A Weird Soviet Plane VVA-14 1
48 A Weird Soviet Plane VVA-14

A Weird Soviet Plane VVA-14

This is one of the weirdest exhibit of the Air Force Museum in Monino, the Moscow Region: a Bartini plane that was turned into an ekranoplan. There is pretty much chances you have never heard of this
type of planes "Ekranoplanes". They are unique to Russia and today you'll become a bit more smarter by seeing something truly unique which is a less known part of our civilization.
Ekranoplan - The Inside View 1
22 Ekranoplan – The Inside View

Ekranoplan – The Inside View

We have already seen the exterior of ekranoplans and today we are going to
see the stuff never published before - the inside view of ekranoplans.
Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 1
40 Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine

L-29, AN-24RT, Mi-2, Mi-8, AN-2 ... all these planes and some airdrome automotive equipment placed in the rows to the
very horizon. Wonderful spectacle! Unfortunately, they have no place from where they could take off...
Tank Umbrella 2
25 Tank Umbrella

Tank Umbrella

There were times when constructors believed that the best tank protection from a hollow charge projectile was ... an umbrella! Yes, don't be
surprised, the protection was shaped like an umbrella.  It was nearly put into service and was tested for a great variety of Soviet tanks. 
Military Working Dogs 1
15 Military Working Dogs

Military Working Dogs

We hope you don't mind to visit the Regional Center of Dog
Service belonging to the Main Department of Internal Affairs.
Gate to Arctic: \
25 Gate to Arctic: “Lenin” Nuclear Icebreaker

Gate to Arctic: “Lenin” Nuclear Icebreaker

Today you have a unique chance to have an
excursion inside a nuclear icebreaker "Lenin".
Tank Painted Pink 1
20 Tank Painted Pink

Tank Painted Pink

That's a prank played by some teenagers in Bratsk. They thought
an infantry fighting vehicle would look better being pink.
43 The Flying Tank

The Flying Tank

Mi-28N "The Night Hunter" has a special system of pilots protection and can "see" an enemy at 35km distance even
in darkness. Test pilots call it "fighter-helicopter" and ordinary people know it as "a flying tank".
Daily Routine of Airborne Forces 1
35 Daily Routine of Russian Airborne Forces

Daily Routine of Russian Airborne Forces

This time we offer you to see how an ordinary day of Russian airborne forces looks like.
These guys are serving in one of the regiments in Kubinka, the Moscow Region.
How Fans Support \
29 Football Match Arrangement

Football Match Arrangement

A football match Spartak-TSSKA in Luzhniki, Moscow - let's focus
not on the game itself but on its arrangement this time.

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