russian planes
86 Abandoned Russian Planes

Abandoned Russian Planes

These are photos of tens of abandoned Russian airplanes. They now stand some more some less disassembled under the severe Russian climate, sharing their parts with some their more lucky brothers who are
still flying. There can be seen different types of planes - military and civil, all of them abandoned now. (c) Photos by =Minaichenkov Igor W.=, retired Russian Air Force Colonel
ukraine village
121 Village in Ukraine

Village in Ukraine

These photos are from the village in Ukraine, near Kiev. Made by Alexander Mihailenko. They are processed
but still they depict the true spirit of old slavic village that still can be met in Ukraine.
russian car
23 Driving Skills

Driving Skills

Some Russian drivers now mark their driving skills. Such tradition came to us from the age of World War II when pilots painted a star on their aircrafts for every successful enemy turned down by them. So Russian drivers think they also are some kind of military pilots
and all the other participants of traffic are their direct enemies, so the collision with everyone is something like a little victory. So they put such kind of stickers marking successful accident with each type of traffic participants:
white sparrow
11 White Sparrow

White Sparrow

The white sparrow appeared among the sparrows in Minsk, Belarus. It has been said that white sparrows appear only once per 150 years. Some peoples of the world gave a great meaning to white sparrows. Native indians considered them something special. In old Russia such white
sparrows were called "dukes" and they were considered magic birds. They believed that if somebody would see a white sparrow he can cast a wish and it would become true soon. So we publish a pic of a white sparrow here - you can cast a wish now!
russian toys
20 Old Russian New Year Tree Toys

Old Russian New Year Tree Toys

We had some vintage Russian New Year postcards already. Now it's turn for the New Year Tree toys back from early Soviet times. Sometimes things that could be found on Soviet New Year Trees differ greatly from Western Trees. It was usual to put on Russian Tree something with
political ideas: the Kremlin Towers, small copies of outstanding Soviet Sportsmen and different technological gadgets. Also there were often toys with portraits of comrades Lenin and Stalin. See yourself: That's an elefant studying ABC in cyrillics.
russian boys
83 Russian Disco Party

Russian Disco Party

This is an example of sample Russian disco party. It looks the same probably in all the Russian not so big towns. All guys who visit are ready to fight, they find somebody who is alien there and attack. And nobody would call police - just because it's not something unusual - if you going to visit Russian disco party in smaller towns - you take the responsibility of participation in the fight. Most of the young guys know that they need to be tough because they are going to go to Russian army and in Russian army it's more like in prison - officers don't control what happen - there is a big hierarchy
between the soldiers. Those soldiers who served longer - they beat EVERY day the younger ones - just because when they came - they were treated in the same manner. In Russian army there is thousands of soldiers die every year just because of this. And nobody cares. The latest story that was discussed nationwide in Russia is regarding one soldier who lost both of his legs because he was humiliated awfully in the army. So when the elder guys return from army they have a broken psychics which is being transfered to the younger generations.
new year russia
13 Vintage New Year Postcards

Vintage New Year Postcards

These New Year postcards are back from the Soviet times. Religion was banned in Soviet Russia so there was not a Christmas celebrated but a New Year was the main winter holiday. It was always a special
holiday, same as Christmas in Europe or USA. Even 20 years after democratic changes started in Russia  people still celebrate New Year more willingly than any other holidays.
santa in Moscow
42 Santas Take Over The Moscow

Santas Take Over The Moscow

Big group of multi-national Santas took over the Moscow last weekend. You can see on those pictures the
real crowd of them. The only thing that is not right - there is no snow on the streets.
18 Rare BMW

Rare BMW

In Russia you even nowadays
can meet very rare BMWs.
ukraine univercity
19 Another Univercity Campus

Another Univercity Campus

We had already a post about a Business College campus from Ukraine. Now there is another photo report from the univercity campus in one city of
Ukraine. The most interesting thing there is the strange paintings on the wall. They liven up the interriors greatly.

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