russia for russians
29 Russia For Russians?

Russia For Russians?

The problem of racial intolerance arise in Russia. This poster appeared in the centre of Krasnoyarsk city, before upcoming elections in that region. People want to win elections on racial
intolerance, which appears now widely in Russia against the migrants from Southern regions, who often differ by skin colour from the native inhabitants of central Russia.
21 Ruslana, Singer in Red Dress

Ruslana, Singer in Red Dress

Ukrainian singer Ruslana, the winner of Eurovision song contest, with the song "Wild Dances". You can watch a backstage performance of "Wild
Dances" in this video: And now she is shocking her fans with this unusual dress. Honestly it is more an underwear than a dress:
moscow now and then
18 Moscow Now and Then

Moscow Now and Then

Some people say that Moscow doesn't change as time passes. Some say that it has been changed tremendously. Who is right one can judge himself watching this photos of
Moscow today, year 2006 and many years ago. Many places can be recognized easily even for those who have never been in Moscow, but some changed a lot.
russian truck crashes pile of beer
24 Beer Crash

Beer Crash

What happens when Russian roads meet a truck fully loaded with bottles of beer? Probably the shipping company owner was trying to save a lot on the quality of his
trucks, thus letting this happen. The truck simply broke apart while driving, letting all the bottles get out of it and fell over all the road.
Russian helicopter facing with a hole from a machine gun bullet
6 The Hole From a Bullet

The Hole From a Bullet

This is the photo from the Russian army museum. One can see here a big hole in what was once a helicopter facing part. This hole was
made by a machine gun bullet that can be seen inside the hole. The hole itself tens times bigger than a bullet.
war in russian chechnya
22 Chechnya


Here are two field photos from
the war in Chechnya.
st. petersburg, fontanka river
17 St. Petersburg, Fontanka river

St. Petersburg, Fontanka river

Some say St. Petersburg is not so dark as it was depicted in "Zombietown" post. Yes it isn't. Here is another example of St.
Petersburg. The photos were taken in the same place in different seasons. The place is Fontanka river of St. Petersburg.
dragon bag by russian guy
10 Dragon Bag

Dragon Bag

It's a Dragon-Bag made by one
Russian guy. It looks really odd.
21 Strange Cat

Strange Cat

A Russian photographer Dmitriy Konstantinov has made a photo of a very strange cat. It's not a computer animation or photoshop, it's a real cat and a real
girl. He was preparing to make photos of this girl, model, but decided to make some photos of the cat first, and what he made astonished him.
st. petersburg, russia
27 Another View on St.Petersburg

Another View on St.Petersburg

St. Petersburg has very strange history. It was built in the middle of the swamp by Russian emperor Peter the First. He hired the best European architects to build him a city from Europe, but in the middle of the swamp. Many Russian writers wrote their most dark
novels about St. Petersburg. The dark atmosphere can often be felt in the city, especially in the winter. This dark atmosphere together with European architecture and swamps beneath create an enjoyable mixture on those photos.

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