29 Some Daily Photos 5

Some Daily Photos 5

Here are some more daily shots from Russian streets. Here on the first pic author claims that in Russia there
are drive-ins for train drivers. Is that really so? Russian bus drivers read books while driving.
8 Cat’s Religion

Cat’s Religion

Cats, Boris loves you! (the name
of the cat on the ad is Boris)
russian topol comic
20 Russian Propaganda Comic

Russian Propaganda Comic

Russians find funny such militarized comics. Here is on the comic a guy with a letter to USA - where there is drawn a black Afro-American with a white girl, probably the ex-girlfriend of this
soldier. And he says "I asked TOPOL (strategic missile, we had video recently), where is my beloved?". So missile should go to USA to that Afro-American guy bring him an answer.
usa russia
44 Russian and Nato Pic

Russian and Nato Pic

The title of this Russia presentation is "How Americans control Russian territory". Units with American flag
represent USA troops around Russia, aimed to Russian territory. Is that a contemporary propaganda thing?

25 Old Russian Money

Old Russian Money

Old Russian money. These ones
are from the Soviet era.

12 Old Russian Motorbikes

Old Russian Motorbikes

These are old
Russian bikes from
kolobkov.net for bike lovers.
murmansk 1942
26 Astonishing Shot Back from 1942

Astonishing Shot Back from 1942

This is a real, unprocessed shot, made in Murmansk, Russia 1942,
during World War II, real moose, real Nazi planes bombing Murmansk.

53 Prayer for Unlimited Internet

Prayer for Unlimited Internet

In most regions of Russia except Moscow and St.Petersburg users have to pay for each megabyte of data they download. There are simply no unlimited plans. But people want them. So some act like this: come
to the provider office and pray for unlimited plans. It may help. Though if unlimited Internet plans would be approved across all the Russia the new rise of piracy can be expected.

41 Moscow at 80s

Moscow at 80s

Moscow back from 80s. Just a few years and life would change
drastically, people would meet capitalism at its best.
heroin customs russia
14 Modern Art Realism

Modern Art Realism

Russian artists and painters were creating masterpieces well known abroad for hundred years. Sources for their inspiration differed from century to century, so now they depict what they see
too. For example this Russian masterpiece is called "February 15th, Custom officers arrest 203 kilos of heroin". Yeah really art should catch up the modern style of life.

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