7 Clouds Inside Out

Clouds Inside Out

Photographs by Fedor Yurchikhin depict clouds of unimaginable shapes and
colors. It's 10 km to 12 km above ground so welcome to heaven!
2 Shaman From Naryan-Mar

Shaman From Naryan-Mar

We've come to Naryan-Mar to ask Nikolay, a local shaman, some questions about his life. Nikolay was born in 1969 and grew up in the orphanage. He studied in several technical secondary schools but he never received his diploma. After
long years of looking for his place in this life, he settled down outside Maryan-Mar to open guest tents which are highly popular among both local people and people from other regions of the country. He's not married.
1 Heart-Warming Memories Of Siberia

Heart-Warming Memories Of Siberia

Evgenia Arbugaeva grew up in Tiksi, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). For her, this port city was a world full of magic and discoveries. She remembers the time when she would see no sunshine for weeks but could enjoy northern lights sparkling in the skies. She remembers snowstorms and continuous frosts. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Evgenia ’s family moved to Yakutsk which became a stress for the eight-year old girl used to being surrounded
by pink mountains. She then studied in Moscow and New York and finally she returned to her home city. She came back to Tiksi not to make a report on how little is left after the city she grew up in but to evoke those heart-warming memories and remember that magic she’s been keeping in her mind since childhood. She wanted to make sure that all that was not some fantasy of a little girl but was real.
13 Apple Museum Opens In Moscow

Apple Museum Opens In Moscow

An Apple Museum has opened in Moscow welcoming all local technology lovers. The museum was launched by Andrei Antonov who has been collecting Apple computer equipment for 15 years. The collection includes monitors, hardware, keyboards and other computer equipment produced by Apple during
the last 30 years, such as stationary and portable models of the Apple IIC (1980), a rare Apple II from 1978, the first pocket computer and even the Mac portable which astronauts have taken to space. Antonov boasts that most of the machines still work perfectly.
0 How Telephony Was Developed

How Telephony Was Developed

At present, when we have not just mobile phones but rather minicomputers in our bags and pockets even disk telephones seem
to be a history. There is a museum in Moscow where the most unique telephones and other devices are collected.
7 Annual King Pancake Fail

Annual King Pancake Fail

It's been the 6th year in a row that people of Yalutorovsk, the Tumen Region, try to make the largest record-breaking pancake. It's pretty much the same year by year - the same frying pan of three meters in diameter, the same cooking technique and
the same people. When this year their batter began to burn once they poured it onto the frying pan, it became obvious they were not going to make it again. Let's start with some photographs of the unlucky ritual taken in 2012.
8 Travelling Throughout Leningrad In The 1960s

Travelling Throughout Leningrad In The 1960s

These are photographs of Leningrad taken back in the 60s by a group of tourists.
The first photograph was taken at the border between Finland and the USSR.
3 Mine Shaft 14, Dnepropetrovsk

Mine Shaft 14, Dnepropetrovsk

Let's move to Dnepropetrovsk and check out how its subway construction is going. Last year, they resumed driving increasing the length of underground working by 100 m. Considerening the amount of work
done during the last 10 years, it is a lot. But it's almost nothing in general (they have 4 km more to drive!). In 2011, they mostly worked on mine shaft 14 and that's where we are going.
4 What Is Hidden Under Moscow Flowerbeds

What Is Hidden Under Moscow Flowerbeds

Some flowerbeds in Moscow guard amazing secrets. The photograph above has been taken 48 underground under one of the flowerbeds of the city. Enormous money was poured into all these underground complexes for J. Stalin but today they lost their significance and their current condition leaves much to be desired. Abandonment, darkness, dust… It is only people who sacrificed
their health and time to build these constructions who still keep some of their secrets in memory. The only place of this kind which managed to rise from the ashes is object #42 in Taganka which has been turned into a museum of the cold war. Below is a story of another underground facility, similar to object #42 but with a much sadder fate…
0 Zagorsk Pumped Storage Station

Zagorsk Pumped Storage Station

Zagorsk Pumped Storage Station is located near Sergiev Posad, Russia. The project was approved in 1974, the first two generators operational in 1987 and the rest by 2000. Zagorsk-2 with a future installed capacity of 840 MW is currently being constructed adjacent to it. Each pumped storage station is a unique construction which allows preserving energy to supply the power system when necessary. People living in the region have an approximately similar schedule – they wake up in the morning and switch on the lights and their electrical appliances, boil
water for morning tea or coffee and this is when the region needs a lot of power. When people go to work, the energy-requirement decreases to rise again then they return home from work. The storage plant consists of two reservoirs located at different levels and a machinery hall in between.  At night, when people use little electricity, they pump water from the lower reservoir into the upper one. In rush hour, the water returns back to the lower reservoir turning the generators, thus producing electricity.