6 First House Of Architect Totan Kuzembaev

First House Of Architect Totan Kuzembaev

Totan Kuzembaev is one of the best Russian architects. This house was built
according to his architectural design in 2002 in Lianozovo, Moscow.
15 Gostinka, Abandoned House In Norilsk

Gostinka, Abandoned House In Norilsk

In the Russian language, the word 'gostinka' means a condominium with very small apartments. In the Soviet Union, gostinkas were mostly built for
factory and enterprise workers in the 60s and 70s but today many of them are abandoned. Check out photos of a gostinka in Norilsk.
13 What It Is Like To Be A Deer Breeder

What It Is Like To Be A Deer Breeder

The Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, Russia. A deer farm. Here they sort deers out, vaccinate them and select animals for
slaughter. Venison is highly valuable meat. In the photo: senior deer breeder Vasily Nikolaevich, 72.
3 The History Of Chiryurtskaya HPP Construction

The History Of Chiryurtskaya HPP Construction

On December, 22nd, Chiryurtskaya Hydropower Plant-1 on the Sulak River is turning 50. In this article, we want to tell you about it, show some file footages and museum exhibits showing organization of the plant. Soviet scientists have always known about Dagestan’ potential in water power (mostly due to its Sulak River) and
began building first hydropower plans before WWII. When the war began, they had to freeze construction works and were able to resume it only in 1948. Modern Chiryurtskaya Hydropower Complex consists of three power stations: Chiryurtskaya Hydropower Plant-1 and 2 and Gelbakhskaya Hydropower Plant-3.
27 Exploring Leonardo Shelter

Exploring Leonardo Shelter

This shelter looked huge from the outside due to over 15 air vents and about 10 exits which could be see.
Judging by the area it occupied, it could contain up to 1500 people. Let's go see what remained of it.
0 Metro Construction Is In Full Play

Metro Construction Is In Full Play

This is a construction site of 'Alma-Atinskaya' metro station, Moscow, and it's full
of workers and building technical equipment which is good. Let's go see!
7 Assorted Russia, Part 38

Assorted Russia, Part 38

GoGoRiki, known in Russia as Smeshariki is a Russian animated television series aimed at children of 3 to 8 years but
which keep getting more and more popualr among grown-ups too. This is the way Smashariki influenced art.
6 Bridges Burnt. Literally!

Bridges Burnt. Literally!

The bridge across the Zolotoy Rog bay is a facility that will appear in Vladivostok by the APEC summit in 2012. On December, 12th, a formwork at one of the bridge's pylons
caught fire. The fire spread to the area of 500 square meters and it took almost 11 hours to extinguish it. 167 people and 38 vehicles took part in the firefighting.
6 How Swimming Pools Are Built?

How Swimming Pools Are Built?

Today we're going to build a
school swimming pool! Let's begin!
15 You Are In The Army Now

You Are In The Army Now

Each man in Russia may face this. Military service. But this is not a regular army, this is a joint project of Ministry of Defence and Mayak radio station where 14 volunteers will join Russian Armed Forces for a period of 7 days and do what other
soldiers in this country do: march, shoot, drive tanks, etc. There will no harassment of younger soldiers in this army either because they are all equal. So, this is day number one. Recruits have come to the assembly point.

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