chip tuning
11 Chip Tuning

Chip Tuning

This guy from Russia is fond of making models of cars from
electronic elements. This is one of his latest creations.
sapphire knife
47 Sapphire Knife

Sapphire Knife

Russian guys makes knives made of sapphire. These knives can be easily taken inside the airplane in your handbag, for example if you care about your right to use your knife anywhere you want. These knives cannot be discovered by any sort of metal-detector, they have none metal parts at all. Their blades are being made from artificial sapphire, the same material that
is being used to make non-scratchable watches by leading Swiss brands. Handles are made of the bone. Only diamonds exceed it in the hardness, so anybody can easily make his name carved on the airplanes bull's-eye airplane window. It scratches glass without any difficulty and can be sharpened only with special diamond whetstone.
9 Rainy Day in Riga

Rainy Day in Riga

These days are rainy in Europe.
Particular rainy day in Riga, Latvia.
russian army
27 New Year in Russian Army

New Year in Russian Army

Most of young men in Russia hate even the idea that someday they would need to go to the Russian Army. And it's not because they don't want to obey the commanders and loose two years of their young life. It's because there is a dreadful hierarchy system between new soldiers and old soldiers that exist in all the Russian Army units since early Soviet Era. All the young soldiers that begin to serve are severely beaten daily by the guys who served more than a year already. They do it simply because all of them were beaten in the same manner when they started their journey to the Russian Army. Nobody wants to change this - he knows that he need to suffer first year but then when his torturers would retire he would turn the new generation of the soldiers to his personal slaves. New soldiers have to do all the dirty job
that is not connected with army service itself. They need to clean up the personal things of their older masters, to run as fast as they can to the shop if somebody from the privileged class wants something, but that are not the awfull things. Real horror starts when every night the older soldiers drink a lot and then torture on the younger ones - in different manners including sexual violence. Every year in Russian Army thousands of young soldiers die because of this and nobody cares. People who were in army say it was worse than to go to the prison. And you can't go - it would be a crime. The Russian Army service is obligatory for everyone. Here are the photos of the older soldiers celebrating this New Year in Soviet, sorry Russian Army:
moscow 2007
22 Moscow 2006 and 2007

Moscow 2006 and 2007

This is Moscow in January 2006, on the left part of the picture, and Moscow city in January 2007 to the right. Same place,
almost same day but different year. And the one on the left - was always a normal state of Moscow in January.
russian tractor
5 Don’t Drink and Drive a Tractor

Don’t Drink and Drive a Tractor

Don't drink and drive... a
tractor? submitted by Nosea
russian beavers
13 Russian Beavers

Russian Beavers

In winter there is not much food in Russian forest (as well as in any other Northern forest in the
world). So Russian beavers don't waste their time on some small trees, they want to do it big.
black caviar
21 Black Caviar and Cats

Black Caviar and Cats

In Russia different lifestyles are pretty close together. Some
people eat caviar from buckets, like on those two photos:
lenin monument
2 Strange Lenin Monument

Strange Lenin Monument

A right perspective is a must. Look how the regular Lenin monument which can be met in Russia in every city, can look if to make a photo from a right angle.
That's thing beneath it is the coats of arm of modern Russian Federation - a two-headed eagle, and the wings of an eagle now decorate Lenin's head.
hummer tuned
16 Hummer On Gas Station

Hummer On Gas Station

Guys from Estonia made a tuning to Hummer. Now that's a special
Hummber. What's so special with it? See the next photo:

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