31 Blockade of Leningrad

Blockade of Leningrad

70 years ago the city of Saint-Petersburg was called Leningrad and when the Second World War was triggered off, Leningrad was forced to withstand the fascist terror and 3 years long enemy’s push. Germans decided to stab second country’s most
populated city which as well had been the country’s weapon broker. But they didn’t choose any aggressive tactics and made a blockade that lasted more than 850 days and led to starvation and constant disorders within the city.
33 Central Armed Forces Museum

Central Armed Forces Museum

Let us have a look at the exhibits
of Central Armed Forces Museum.

15 Tow Trucks Cemetery

Tow Trucks Cemetery

In one of its inside courts, Minsk Wheeled Tractors plant has housed so-to-say “Jurassic park” where thousands of iron giants made back in the times of the Cold War dwell there thus far. Standing out in the open there gradually
peeling off and rusting they look quite sadly. It is hardly imaginable that a few decades back these rocket-o-saurs were taking aback anyone who saw them with their hugeness, roar of engines and impressive flotation.

37 1947 Stalingrad; American Journalists’ Viewpoint

1947 Stalingrad; American Journalists’ Viewpoint

The early spring lasted. Little by little city was getting better after one of the stiffest battles that the land of the USSR has ever seen. City, which at the present time is called Volgograd (yeah, that’s exactly the place where the Mother Russia monument is located), but back then at times of the USSR it was called Stalingrad and was totally leveled by the German army during
Battle for Stalingrad in 1942-1943. In 1947 the Cold War didn’t started yet, so the relations between 2 military allies, the USSR and the USA, allowed such “exchange” trips. In this article you will see lots of different things, most of them are really horrifying, but still, they belong to the history of the USSR and no one can blot them out.
28 Afghan War Soldier Refresher

Afghan War Soldier Refresher

Back in the 80’s when the Soviet-Afghan War was burning hard and the Soviet Union was keeping the field, all Soviet soldiers in Afghan
were given a refresher to know how to behave themselves in the alien society for them and how to carry themselves with strangers.

77 The Winter War

The Winter War

Today we have one more documental article for you. In this article you will find out some details and information about not so limelighted, but still, about
the war that was stuck down into the record of our history quite tight. Russian-Finnish War 1939-1940 or as it called otherwise – the Winter War.
Fearsome Buratino
26 Fearsome Buratino

Fearsome Buratino

There is a quite exotic weapon in Russian army – a heavy flame-throwing system HFS-1 Buratino. According to the data provided by the Russian arms company, its barrage destroys everything that lives within a radius of 3 kilometers around its
target. Its ammunition contains mixture of liquids (propyl nitrate type) and light metals (magnesium powder). During the flight of such ammunition the mixture is being interfused with internal device in order to gain uniformity.

35 Dragunov Sniper Rifle

Dragunov Sniper Rifle

This grave-looking thing is a sniper rifle and is designed for extermination of any emerging, open, masking and any other targets in motion. It is a
self-loading rifle and accurate fire is provided in single shots. The size of ammo is 7,62*54R (3 inches in length and 54mm in radius.)
Air Defense Museum 4
9 Air Defense Museum

Air Defense Museum

Not too far away from Moscow, in a pretty idyllic place lies a teeny village with a lovely name Zarja (Dawn). And here is
where the idyllic ends up. The village houses a Russian air forces museum, founded as far back as the USSR times.
Museum of Long-Range Aviation
21 Museum of Long-Range Aviation

Museum of Long-Range Aviation

Dyagilevo is an air base in Ryazanskaya region, located 11 km to the west from Ryazan. There is the Distant Aviation Museum on the base where we will travel today. Let’s start our excursion
from TU-95, the soviet strategic missile bomber, one of the fastest planes that became a symbol of the Cold War. Russian Bear was made to attack anytime of a day, at any weather.

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