16 Echo of the War

Echo of the War

Recently we have already spoken about the Siege of Leningrad, today we'll continue to show you the photos related to this significant
event of the Russian history. The past and present of Moscow, Berlin, Vienna and Prague are blending in these photos.
Colors of World War II 1
31 Colors of World War II

Colors of World War II

We've got used to think about the days of WWII in black and white colors and it becomes quite unusual to
see these colorful photos. Unfortunately, colors can't hide the pain and suffer of that period.
30 Partisans: Heroes’ Faces

Partisans: Heroes’ Faces

Here is a rare collection of old photos of Russian partisans. No doubt, these
people can be called heroes, all of them lived a hard life full of ordeals.
8 Voroshilov Battery on Russky Island

Voroshilov Battery on Russky Island

"Voroshilov battery" - one of the unique fortification structures of the world. It is situated on Russky Island in Vladivostok. There is a similar battery in Sevastopol. During the reformation of  the
Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in 1997 the battery, as a military unit, was deactivated, and it became a main exhibit of the Military Historic Museum "Voroshilov Battery".
12 Air Show In Gostomel

Air Show In Gostomel

In Gostomel (airdrome "Kiev-Antonov") from 30 September to 4 October there was being held the 7th International air show "Aviasvit -XXI". It is an event that lets us see modern
aviation technologies, equipment for airports and airdromes, programs of modernization and armoury. Approximately 300 participants came from more than 30 countries.
17 Helicopter, Anyone?

Helicopter, Anyone?

Where else can it be possible? A Russian helicopter Mi-8 has fallen and
now lying on the height of 4800m and nobody can evacuate it ...
11 Unusual Soviet Snowmobile Equipment

Unusual Soviet Snowmobile Equipment

An idea to adjust transport means to move over snow appeared long ago. First snowmobile was built in Russia in 1904 by an engineer S.S. Nezhdanovsky. It was a light model with an internal-combustion engine equipped with an
aerodynamic propeller. Already in 1907 Y.A. Meller made and tested "a skiing mobile"  and a year later this vehicle was called "a motor sleigh". Igor Sikorsky contributed much to snowmobiles development as well.
7 Heroes of Ajimushkai Stone Quarries

Heroes of Ajimushkai Stone Quarries

May, 1942. During fierce fighting the German army conquers the Kerch peninsula. Troops of the Crimean front have to evacuate to the Taman, but a part of the troops defeating a setback
and crossing of the major forces find themselves cut-off and have to come down under the ground. That is a beginning of 170-days' defence of Ajimushkai Stone Quarries.
17 Open-Air Museum: Breaking the Leningrad Blockade

Open-Air Museum: Breaking the Leningrad Blockade

This open-air museum includes a big variety of complexes and memorials that are rather interesting. Here you may see the photos of a
museum "Diorama of breaking the blockade" and a memorial "Sinyavino Heights" presenting only a small part of the whole museum.
Wondrous Tank-Maker 3
9 Wondrous Tank-Maker

Wondrous Tank-Maker

We have already written about a guy whose hobby is making
tanks, so these are the latest results of his.

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