2 Frozen Black Sea

Frozen Black Sea

The frozen Black Sea is worth waking up early in the morning
and going out on a frosty day to go photograph it...
20 Arms For Black Market

Arms For Black Market

The ground contains a lot of arms left after World War II. Sometimes people find it but not all of them hand it in to
the officials. Check out this collection of arms found in the woods of the country to be sold in black market.
4 After-Flood Bomb Shelter

After-Flood Bomb Shelter

This bomb shelter which is situated under the institute of corrosion somewhere in the Moscow Region has been exposed to water and dampness for a long time which made this place especially interesting. There
were times when the bomb shelter was drowned up to the ceiling but most of the time the water level does not exceed one meter. In winter, it gets dry which makes it possible to explore it.
3 Visiting Abandoned Schools

Visiting Abandoned Schools

It looks like this school is going to be turned into another educational
establishment but currently it is abandoned. Let's check it out!
5 People And Cities Of Soviet Russia In Postcards: 1970-1985

People And Cities Of Soviet Russia In Postcards: 1970-1985

When there were no computers and the Internet and Soviet people could only dream of traveling they collected
books and postcards with images of remote cities and countries to examine them in their free time.
2 Siberia And More By Alexander Kuznetsov

Siberia And More By Alexander Kuznetsov

Alexander Kuznetsov is a photographer and a film maker from
Krasnoyarsk. Below are photographs he took from 1980 till 2007.
11 Rough Luck Of Military Equipment, Part 2

Rough Luck Of Military Equipment, Part 2

We have already told you about the numerous machines and equipment produced at the time of the
USSR that became older and older and were either dismantled or abandoned in the end.
2 Steel Seamless Pipe Production In Kazakhstan

Steel Seamless Pipe Production In Kazakhstan

KSP Steel the first company producing steel seamless pipes for oil and gas sector in Kazakhstan. It was founded in early 2007 and is situated in the city of Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. The pipe rolling process operates as follows: a round section is supplied to the hot rolling line where it is cut, heated, pierced and
rolled to get the pipe of desired length and wall thickness as shown in the video below. Then, the pipe is put through heat treatment or straight to the quality assurance line and the finishing line. After the completion of all the necessary operations, KSP Steel pipes are ready for shipment.
3 Modern Moscow Views

Modern Moscow Views

Moscow is a wonderful city that has combined history and modern
facilities. Check out some photographs of the city below.
11 Winter In Pripyat

Winter In Pripyat

Nature in Priryat, the city which became abandoned after the Chernobyl
Disaster, looks really beautiful in winter. Let's check out the city itself.