11 Russian Village Of The Early 1980s

Russian Village Of The Early 1980s

Look at this amazing collection of photographs by Alexander Kalion which will give you an idea
of the reality and hard life people of the Russian village of the early 1980s lived.
13 Are You Cold This Winter?

Are You Cold This Winter?

In the beginning of February a TPP located in a southern town of Kazakhstan suddenly went wrong. According to the official version, the reason for the accident consisted in severe frosts and old equipment. The news spread
around the country fast. Following the visit of Minister of Emergency Situation the situation was improved. However, a dozen of other accidents occurred after that. Nobody reported the Minister about them...
4 Walking Through Devastated Hospitals

Walking Through Devastated Hospitals

Today, we want to show you what happens to hospitals when they get abandoned.
We'll start with photographs of a Moscow hospital taken 2 years ago.
6 Subjugating Foggy Kamchatka

Subjugating Foggy Kamchatka

Kamchatka looks beautiful in any sorts of its unsteady weather, whether it is
sunny, cloudy or foggy. Check out the photographs and videos below.
0 Zhigulyovskaya HPP Modernization

Zhigulyovskaya HPP Modernization

Zhigulyovskaya Hydropower Plant is located on the Volga River, near Zhigulyovsk and Tolyatti in the Samara Region, Russia. In 2010, after over 50 years of service, they entered into an agreement to replace 14
of the 20 hydraulic units of the power plant by 2016. Disassembling and installation works are going to be done by machines, as well as further service of the new hydraulic units installed.
26 How To Make A Tank In Your Garage

How To Make A Tank In Your Garage

Check out this amazing handmade replica of
Tiger I tank used during World War II.
0 When Buildings Are Deserted

When Buildings Are Deserted

It's always sad visiting abandoned places... This home was demolished after a fatal accident
that occured here but we still have some photographs of it for you to check out.
43 Invented By Russians?

Invented By Russians?

Russian scientists and engineers invented a bunch of genius things but were unable to patent or
sell them in time that is why it were inventors from other countries who reaped laurels.
1 Apartments Of VTB Bank In The Federation Complex

Apartments Of VTB Bank In The Federation Complex

We have already shown you some photos of the Western Tower of the Federation Complex in Moscow. It is not possible
to examine the entire place at once that is why we'll first walk through a small IT-segment of VTB bank.
35 Russian Struggle With Somalian Pirates

Russian Struggle With Somalian Pirates

The photos below show how the Somalian pirates have been
struggled by Russian naval forces  for the last several years.