8 The Museum Of Tula Arms

The Museum Of Tula Arms

Taking into consideration the great historical value of the Tula arms plant as the oldest arms plant of Russia, an arms museum was organized
here in 1920. The museum holds many interesting facts about the history of the weapon production and unique samples of weapons.
14 Guarding Moscow Skies

Guarding Moscow Skies

"Guarding Moscow skies". The 202nd Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade is armed with S-300V missile complexes designed to act as the top tier army air defense system, providing a defense against ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircrafts.
Its missiles can engage targets out to 100 km and up to altitudes of around 32 km. In both cases the warhead is around 150 kg. Let’s see another military training of the brigade which took place on February, 2nd.
3 How To Lay Hands On A Gas-Turbine Power Plant

How To Lay Hands On A Gas-Turbine Power Plant

It was to be a regular report about Kolomenskoye
Gas-Turbine Power Plant. Check out what came out of it.
4 Vladivostok At Night

Vladivostok At Night

  Photos of Vladivostok taken at
night show how magnificent the city is.
9 Travelling Throughout Altai

Travelling Throughout Altai

That's the only road leading to Ingen Village, the Altai Republic. Its population is about
15,000 people. This area has a bad reputation among tourists for its high crime rate.
5 Abkhazian Lavash Making

Abkhazian Lavash Making

They have attached a bakery to a house in Sukhumi so it smells like pastry in the neighborhood. People come to this place to buy
lavashes, flat unleavened wheat bread. Lavashes are always fresh here because they make them all day long and in small portions.
29 ZiL Limo Manufacture

ZiL Limo Manufacture

ZiL is a major Russian truck and heavy equipment manufacturer, which also produced armored cars for most Soviet leaders, as well as buses, armored fighting vehicles, and aerosani. The company also produces hand-built limousines and high-end luxury sedans in extremely low quantities, primarily for the Russian government.
ZiL passenger cars are priced at the equivalent of models from Maybach and Rolls-Royce, but are largely unknown outside the CIS and production rarely exceeds a dozen cars per year. Let’s visit its limousine production department and find out what their secret and plans for the future are.
7 The Beauty Of Novosibirsk City

The Beauty Of Novosibirsk City

Novosibirsk is the third city in Russia with the greatest number of inhabitants and
the 12th biggest city in our country that has a subway consisting of 2 branches.
7 Air Cushion Vehicles

Air Cushion Vehicles

Air cushion vehicles are vehicles which can travel above both water and ground. It is compressed
air which lifts them up above the surface. These 'flying boats' look really impressing.
14 Assorted Russia, Part 47

Assorted Russia, Part 47

A 54-year-old man has been living in a cave in a forest in the Chelyabinsk Region for 10 years. This is how he has escaped from the civilization and its
problems. He gave up his job and his dormitory room to go fishing and enjoy nature. For his unusual lifestyle, he's been nicknamed "caveman".