cayenna police car
18 Porsche Police

Porsche Police

In Moscow city you can see often such a picture - somebody rich is going on some nice cabrio and behind him goes another
Porsche Cayenne registered to Moscow police but is being used only to bodyguard this guy, the owner of the first car.
25 Russian Space Centre

Russian Space Centre

One guy from got a trip to a Russian space agency, near the Moscow city. That's a place where all the Russian austronauts, as well as
commercial space travellers are being trained before their trip to space. Here is his photos from that place, with some comments.
russian guy
17 Russian Wedding Guy

Russian Wedding Guy

Our reader Ivan sent us this cool guy. He was invited to a wedding near Rostov-na-Donu. He thinks that this
guy might have the same origin as Dracula vampire, from Romania, it's not that far away from there.
frozen thing
46 Frozen Something from Estonia

Frozen Something from Estonia

Yesterday we had a frozen waterfall in Estonia, today there is something else frozen from this small country, hard to say what is it for sure. Some say it might be that waterfall from outside, some say it's a monument to frozen
jelly-fishes or Chtulhus. Still those guys enjoy to be shot with this thing in the background, and the thing itself looks pretty interesting, minding that fact that it is located somewhere inside the forest.
16 Russian Car for Travel on Swamps

Russian Car for Travel on Swamps

A new Russian car to travel in the places where the roads are regular or not present at all. It can swim, go on trees and lot more. And
costs not much. And on the video below there is a newer modification of this car. It can also now climb on the vertical walls.
waterfall in estonia
10 Frozen Waterfall

Frozen Waterfall

These are photos of a waterfall
partially covered with ice in Estonia.
computer on the street
8 Handle With Care

Handle With Care

This photos are from the street of Ukraine. Guy
seems to forget about handle with care rule.
russian car
23 Some Daily Photos

Some Daily Photos

Sometime before we had assorted daily posts consisting of not connected to each other pics. This post is something like another way to start this "daily" posts which probably would be not so daily but
still regular. Today just a few pics devoted to the cars in Russia and ex-USSR countries. On the picture above you can see how some Russian people store their cars on the balconies.
russian book
5 Russian Modern Literature

Russian Modern Literature

A small excurse to modern Russian literature. The name of this book is
"Police Bill of Ukraine". Language of the title is Russian.
8 Russian Provider’s Calendar

Russian Provider’s Calendar

One Russian Internet provider has issued a calendar. The main idea that was used in the calendar was the
pictures from the famous artists edited in such way that main heroes of these pictures are now zebras.

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