Tank Painted Pink 1
20 Tank Painted Pink

Tank Painted Pink

That's a prank played by some teenagers in Bratsk. They thought
an infantry fighting vehicle would look better being pink.
43 The Flying Tank

The Flying Tank

Mi-28N "The Night Hunter" has a special system of pilots protection and can "see" an enemy at 35km distance even
in darkness. Test pilots call it "fighter-helicopter" and ordinary people know it as "a flying tank".
Daily Routine of Airborne Forces 1
35 Daily Routine of Russian Airborne Forces

Daily Routine of Russian Airborne Forces

This time we offer you to see how an ordinary day of Russian airborne forces looks like.
These guys are serving in one of the regiments in Kubinka, the Moscow Region.
How Fans Support \
29 Football Match Arrangement

Football Match Arrangement

A football match Spartak-TSSKA in Luzhniki, Moscow - let's focus
not on the game itself but on its arrangement this time.
Airborne Forces Day 1
34 Airborne Forces Day

Airborne Forces Day

Every year on 2 August former troopers get drunk and bathe in fountains. This holiday is called
Airborne Forces Day and you may like it or not but photos of its celebration are always cool.
The Strafer - Cameraman  1
14 The Strafer Cameraman

The Strafer Cameraman

Video materials of this pilot are unique, it's the chronicle of local conflicts in the Caucasian region and Tajikistan and participation of SU-25
strafers there. Today, being already retired, he even makes acting works from the video materials once shot from the cabin of SU-25.
Moscow SWAT 1
27 Moscow SWAT

Moscow SWAT

Moscow SWAT was giving demos the other day in
Strogino.  It was quite a spectacular performance!
11 Army Cheerleading

Army Cheerleading

In Russia, you can get entertained by Soviet
Army cheerleaders if you visit some soccer game.
Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala 2
24 Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala

Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala

This test station for naval armament was commissioned in 1939, and is located 2.7 km away from the shore. It has been abandoned for a long time. Its building has been heavily
damaged by waves of the nasty Caspian Sea. The watch tower of the station stands 42 m above sea level and, in stormy weather, foamy waves can easily reach its top.
New Uniform of the Russian Army 1
70 New Uniform of the Russian Army

New Uniform of the Russian Army

Soon all soldiers of the Russian army will wear
this new uniform. How do you like it?

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