9 On The Armor Of The Victory 2012

On The Armor Of The Victory 2012

On the Armor of the Victory 2012 is a military-historical-technical festival held in Kiev on February
26th, 2012 to celebrate Defender of the Motherland's Day. Some photos for your attention.
10 Reduced To Ruins

Reduced To Ruins

"Enamel hollowware department". Check out a photo coverage from a factory in the Vladimir
Region which used to produce enamel hollowware but has been reduced to ruins...
14 Approaching the Abandoned Soviet Radar

Approaching the Abandoned Soviet Radar

The beauty of every place lost in time is revealed in a certain season. The place we'll be visiting today
looks the best in the middle of autumn as the construction seems even more magnificent in rainy weather.
2 Automatic Telephone Exchange In Kaliningrad

Automatic Telephone Exchange In Kaliningrad

The first generation of the automatic telephone exchange used in Russia was a decade-step exchange. The decade-step exchange was replaced with a crossbar exchange which in its turn was followed by a quasi-electronic exchange and digital exchange. You are unlikely to find a decade-step exchange
today while there are plenty of crossbar exchanges in the country. So, let us take you to Kaliningrad to show you a crossbar exchange belonging to Rostelecom, Russia's leading long-distance telephony provider. There are two crossbar exchanges in the building on the right.
7 Water For Cosmonauts

Water For Cosmonauts

The Soviet Union's striving for being the first in everything let the country go down in history as the leader in space exploration. It created laboratory complexes which although became
outdated are still fit for use. However, many of them will never make it until modernization. This report is about one of such labs, still alive but doomed for "extinction".
26 Jaguar Generation

Jaguar Generation

Seems that Russia
doesn't need enemies..
2 Architecture And Interior Photography Of Siberian Cities

Architecture And Interior Photography Of Siberian Cities

Check out this collection of photographs picturing architecture and interior
design of the buildings of Novosibirsk and other cities of Siberia.
6 Abandoned And Forgotten Plants

Abandoned And Forgotten Plants

Let's start our tour of abandoned and forgotten plants of Russia with visiting
one of the oldest power machine construction plants in the country.
2 The Best Moddling Tools

The Best Moddling Tools

Look through the set of the most
interesting modding tools found in the
14 Miss Belarus 2008 And Snow Plow

Miss Belarus 2008 And Snow Plow

One of the country's largest producers of road-construction equipment has released a calendar featuring Miss Belarus 2008! So, meet Miss Belarus 2008 Anna Krivitskaya and a
screw-rotor snow plow Amkodor 9531! By the way, the company obviously has some weakness for Miss Belarus contestants. To find out why, check out the photographs below!