28 The Museum Of Soviet And Russian Technology

The Museum Of Soviet And Russian Technology

Welcome to the Polytechnical Museum in Moscow that
demonstrates the progress of Russian and Soviet technology.
3 A Visit To A Moscow Printing Office

A Visit To A Moscow Printing Office

Have you ever seen how newspapers are issued? You will get such
a chance today while visiting a printing office in Moscow.
3 J-Fest Cosplay In Moscow

J-Fest Cosplay In Moscow

It's the third time that they hold a modern Japanese culture festival J-FEST in Moscow. It is also called Cosplay meaning 'costume play'. For those who do not know what it is, 'costume play' is an event where participants
dress as anime characters, heroes of videogames, etc. Costplay is very popular in Japan and little by little, it wins other countries and Russia is not an exception. Check out some photos from the event:
8 Magic Of The Mountains

Magic Of The Mountains

This is a great photo collection of breathtaking views of
mountains found in the Caucasus and the Carpathians. Enjoy!
9 Home-Made Dumbbell

Home-Made Dumbbell

If you want to train but can't afford buying a dumbbell in a store, don't pull a long face! You can do it by yourself with the
help of a wooden stick, a couple of nails, concrete, and a form. Here's a step by step instruction for you to see:
6 Kazakhstan After 1991

Kazakhstan After 1991

It's been 20 years since the disintegration of the USSR. In this article we are going
to tell you about the events which happened in Kazakhstan during this time.
11 Take Some Pictures To Remember

Take Some Pictures To Remember

Photographer Arthur Bondar takes pictures of veterans of World War II
to capture people who will one day disappear from this life.
15 My Beautiful Childhood

My Beautiful Childhood

Elena Korneeva is a professional photographer from Moscow who takes
amazing pictures of children that won't leave anyone indifferent.
6 A Journey To A Rocket Plant

A Journey To A Rocket Plant

Would you like to enter the territory of a rocket plant hidden
deep in the forest? You will have such a chance today.
3 Babushka Advertises Nokia

Babushka Advertises Nokia

How do you like the new advertising of Nokia? Devices of the company are very popular even among old
people who don't have any difficulties while dealing with the products. If all ads were that sweet!

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