8 Where Have All People Gone?

Where Have All People Gone?

The 6-storey sewing school is totally abandoned now. Will the building
be demolished or just used for some other purposes in future?
3 Hurricane In A Russian Sea Port

Hurricane In A Russian Sea Port

A terrible hurricane stroke out in Novorossiysk on February 9, 2012 when the speed of wind constituted 40 meters a second. Buildings were shaking under the gusty wind. It seemed that the window glass would be broken soon
and all employees were evacuated home. Walking in the streets was not allowed. Due to constant problems with electricity the pump at the boiler-house went wrong and the heating system failed to function.
4 Moscow From The Plane

Moscow From The Plane

These are photographs taken from a plane that took off from Moscow Domodedovo Airport
to fly to England. Next time you do the same, don't forget to take your camera!
6 The Exhibit Of Lenin Mourning Train In A Moscow Railway Museum

The Exhibit Of Lenin Mourning Train In A Moscow Railway Museum

The access to the Moscow Railway Museum has been denied for 20 years. The former exhibit V.I. Lenin's Mourning Train was not that popular
and closed soon. In 1990s the building was occupied by an automobile showroom. And finally the museum is opened for everyone.
7 Abandoned Design Department

Abandoned Design Department

We are in a design department somewhere in the Moscow Region where people used to
design and construct  engines. Today it is abandoned and so are its engines.
4 300 Spartans

300 Spartans

"One Taz is able to feed the whole village", nothern peoples used to say about Taz dogs. Hunting greyhounds have always been considered one of the seven prides
of Kazakh people but starting from the 50s their population became to decrease. Today, there are just 300 Taz dogs left. Just like 300 Spartans.
7 Serving In Siberia

Serving In Siberia

These are some photographs showing
what it's like serving in Siberia.
35 Export Of Soviet Cars To The West

Export Of Soviet Cars To The West

It is known that a plenty of cars made in the USSR was exported to other countries. Some cars were exported massively, while
delivery of others was of an advertising nature mostly. The latter can be related to sale of VOLGA GAZ 21 to England.
13 The Bunker Where Beria Was Shot

The Bunker Where Beria Was Shot

One of the key historical underground constructions where Beria was shot is claimed abandoned.
Nevertheless, it is related to Moscow commandant's office and is well-guarded by soldiers.
16 New Grozny

New Grozny

Grozny City is a complex of high-rise buildings which will serve as hotels, business centers and condominiums in Grozny, the
Chechen Republic. Let's get on top of the tallest building in the city to see what it looks like from above.