The Strafer - Cameraman  1
14 The Strafer Cameraman

The Strafer Cameraman

Video materials of this pilot are unique, it's the chronicle of local conflicts in the Caucasian region and Tajikistan and participation of SU-25
strafers there. Today, being already retired, he even makes acting works from the video materials once shot from the cabin of SU-25.
Moscow SWAT 1
27 Moscow SWAT

Moscow SWAT

Moscow SWAT was giving demos the other day in
Strogino.  It was quite a spectacular performance!
11 Army Cheerleading

Army Cheerleading

In Russia, you can get entertained by Soviet
Army cheerleaders if you visit some soccer game.
Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala 2
24 Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala

Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala

This test station for naval armament was commissioned in 1939, and is located 2.7 km away from the shore. It has been abandoned for a long time. Its building has been heavily
damaged by waves of the nasty Caspian Sea. The watch tower of the station stands 42 m above sea level and, in stormy weather, foamy waves can easily reach its top.
New Uniform of the Russian Army 1
70 New Uniform of the Russian Army

New Uniform of the Russian Army

Soon all soldiers of the Russian army will wear
this new uniform. How do you like it?
15 Report on Mine Clearing

Report on Mine Clearing

An ordinary day in the military unit: plan of the day
- combat engineer reconnaissance and mine clearing.
floatation_device 1
12 Tank or a Waterborne Vehicle?

Tank or a Waterborne Vehicle?

In 1951, when the Soviet Union was on its high, authorities had an idea of building special floatation devices for tanks. First sample workpieces for T-54 tank were made at in 1952, and, some several weeks later tests were carried out on the Oka river. In the next two years
trial test at the sea were conducted. And in 1957, eventually, the floatation device was passed into service. There were supposed to be as many as 187 (according to the amount of tanks) floatation devices on the strength of the motor rifle division.
19 Workers’ – Peasants’ Red Army

Workers’ – Peasants’ Red Army

Archival photos of Workers'
- Peasants' Red Army.
Armed Vehicles Factory 1

27 Russian Armored Vehicles Factory

Russian Armored Vehicles Factory

A big factory in Russia where the armed vehicles for the army are being produced. The
coolest photos might be of a basin where they test for swim the new made vehicles.
technics_show_new 1
32 Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Last Saturday in Moscow region there was held a rehearsal of display of military equipment as a part of International Forum called ‘Mechanical Engineering Technologies.’ There was built a special training ground for the display – a
unique area that allows showing riding properties of armored and wheeled machinery to the fullest extent. There are lots of obstacles of different kinds on the training ground needed for demonstration of any types of machinery.

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