3 A Tour to the Aeroclimatic Camera

A Tour to the Aeroclimatic Camera

Now I would like to write about one of the greatest facilities of the ZIL plant. It is an aeroclimatic camera.   An aeroclimatic complex is a unique facility that simulates various weather conditions for vehicle testing.
Environmental testing and research were conducted in a wide range of ambient temperatures from -60°C to +65°C with regulation of the object air-flow speed of 0:150% km/h, at a relative humidity of 0:100%.

2 Russia: Grass and Missiles

Russia: Grass and Missiles

We arrived at the village and then drove to the resort, to a small slate career. The nearest underground missile silo was in two hundred meters from that place. Once, the formidable intercontinental ballistic missile R-36M UTTKh lived in the underground missile silo, otherwise called Satan. But now there is no rocket inside it, there only a small house remained. Today my story will be about the
house and other underground constructions. We arrived. We left the car and walked down the thickets of wild pea and hemp fields. Not inclined to think that it is grown especially by locals - too big and chaotic plantations. But I was sure that in the autumn there would be enough harvest for all the surrounding villages. Some individual plants were higher than I.



In the year dot, some aliens crashed next to the Earth. It is unknown what happened to the aliens, but an escape capsule survived...
Armahema paid a visit again to some weird but highly secret place and brought back photos, but no descriptions so enjoy the view!

0 Lost battery and Gelendzhik catacombs

Lost battery and Gelendzhik catacombs

This is the place of installation of one of the guns of a three-gun battery No. 714 of the Novorossiysk naval base of the Black Sea Fleet. Few people know about it, all paths to this place have overgrown with thorns. Unlike Zubkov battery, this battery is not so heroic. The
battery accepted its first fight on 23 August 1942. Captain Mikhail Petrovich Chelak was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for courage, 10 battery fighters received orders and medals for courage and bravery during the battles for Novorossiysk

0 Abandoned airfield Stariy Amanak

Abandoned airfield Stariy Amanak

  After we finally arrived in the village Stariy Amanak of Pokhvistnevsky district of Samara region and visited an impressive war memorial with two anti-tank cannons and fighter aircraft
MiG-15, we got off to search for a long non-operational airfield Stariy Amanak located nearby. It was no trouble to find it: two hangars stand on the hill and can be seen from afar.

4 Abandoned Secret Facility Entrace

Abandoned Secret Facility Entrace

This place was top secret in USSR times. It is underground, among the Moscow subway stations and long underground escalators which lead down from
the entrance. Even now Armahema, the author of the photos, refuses to tell us the details of this place. He only lets us see the photos.

5 Russian Abandoned City Verkhanaia Gubakha

Russian Abandoned City Verkhanaia Gubakha

This city's name is Verhnaia Gubakha. It is located near Perm city. Guys, the bloggers, have visited the
place and taken some photos. So let's take a look. There are some drone photos and photos from inside.

4 Animal Life of Chernobyl

Animal Life of Chernobyl

Despite (or thanks?) to the radioactivity threats the animal life in Chernobyl is blooming. In the past thirty years many exotic animals regained their right to live freely in the area and their population
growth is tremendous. A few photos just to get an idea what you can meet there these days, starting with this proud Chernobyl small eagle posing with radioactivity sign on the background.

3 Russian Abandoned Frozen Houses

Russian Abandoned Frozen Houses

Russian blogger Sergei took a tour to one of the abandoned houses which are plentiful on Russian North. But instead of going there in Summer, as most bloggers do and we had posted plenty of such photos, he went there in winter. It gives us a
clear perspective what would happen to our beloved buildings if someday we be cut off the electricity and heat, those comfy apartments people in Russia are got used too going to look something like this. That's spooky!

17 Hundreds of Radioactive Combat Vehicles Disappeared from Chernobyl

Hundreds of Radioactive Combat Vehicles Disappeared from Chernobyl

Meanwhile in Chernobyl interesting things are happening. During the Chernobyl catastrophe there were hundreds of army vehicles, including combat vehicles, tanks and helicopters used to operate in first days of the disaster in Pripyat. All those
vehicles got very radioactively polluted and afterwards they were all stored on a special strip of land in Chernobyl. Hundreds of vehicles. However the most recent satellite photo shows.. they all have disappeared! Let's see inside:

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