerful war-plane in the world. Pilots call it "White Swan".
Aircrafts Flying in V-day 1
56 Aircrafts Flying in V-day Over Moscow

Aircrafts Flying in V-day Over Moscow

On the Victory Day - 9th, May - Moscow could see a spectacular aircrafts
flying in the sky. You can enjoy it too on these pictures.
Faces Of The World War II 1
71 Faces Of World War II

Faces Of World War II

They forged victory with
their own hands...
Victory Parade Rehearsal 1
37 Victory Parade Rehearsal

Victory Parade Rehearsal

Pictures of the Victory Parade rehearsal that will be held in May, 9th in honor of the 65th
anniversary of the Great Patriotic War victory. Preparatory run of people, equipment and planes.
Parade Rehearsal In Moscow 1
22 Parade Rehearsal In Moscow

Parade Rehearsal In Moscow

It's not an easy business to take pictures of the parade rehearsal in Moscow - but these guys managed to do it last year and repeated the feat this year as well when watchful guys of federal security
service were hunting for curious photographers not to allow these pics appear... In fact the rehearsal of the parade this year does not  differ much from that one of the previous year.
Russian Special Forces Veterans 1
52 Russian Special Forces Veterans

Russian Special Forces Veterans

Wonderful project - Russian and Soviet special forces veterans on the photos. Many of
them fought in Afghanistan, Chechnya and other flash points of our planet.

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