6 Kazakhstan After 1991

Kazakhstan After 1991

It's been 20 years since the disintegration of the USSR. In this article we are going
to tell you about the events which happened in Kazakhstan during this time.
11 Take Some Pictures To Remember

Take Some Pictures To Remember

Photographer Arthur Bondar takes pictures of veterans of World War II
to capture people who will one day disappear from this life.
15 My Beautiful Childhood

My Beautiful Childhood

Elena Korneeva is a professional photographer from Moscow who takes
amazing pictures of children that won't leave anyone indifferent.
4 A Journey To A Rocket Plant

A Journey To A Rocket Plant

Would you like to enter the territory of a rocket plant hidden
deep in the forest? You will have such a chance today.
3 Babushka Advertises Nokia

Babushka Advertises Nokia

How do you like the new advertising of Nokia? Devices of the company are very popular even among old
people who don't have any difficulties while dealing with the products. If all ads were that sweet!
4 A Helicopter Tour Around Moscow

A Helicopter Tour Around Moscow

Check out some photos recently taken
during a helicopter tour around Moscow.
18 My Name Is Joseph Stalin

My Name Is Joseph Stalin

This is my house. It's small, yes, but I didn't need a bigger one because I was just as small. I kept a goat in the annex and her name was Jeanne. In honor of Jeanne d'Arc. My father Beso worked in Tbilisi and he didn't like Jeanna. So, when I
was at school, he got drunk and choked her to death. Yes, this is not Stalin's real photo album. This is the work of a writer Nodar Djin who has tried to imagine the way Stalin's photo album looked like if he had one.
11 Unusual Soviet Cars

Unusual Soviet Cars

Russians love their cars and if they knew what potential Soviet engineers had, they'd love them even more!
This is a list of Soviet vehicles you'll never see on the street. Let's start with prototypes:
3 Strange Places Of Moscow

Strange Places Of Moscow

Moscow has many places that can't be used for their intended
purposes. They just occupy extra place and look strange and stupid.
3 Do You Want To Be A Skydiver?

Do You Want To Be A Skydiver?

Let's visit an aeroclub in Minsk and see
what it means to jump with a parachute.

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