12 Abandoned Finnish Bread Bakery in Vyborg

Abandoned Finnish Bread Bakery in Vyborg

This bakery was build in Vyborg in 1930. At times this was a Finland town. It was built as a most advanced factory for
the time. You can see how large scale it was and how spooky it now staying completely abandoned in this posting.

9 Abandoned  City on the Russian Polar Norwegian Svalbard Island

Abandoned City on the Russian Polar Norwegian Svalbard Island

A Pyramida  (Pyramid)  Village is a Russian town that has stayed untouched since 1990s when it was abandoned shortly after the collapse of the USSR. The difference between this particular Soviet town and many other abandoned sites we've seen is its location. It's not in Russia. Yes, it is based on a Norwegian island Svalbard or Spitzbergen as its called in Dutch and in Russia. In Soviet times
Russians have a right to use this part of the island and even had couple of towns there. But now it is all abandoned and has not beem destroyed or rampaged by looters as its too far away from Russia and permafrost preserves things well. Let's see what's there.   Thanks to prominent Russian blogger and traveler Sergey D. we can now dip into some well preserved Russian past:

9 Forgotten Town of Gudym

Forgotten Town of Gudym

Gudym is a lost town on Chukotka Russia. Chukotka is a peninsula close to Alaska, just 90 km across the Bering straight from the USA. There are not many points of interest on Chukotka, says Evgenij, the photographer, and many people come to Chukotka to see
the abandoned Soviet town of Gudym. There are already multiple urban legends about the town and its vast underground buildings.  Russian people often get the feeling of loss of greatness of Soviet Times. Let's see what Gudym is all about.
3 A Deeply Abandoned and Flooded Soviet Bomb Shelter

A Deeply Abandoned and Flooded Soviet Bomb Shelter

  Penumba, an urban exploration blogger, has paid a visit at night to an abandoned but still guarded Soviet bomb shelter. The floors of it have been flooded with water for years, but it didn't stop him from visiting! They thoroughly planned their visit so as to
avoid all of the guards - there were at least a few guard stations on the perimeter of the area where this shelter is stationed. Then they put the rubber boots that they carried in their backpacks on when entering the shelter. And here they are - inside!
3 Two Photos of Pripyat – Then and Now

Two Photos of Pripyat – Then and Now

  Just couple of photos from Pripyat - then and now for comparison. This is the "Sportivnaia" street - one of the most busy city streets - the building is
the swimming pool. This photo was taken in Soviet times prior the power plant explosion. Inside there is one more photo, how does it look now:

11 Firefighters in Pripyat Cleaning up the Initial Contamination

Firefighters in Pripyat Cleaning up the Initial Contamination

Firefighters started cleaning up radioactive contamination in Chernobyl immediately after the incident happened, but it lasted for a couple of years. Often the operation to clean contaminated
radioactive dust from the buildings was as simple as this - a firefighters squad arrived to a district and just washed off the dust of the concrete buildings. Photos are inside:

8 Abandoned Submarine Defense Complex

Abandoned Submarine Defense Complex

They say that this is a unique and the only survived complex of coastal defense with a special weapon which was targeting excessively underwater vessels. Aya, the urban explorer which prefers the top-secret locations, has
again surprised us and visited this unique surviving structure: "There is a rumor that there is one more complex like this in this region but nobody yet found it", says Aya. Let's see what she saw there!

12 The Looters of Chernobyl

The Looters of Chernobyl

The blogger Maxim is a pretty frequent visitor in the Chernobyl exclusion area. "The looters have been there always. First wave was right after the explosion. This first wave was stealing everything - home appliances, carpets, etc etc. Everything people have left in rush of urgent evacuation. The
authorities tried to fight those. They have put alarms on all the apartment building lobby doors across Pripyat. Then the armed BRDM (army fighting vehicle) was moving around the city and reacted on the alarm cases. Then the second wave has began in 2000s...". Let's read more:

30 Abandoned Scrapyard of Soviet MAZ Trucks

Abandoned Scrapyard of Soviet MAZ Trucks

Vladimir the blogger went to the scrap yard of Soviet military MAZ trucks (now Belarusian make). He went there last summer but published
photos only now, so lets see some summer photos and plenty of abandoned Soviet heavy military machinery inside, thanks to Vlad:

11 Visiting Abandoned Russian Space Forces Object

Visiting Abandoned Russian Space Forces Object

Aja, the blogger, belongs to the group of the urban bloggers who rarely tell where the photos come from. This is because they visit highly interesting objects that are guarded no matter they were out of service yet. Thanks to this the
inner furnishings of this places is in much better condition - all the machines, displays and control panels are in place and might be even working if you push the right button. So let's see what they got this time:

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