russian tractor towes raft
19 Road Rafting

Road Rafting

Just a few kilometers from Moscow city where people by cars worth of $1 million life is totally different. Some people living in Moscow may even not know how different it is, but it’s real and it’s there. On this photo just a small example of what happens in rural parts of Russia. Many villages are left by young people who move
to cities in a search of jobs and entertainment, some villages are populated with old people. Here is the glimpse of funeral – an old lady goes on some sort of wooden raft together with a coffin towed by a tractor, though there are some kids so not every young pair moved away from this village.
Kiev Tram Jam
9 Kiev Tram Jam

Kiev Tram Jam

We have seen a 24 hour traffic jam in Moscow a few days ago. This is something different - tens of trams a stuck in Kiev in the middle of the day, so all
the tram traffic was paralyzed. Many people advocate public transportation as a no-traffic-jam alternative. This time it's of no alternative.
Russian House in Form of UFO
11 Russian UFO House

Russian UFO House

Now here is another piece of Russian self made rural piece of architecture. This is a building in a form of a flying saucer, painted in Russian old style police car – white and blue. Inside one can see traditional Russian wooden
decoration and opposing it in style round windows and a… firewood furnace. It is not some highly-sophisticated zero gravity UFO engine but at least passengers won't be freezing during long Russian winters.
Russian Smallest Submarine
36 Russian Smallest Submarine

Russian Smallest Submarine

There are different things that are of personal use. There are personal computers, personal music players, personal phones. Transportation means are also became much more personal in 20th century, personal cars, bikes, skiing etc. This Russian man from St. Petersburg got his personal submarine. He built it himself and it is the smallest submarine in Russia, officially registered as a boat
by Russian boat registry and has got it’s own personal name and number. He can make an underwater trip from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, Finland and back without stops, and he can go as fast as four knots. The interesting thing that he is based in St. Petersburg which is in Northern part of Russia so the water in the sea is cold all year round.
2 Russian Catapult

Russian Catapult

This video of some Russian guys, have another kind of fun. So, a group of Russians, lead by guy named “German”, dwellers of Russian capital Moscow city, arrived to a common Russian village and started a strange project. What did they do?
They have built a big catapult or trebuchet in the middle of common Russian village, right on the snowy field, and… shot fireballs with it. They say that a price of each shot was around $120 and nobody was hurt.
rolex and red flags in Moscow city

20 Rolex and Red Flags

Rolex and Red Flags

Today Moscow city you can see something like this: advertisement of Rolex luxury watches and hundreds of
people marching with red flags stylized to old Nazi symbolics. photo by, Evelina Gigul
bar code building, russia
17 Bar Code Building

Bar Code Building

We've already had a thread about strange buildings from Soviet era. Today we've got another piece of strange architecture, now from modern Russia. That's a building made in the form of giant bar code, the same bar code we
see on all the goods in a supermarket. It seems to be an office building made of modules. It's from St. Petersburg, Russia, and was submitted by Jolq, would somebody be able to read the barcode?
disorder in Moscow city
64 Moscow, Police and People

Moscow, Police and People

On Saturday November 4th, 2006 there was some civil disorder in centre of Moscow. This day is some sort of Russia holiday devoted to some historical events of liberation of Russia from Polish and Swedish occupation back in medieval times. So there were group of people who wanted to express their opinion about liberation of Russia nowadays from ethnic groups they consider to be
enemies now occupying Russia. Moscow authorities banned this events so everybody expressing his attitude on Saturday in the centre of Moscow were arrested. You can see some photos from this event. People were taken from streets. Some witnesses say that anybody could be caught even without participating in expressing opinion action.
Russian Prisoner and a Wheelbarrow
8 Doomed to Wheelbarrow

Doomed to Wheelbarrow

Some time ago in Russia they used to chained prisoners to the wheelbarrows they were working with, so that it was hard for the prisoner to run away. If such a person
decided to run he had to take the wheelbarrow with him. This particular shot was called “The Prisoner at Rest”, and one can clearly see the wheelbarrow nearby.
Two Hummers in Moscow
4 Moscow City Hummers

Moscow City Hummers

Hummer SUVs are popular in Russia too, especially in Moscow. But I think people of Russia crash
Hummers more often, due to the Russian roads quality and their behavior on those roads.

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