4 An Abandoned Soviet Stand for Testing Rocket Engines

An Abandoned Soviet Stand for Testing Rocket Engines

This stand is for testing rocket engines and is situated in the Saratovskaya region. A rocket engine was installed on it and was worked in different modes. During the test, the whole team of engineers was in the observation post, which had thick walls of
reinforced concrete. The entire process was controlled remotely. A special cooling system was a supporting structure of the stand. The water was circulated through the pipes to the tank with water which was  located downstairs.

0 Abandoned Sand Quarry

Abandoned Sand Quarry

An abandoned quarry. Built in Soviet times and abandoned later, it stays
under the open skies now, with metal and buildings scattered around...

5 An Abandoned Mine from Ural Mountains

An Abandoned Mine from Ural Mountains

Mr. Mishainik has visited an abandoned Ural mountain mine and got this photo set and a story: During World War 2 most of Russian mining was moved to Ural. The mining volumes escalated tremendously – resources were in
high demand by the army. This is a visit to one such mine, built and mining ore for the needs of the army at that time. Even though production stopped decades ago, the cars are still loaded with ore.

4 Rocket Cruiser Ukraina

Rocket Cruiser Ukraina

The rocket cruiser "Ukraina" according to Wiki, is a Slava class Soviet cruiser laid down in 1983 but left unfinished when works stopped in the early 1990s due to financial constraints, and with Ukraine ownership. In 1997, Ukraine stated that it didn't need it and offered it for sale, as there was about 30 millions dollars
needed to complete the vessel. Russia first wanted to buy it reportedly, but in 2011 Russian navy sources stated that Russia is only interested in obtaining the cruiser if they can have it free of charge. So here it has stayed in the dock for years, equipped with the Navy version of S-300 rockets.

3 Command and Control Center Able to Withstand Nuclear Attack

Command and Control Center Able to Withstand Nuclear Attack

This is the most famous underground object in Saratov. It was abandoned in 2008 and now almost everything has been stolen from it. This is a unified
command center. A long time ago from the -11th level of this underground facility, the launches of ballistic continental missiles were ordered.

10 Apartments of Chernobyl

Apartments of Chernobyl

"Apartments of Chernobyl." What does this phrase mean, what associations it cause in your mind? Unlike the fully resettled and long abandoned Pripyat, where only the laundry is operating now, the city of Chernobyl is partly residential - workers live there - liquidators who undertake
the construction of a new Chernobyl containment structure and totally eliminate the consequences of the accident. In the city there are also old abandoned sectors, consisting mainly of the private sector. Since 1986, only the wind of emptiness walks there.
6 Decaying Kiev Electric Transport Plant

Decaying Kiev Electric Transport Plant

Founded in 1956 the plant produced a lot of models of trolley-buses, repaired them, also trams and subway
cars. Today it has almost decayed, partially it's rented out, other rooms are simply abandoned.
9 A Forgotten Hotel In The Center Of Kiev

A Forgotten Hotel In The Center Of Kiev

The abandoned hotel was
found in Kiev, Ukraine.

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