Genoese Castle 12
2 The Genoese Fortress In Sudak

The Genoese Fortress In Sudak

If you happen to be in the Crimea once, don't forget to go to Sudak
city which is rich in such splendid sights as the Genoese fortress.
Reconstructed Olympiysky 25
3 Reconstructed Olympiysky, Kiev

Reconstructed Olympiysky, Kiev

They've finally reconstructed Olympiysky Sports Complex in Kiev as you know. So, now it
looks up-to-date and more European-like. Let's see some more pictures of the stadium.
Pits Of The Urals 1
1 Mines Of The Urals

Mines Of The Urals

This time join us in our journey to
the largest mines of the Urals.
7 A Disbanded Frontier Post

A Disbanded Frontier Post

Everybody knows that a state border is sacred, untouchable and needs to be guarded
properly. Today we are going to visit a disbanded frontier post in the Far East of Russia.
Donetsk Wedding 21
11 What Was Your Wedding Like?

What Was Your Wedding Like?

People from Donetsk say that their weddings are the most spectacular
and showy ones in the world. Can you agree with the statement?
14 The Brusilov Offensive

The Brusilov Offensive

On October 30th, 2011, they celebrated the 95th anniversary of the
Brusilov Offensive by reconstructing the great battle of WWI.
9 Fire Department #11 of Zelenograd

Fire Department #11 of Zelenograd

This October, Moscow Fire Department #11 located in Zelenograd turned 45. It is the oldest fire
department of the city which extinguished more than 5 thousand fires and saved over 200 lives.
45 Congratulating Soldiers In Chechnya

Congratulating Soldiers In Chechnya

This November a delegation from Moscow visited the 46th separate
rapid deployment brigade which celebrated its 11th anniversary.
21 Beautiful Artists

Beautiful Artists

In Abramtsevo Art Industrial College you understand that women at
creative work are almost as beautiful as women in love.
Tires Utilization Factory 1
7 Last Way of a Tire

Last Way of a Tire

Looking at junkyards full of old tires, you come to understand that car owners of Vladivostok change their tires a lot. Sometimes, they set these tires on fire which pollutes the air greatly. Two years ago they decided to solve this problem
by opening a tire recycling factory where they could turn old needless tires into a new stadium track surface. So, here it is! At the factory they accept tires of all sizes for three rubles (30 cents) for a kilogram.

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