6 Stuntman Show In Rostov-On-Don

Stuntman Show In Rostov-On-Don

Last Friday Rostov-on-Don city held an extreme stuntman show. The craziest and most desperate extreme-lovers took part in the show. There were different tricks with fire,
jumping, both with cars and big trucks, but everything went off victimless and the participants, as well as the spectators got much pleasure and adrenaline!
19 Traffic Control Post Is Under Attack of Wolves!

Traffic Control Post Is Under Attack of Wolves!

Line M23 Taganrog - Rostov-on-Don is a dangerous place! The officers of
this traffic control post won't feel comfortable at work anymore.
Rostov Flood 1
17 Flood in Rostov

Flood in Rostov

Flooding Europe means flooding Russia too, as there is a significant part of Russia lays in Europe, so we had some water
shots from the Russian cities and they keep coming - meet Rostov-on-Don - the capital of Russian south as some call it.
Russian city Rostov, fish market there
24 Rostov City Fish Market

Rostov City Fish Market

In Russia there are two Rostov cities. One is a small town somewhere near Moscow and another is Rostov-On-Don a large Southern Russian city standing on the wide Don river and was called Rostov-the-Dad on criminal slang in Soviet times. Just because it stands on the major river it has plenty of fish available there so there is a special
fish market located next to the big local church where you can buy not just regular fish but easily get some species that belong to Internationa Red List of Endangered Species and it is cheap. And of course you can get Russian caviar, packed in just plastic boxes as much as you want. And it is cheap too.
25 Water Running Through Abandoned Houses

Water Running Through Abandoned Houses

Amazing photos of water running through this abandoned house. It looks like a regular abandoned house standing in the downtown of Rostov-on-Don city, but if to inspect it closer one can see mini-waterfalls and lakes all through
this house. After many years staying abandoned  water sources from underground found their way up and formed this naturally formed water park. Streams are in constant movement and the water is always clean.

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