17 The Nothernmost City of Russia: Pevek

The Nothernmost City of Russia: Pevek

Pevek is the northmost city of Russia. 25 000 people used to live here, 2 500 have remained... Life in Pevek is expensive and boring. The city has two cafes and one of them will probably close soon... No movie theatres, no  night clubs... The city lives from plane to plane that arrive once in 2 weeks.
Everyone knows when the next plane arrives, cause it means that fresh food will appear in the shops. Prices here are unbelievably high but an average salary of a waitress, for example, is about 1000 US dollars. According to locals a 3 roomed flat could be changed for a ticket to Moscow...

2 Domodedovo Airport Turns 50!

Domodedovo Airport Turns 50!

7th of April, 2012 the Moscow airport Domodedovo turned 50! It's big, comfortable and modern. Each day the airport is changing for the better. It was the first airport to accept Aeroexpress trains. It was the first to begin reconstruction and become the most modern airport of Russia. One year ago it set an absolute record of flights sent off. 425 planes
left the airport with 51 000 passengers. 25 March 1964 was the day of the first passenger flight by TU-104 from Moscow to Sverdlovsk. On 20 May 1964 they opened the air-terminal complex. Regular flights have been performed since 1966. Today we are going to show you some archival photos of the airport and some modern ones.
12 Ladies Wearing Shawls

Ladies Wearing Shawls

It seems that age-old Russian shawls become fashionable again.
Ladies from Chita show all advantages of such accessories.

1 Construction of the Third Bridge Over the Ob

Construction of the Third Bridge Over the Ob

Olovozavodskoy (Bugrinsky) bridge in Novosibirsk is the third bridge over the Ob that unites Kirovsky and Octyabrsky districts. The construction began in 2010 and is to be continued through 2014. Its capacity is 60 000 cars a day. The bridge is a part of the future south-western transit
of the Novosibirsk region from route M51 "Baikal" to M52 "Chuya Highway" or "Chuysky Trakt". The crossing with total length 5,5m includes an arch bridge over the Ob 2,4 km long, two overpasses over Bolshevistskaya street and Vatutin street with road interchanges.
9 More Photos of Russkiye Vityazi

More Photos of Russkiye Vityazi

More photos of "Russkiye Vityazi" ("Russian Knights") who
have recently turned 21 yo. The first post from Kubinka is
here.
4 Moscow Ladies Photographed By Lisa Larsen

Moscow Ladies Photographed By Lisa Larsen

Everyday life of Moscow ladies through the camera
glass of Lisa Larsen, August - September, 1956.
3 Excursion to Syzran Power Plant

Excursion to Syzran Power Plant

Syzran Power Plant is one of the oldest in Russia. It is located in the picturesque bend of the Syzranka river. The capacity is rather modest but it still
works being a monument of history and architecture at the same time. It's nice that there are still people who are indifferent to the object.
15 New Life For Grand Vitara

New Life For Grand Vitara

Sleepery roads and ravines, and even discs are yellow now from
sand or clay... What can be done with the crossover?
6 DIY Sports Bike

DIY Sports Bike

One guy spent some weeks to make a
sports bike almost from nothing...
4 How They Make Ceramic Crowns With Metal

How They Make Ceramic Crowns With Metal

If you are not too lucky you've been at the dentist's and maybe you already have a ceramic crown with metal in your mouth, or some of them.
But hardly you know what happens outside the dentist's room and how they make these crowns. Now you have a chance to find it out.

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