0 Mansion Museum In Saint Petersburg

Mansion Museum In Saint Petersburg

Check out photographs of a mansion, built in 1857, which is considered an architectural model of the 19th
century. The mansion belonged to Mikhail Kochubey, a member of board of guardians and councillor of State.
20 Paintings By A Schizophrenic Girl And How She Explains Them

Paintings By A Schizophrenic Girl And How She Explains Them

These are paintings made and commented on by a Ukrainian girl suffering from schizophrenia. Chicks. Two workers in disgusting orange vests did their work and lapsed into daydreams. The first one is trying to tell her fortune and find out who
her husband will be. She's very focused on that. The second one has already found her happiness and is trying not to lose it. Her eyes are squint and mysterious. Women's fate is as unsteady as the wind in powerlines...
7 The USSR of the 1950s

The USSR of the 1950s

Back in 1958, American photographer Howard Sochurek went on a voyage from Moscow to Astrakhan. During his trip, he took
pictures of everyday life of the people which makes his 'Volga River Essay' specially interesting and valuable.
4 Rocket Base Angara Construction

Rocket Base Angara Construction

Plesetsk Cosmodrome is a spaceport, located in the Arkhangelsk Region. It was originally developed by the Soviet Union as a launch site for intercontinental ballistic missiles. On January 11, 1957 the Soviet Government passed the resolution about the foundation of a special military object with secret name ‘Angara’. This secret
object had to be situated in Plesetsk District, the Arhangelsk Region. It was named after the town of Plesetsk. The first Soviet Combat formation of intercontinental ballistic missiles R-7 of General designer Koroljev had to be located in that place, in thick northern taiga to the south of Arhangelsk.
3 Perfect Place For Paintball

Perfect Place For Paintball

Millions invested in military units construction went to paintball fans who could find no better place for
their game than this. We are at one of the abandoned military units in Sevastopol, Ukraine.
9 How They Live In Noginsk 2

How They Live In Noginsk 2

15 families (41 people) live in a military barrack called Noginsk-2 near the city of Noginsk. The building is literally falling into pieces and it is simply dangerous to live in. The story began in 1992 when in newspapers people read an advertisement, "Construction workers are wanted". Immigrants form Central Asia were promised apartments, registration and good wages but in fact they were lodged in Military Unit
55153 and didn't receive their salaries for months. Besides, the building belongs to the Ministry of Defense and after the military unit became disbanded, it became needless. An expertise found the barrack unlivable but the Ministry of Defense hasn't carried out the court decision on providing new accomodation to these people yet and today they have to live like this...
0 Dilapidated Monuments Of the Moscow VVC

Dilapidated Monuments Of the Moscow VVC

Today we want to show you some of the pavilions of VVC or All-Russia Exhibition Center, Moscow. We are at the Pavilion of Belarus
and apparently the exhibition center's management has more important matters than maintaining its monuments in order.
26 Gopnik, A Recently Appeared Class

Gopnik, A Recently Appeared Class

The term 'gopnik' is slang used in Russia to describe a stereotypical class of young males and since recently females up to 30 years old found in Russia and post-Soviet countries, characterized by aggressive behavior,
specifically towards the weak, predilection to the criminal subculture, abuse of alcohol beverages (specifically beer, vodka and "Jaguar" cocktail) and specific fashion preferences. Take a look at the photos.
9 Zhanaozen Disturbance Aftermath

Zhanaozen Disturbance Aftermath

Kazakhstan’s president, Nur-sultan Nazar-bayev, has imposed a three-week state of emergency in Zhanaozen, a town
where 11 people were killed and 86 injured in a clash between police and demonstrators. Check out some photos.
Comments Off Ballistic Missile Launching In Plesetsk

Ballistic Missile Launching In Plesetsk

The Strategic Missile Troops or Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation or RVSN RF are a military branch of the Russian Military that controls Russia's land-based ICBMs. The Strategic Rocket Forces were created on December 17, 1959 as the main Soviet force used for attacking an enemy's
offensive nuclear weapons, military facilities, and industrial infrastructure, so today they celebtate their 52nd anniversary. Congratulations! Now we want to take you to the RVSN training center in Mirny and watch intercontinental ballistic missile launching in Plesetsk.

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