0 News From Russian Roads, Part 54

News From Russian Roads, Part 54

How do you like this tuning from
Odessa? Hello from the 90s?

4 KazSat-2: the Flight Is Normal

KazSat-2: the Flight Is Normal

Half a year ago the second Kazakhstan telecommunications satellite "KazSat-2" was launched from site #200 of Baikonur with help of a launch vehicle
"Proton-2". What has been happening to the satellite all this time? In what condition is it now? How and from where is it controlled?

0 How Filimonov Toys Survive

How Filimonov Toys Survive

Now goes the story about one folk craft that would die
if a small group of enthusiasts don't sustain it.
11 Final Winter Fishing

Final Winter Fishing

These guys have made an unforgettable journey to a well-known river Selita in Kazakhstan for
fishing. The river is full of pike. The road to the place is awful but the guys overcame 350 km.

4 Former Airfield Protasovo

Former Airfield Protasovo

It is another abandoned military unit, this time with a
former airfield Protasovo in the Ryazan region.
3 Spring Has Come to Tatarstan!

Spring Has Come to Tatarstan!

Yesterday we showed you the spring of Alatyr, Today we have some photos from Tatarstan, Almetyevsky district, where
the river Zai broke its banks. There are rumours that in village Karabash the locks of the dam were opened...
125 Life In Occupation on German Photos

Life In Occupation on German Photos

You probably think that Nazis were bloody greedy bastards that occupied the whole of Europe and part of the USSR, and were treating people badly, without any respect, who behaved like degenerates and cried "Heil Hitler"
all the time. You are probably right, this is how they are depicted by Hollywood, but reality was somehow different. Let's see how it was thanks to the rare and unique archive photos we have here today!
4 Beauty With Your Own Hands

Beauty With Your Own Hands

Here is how at low cost you can do a beautiful thing. What we need: skillful
hands, a hammer, an anvil, a furnace and a couple of iron pieces.
10 When Someones Child Becomes Yours, Part I

When Someones Child Becomes Yours, Part I

Summer camp "Khomutina". Residents of a children's home dream about a family, parents, a house. The children's house appeared in 1942 - kids from the siege Leningrad were brought here. Some years ago there were 120 inmates here, today - 55. Many of them are adopted. Such children have dramatic past, uneasy present and unclear future. Will they ever be happy? They get used to life in a commune, they are self-confident and sometimes cruel but each of them wants warmth anyway. Little ones always
take hands of guests... New parents should be prepared, they should give love and be patient. Adopted kids don't have to be returned back. One noisy girl was brought back just because she had broken a tail of a parrot toy and spoiled mom's cosmetics... One practical man aged 12 who lives in Mamonovo village and whose name is Andrey convinced granny to adopt other children: "Dear granny, our house is big, enough space to give home to others."
6 Decaying Kiev Electric Transport Plant

Decaying Kiev Electric Transport Plant

Founded in 1956 the plant produced a lot of models of trolley-buses, repaired them, also trams and subway
cars. Today it has almost decayed, partially it's rented out, other rooms are simply abandoned.

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