bridge pier
10 Russian Bridge Pier

Russian Bridge Pier

Sometimes in Russia trucks are used as a bridge pier. This happened in Medvezhjegorsk city, 200 km North from Petrozavodsk in Karelia,
Russia. The driver of the truck tried to pass under the bridge with an opened load body. submitted by maxx    
pelican in kiev
7 Kiev Pelican

Kiev Pelican

So climate changes dramatically in Russia. We all got used that usualy it's cold in Russia and bears wander across the streets, asking for some food. Nowadays there is now snow at 6th of December all across Western part of Russia and ex-USSR
counties like Ukraine. And more than that there are no bears. No bears at all, but instead bears you can meet pelicans walking around the streets of ex-USSR cities. Just take a look of this recent shot of Red Winter:
russian church in army
15 Russian Army Mobile Church

Russian Army Mobile Church

Here are the photos from Russian army. They went to field practice and look who come with them. These are Russian Christian and Muslim clerics, some
of the dressed into Russian Army Uniform. There are also a Mobile Russian Army Church which is being placed to an army van.
wtc russian view
92 Russian Pilot Making Photos 9/11 Flying Above NYC

Russian Pilot Making Photos 9/11 Flying Above NYC

Here is a shocking story of Russian pilot, now living in the USA who was on the air 9th September 2001 and have made photos right from the air when planes crashed the WTC. He worked at that time as a programmer in one of the dot coms and had some
free time which usualy he spent flying Cessna 172SP plane around NYC. We have this photos today. Just when he took off he spotted a smoke coming from WTC towers. He was very surprised and headed in that direction:
moscow city street
20 Underground Whale in Moscow City

Underground Whale in Moscow City

Some people say something strange is happening deep beneath Moscow city streets. Some even think there live a some sort of underground whale. Those pictures and one video are about such rumour. Also on those
pictures can be seen what a warm winter this time is in Moscow city. There is now snow at all and there are places where is green grass can be seen. That's not typical at all.
russian wedding
22 Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding

We sometimes publish photos from Russian weddings, because some plan to marry Russian
brides. This is another example what you might expect to see on a Russian wedding.
russian streets
17 Street Jet Fighter

Street Jet Fighter

So what else can you meet on streets of ex-USSR? For example in Moldova, the ex Soviet Moldavia, you can see
sometimes old jet fighters standing on a pedestrian lane. And passers-by don't express much interest in it.
dirty car ads
14 Dirty Cars Ads

Dirty Cars Ads

Some guys in Moscow city offer a new approach for a street advertisement. Due to a constant dirty weather during most time of the winter and spring most of the cars are dirty. The most dirty are the public transportation means like buses. So these guys find a way of how to use this and get some profit. They offer a "cheap advertising" - writing your classifieds or other information on the dirty buses of the city. They
hire cheap workers who write the information on buses, trucks and other cars why they stand on a traffic light or in a traffic jam in hundreds, after that all the city is full of the cars carrying your classified. And there is another side of this method - those who don't want to carry the commercial on their bus have to wash it - thus making the city looking more brightly.
russian house
29 House Upside Down

House Upside Down

So sometimes in Russia houses are built
up-side-down. The house is from St. Petersburg
moscow subway
9 Subway Incindent

Subway Incindent

A while ago there was a story about one Moscow city street advertisement agency. What made them famous? Their attempt to install a new street ad stand, so they had to hammer in a concrete pile into ground. They started doing this and suddenly the pile came down through ground layer and disappeared somewhere down there. Yes, they were shocked but they had a task to accomplish so they started to smash in another pile – it
also broke in through the ground. Now they got really puzzled. So where have their piles gone? They gone right into a subway train, nailed a full of people subway train moving at 40mph (70kmh) down to the ground – right in the middle of the working day. They got extremely lucky that the subway car in which they hammered in a pile was almost empty and nobody got seriously injured.

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