3 Sculpture made of tires

Sculpture made of tires

A funny sculpture made solely from used tires
was photographed near one factory buildings:
first russian laptop elektronika
26 First Russian Laptop

First Russian Laptop

This is first Russian laptop, made under the brand "Elektronika". The production started in 1991 and lasted not very long due to the high price of the device - none of the common people could afford themselves such
devices. The price for the computer was around $6000, that equals 25,000 roubles according to that time's exchange rate, when the average salary across the country was 500 roubles (50 times less!).
1 Police in action

Police in action

 An awful video, made with cellular phone cam.  Russian police patrol takes  a guy from a street, leads him to a quite place and then one policeman punches him in a kidney, demonstrating the techniques he was told in a Police school. The man can’t walk after he was punched, he makes a few
steps and falls down. Here is the transcript of voice-over: - Spread your legs! - Now smile! “So how it was? I didn’t punch too strong” - And now say “I love Police!”  - Yeah tell, if you won’t tell I’ll beat you more! - Say “I love Police!”
white power in russian macdonald's
17 White Power Nazis in McDonald’s (photo)

White Power Nazis in McDonald’s (photo)

This is an actual shot made in Russian branch of McDonald's fast food restaraunt. "White power" and "SS" is
the signs of modern time Nazis or skinheads. Photo is submitted by one of englishrussia.com website.
chaika, the russian luxury car, gaz 13
43 Russian oldtimers: Luxury car Chaika

Russian oldtimers: Luxury car Chaika

We are starting our Russian oldtimers review with Chaika GAZ 13. This was an elite car, not for sale for common people in USSR, only for Communist party leaders.  Chaika GAZ 13  Years of production: 1959-1981
Overall production: 3179 examlpes (only some 20 universals GAZ-13S and few cabriolets GAZ-13B (1961-1962)) Body: 7-seater 4-door limousine, 2- or 4-door cabriolet, 5-door universal (ambulance)  

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