8 One Of The Largest Libraries In The World

One Of The Largest Libraries In The World

The National library of Belarus relates to one of the largest libraries in the world. The building is twice heavier than the Ostankino Tower and is included into the list of top 50 most
unusual buildings in the world where it occupies the 24th position. At night the library can be seen from the space. Let us see what the library looks like from the inside.
3 The Fate Of The Astrakhan Sturgeon By Carl Mydans

The Fate Of The Astrakhan Sturgeon By Carl Mydans

The photos were made by Carl Mydans in April 1960 and show
how a sturgeon, the tastiest fish, is caught and cooked.
7 Car Design Trends Throughout Decades

Car Design Trends Throughout Decades

Some people accuse car manufacturers of "design degradation" claiming it is mere details that distinguish one make of the car from another. Let's check out Oldtimer Gallery again (you must be
familiar with it after reading our previous reports The Spirit of Old Time and The Spirit of Old Time, Part 2) to see if the statement can be applied for the oldtimers (we doubt so!).
4 Tactical Maneuvers On The Klerk Peninsula

Tactical Maneuvers On The Klerk Peninsula

Units of the Pacific Fleet Marine Force carried out two-day tactical
maneuvers in Primorye Territory that started on March, 14th.
6 Empty Haven Of Karaganda

Empty Haven Of Karaganda

Sary-Arka Airport is located 20 kilometers south of the city of Karaganda, Kazakhstan. It is the largest and, perhaps, the most beautiful
airport in the country which has just one problem - it has extremely low air passenger traffic. Let's try to find out why.

11 Printing Books In Tver

Printing Books In Tver

The most modern Russian book office is functioning on the outskirts of Tver. The building embraces several huge and clean rooms divided into such
areas as prepress industry, press, bindery, finishing, finished product storage and office center. 600 people are engaged in the work.
23 Weird Soviets

Weird Soviets

When the first informal groups appeared in the USSR, the authorities of the country thought them to be just crazy young guys. And when
they ran out of control, it was too late. The members of the unofficial organizations differed too much from other Soviet people.
11 Living Your Life In The Line

Living Your Life In The Line

A line for water, 1890. You can study history by what people would stand in lines in Moscow for. Most photographs picturing those lines were taken by tourists. In the 30s, it was lines into cafeterias and the Mausoleum; the 80s were marked by
lines for clothes; in the 90s people would wait in lines to McDonalds; and in 1998 it was banks and exchange offices which were in high demand. It's good to know that today people stand in lines to get into a museum or airport.
0 About Rescue Service

About Rescue Service

Route M1 from Moscow to Saint Petersburg is monitored by a Ministry of Emergency Situations helicopter. Today we have a chance
to watch a test rescue flight of a Ka-32А11BC. It’s the Tver Region, -24.7C and we are boarding the helicopter.
1 The History Of Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex

The History Of Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex

First sports stadiums appeared in the Soviet Union in the 20th century. World War I prevented them from building a stadium in Kiev in 1914 but in the 1920s they started
construction of Red Stadium of Trotsky designed by L. Pilvinsky. On August 12th, 1923 the stadium hosted a sports contest making that date the stadium’s birthday.

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