snow falls
15 Snowy Roof

Snowy Roof

If nobody cleans the snow from the roof it can
fall down. Right on the Moscow Lexus.
russian truck
19 Loaded Truck Without a Wheel

Loaded Truck Without a Wheel

This is a Russian truck going without a wheel. It is fully loaded with some goods, but with a missing lane. It even doesn't think about going by a right, lower
speed lane, it goes at left lane - where the more speedy cars ride. Seems the driver doesn't care at all that his truck is a little bit out of order.
mosfilm monument
31 Mosfilm Monument

Mosfilm Monument

This was a big epic monument, a sybmol of Russian sculpture. It was made in 1937 by a woman sculptor. More than 60 ft (20 metres) tall, made
of steel. It was also used in "Mosfilm" movie leading Soviet making company. These days it stands disassembled.
soviet monument
9 Broken Soviet Monuments

Broken Soviet Monuments

Russian photographer Igor Moukhin is fond of making photos
of some broker Russian monuments. Like this ones.
russian design
22 Russian Contemporary Design

Russian Contemporary Design

In this post we'll have a little insight into the world of contemporary Russian design, the advanced part of it. into the world of contemporary Russian design, the advanced part of it. It is no secret that in every country there are some pretty gifted
designers that in our time of globalization can sell their creations to Western countries. Here are some most successful works of Russian designers in 2006. The car on the photo above and below is a prototype of Russian car "Russo-Balt".
traffic jam in winter
11 Frozen Traffic Jam in Moscow

Frozen Traffic Jam in Moscow

Here is an example of a
frozen traffic jam.
russian president's plane
50 Russian President’s Plane

Russian President’s Plane

This plane was mainly used by president Yeltsin, the first president of Russia. It costed $300,000,000 and $40,000,000 of it went
for inner decoration. These day Vladimir Putin uses another plane and the plane on photos is used as a reserve one.
Russia 100 years ago
41 Russian People 100 Years Ago in Color

Russian People 100 Years Ago in Color

He travelled to all the distant parts of Russian Empire. This is for example a dweller of Turkmenia, now Turkmenistan. Camels were the common way of transportation for cargo even when trains were introduced to locals by Russian government. We had already before some photos of this photographer, who managed to make color photos of Russia 100 years
ago in 1900-1910. It's amazing to see the life back there in full color. He had a special task to travel across all the Russian Empire (that's how Russia was called that times before Communism) and make thousands of such photos for a Royal Depositary. So he made literary thousands of color photos of Russia 100 years ago.
cayenna police car
18 Porsche Police

Porsche Police

In Moscow city you can see often such a picture - somebody rich is going on some nice cabrio and behind him goes another
Porsche Cayenne registered to Moscow police but is being used only to bodyguard this guy, the owner of the first car.
25 Russian Space Centre

Russian Space Centre

One guy from got a trip to a Russian space agency, near the Moscow city. That's a place where all the Russian austronauts, as well as
commercial space travellers are being trained before their trip to space. Here is his photos from that place, with some comments.

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