4 Abandoned Assembly Line of Filtration Units

Abandoned Assembly Line of Filtration Units

Filter-ventilator unit is a necessary attribute of a civil defence shelter. The unit can function in two modes - in the mode of pure ventilation and ventilation with filtration. Its
main elements are oil filters and filter boxes. In this post you'll see remains of the filtration units assembly line and the laboratory where they tested filter boxes.
3 Wooden Houses From Inside

Wooden Houses From Inside

Tomsk is full of old wooden architecture. It is considered to be the pride of the city, part of
its heritage. On these photos you may see life inside of the architectural masterpieces...
8 Warship Caesar Kunikov

Warship Caesar Kunikov

We are in Sevastopol, the city where fleet has always been so significant. And this is a
big asault ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation "Caesar Kunikov".
4 Black Caviar Extraction in the Second Half of the XX Century

Black Caviar Extraction in the Second Half of the XX Century

Some interesting photos of how they extracted black caviar in the 1960s.
There was much more sturgeon back then. Look how it got on tables.
18 Moscow SWAT In the Caucasus

Moscow SWAT In the Caucasus

Recently news agencies told that a gunmen group was destroyed in Ingushetia. Two of the gunmen had suicide bomber belts on. Most of us know work of the Moscow riot police only by political meetings. Though dispersal of demonstrators is not their main task. And hardly you know that these people have been constantly going to the North Causasus for missions for more than 15 years. In the end of March another group of fighters came back from the North Caucasus. Their work is rarely covered by media, but they really risk their lives almost every day. It is thanks to them a lot of arms and explosives are withdrawn. We are publishing this post on the eve of the memorial day, April 7th, when fighters of the Moscow SWAT centre come to cemeteries where their
friends and colleagues are buried. These people stopped bandits and terrorists at the cost of their lives. The photos in the post are exclusive. They were taken by a Moscow SWAT group during special operations. These faces are not to be shown. Usually during an operation it's a sniper to photograph or shoot a video. Journalists are not allowed. This group is one of the most well-prepared, they have the best equipment and arms. In Moscow this group mainly assist the criminal investigation department in capture of armed criminals. Fighters of such groups always do sport being the elite of the special detachment. By the way the average salary of such an employee is only 40 000 rubles (1330 USD).
6 Happy Birthday to Russkiye Vityazi!

Happy Birthday to Russkiye Vityazi!

Yesterday was birthday of Russian pilots group "Russkiye Vityazy" ("Russian Knights"), they turned 21 years old. Bad
weather didn't prevent a festive event in Kubinka. Happy birthday to you, aces, living in the sky!
1 Light-Keeper Sidorov

Light-Keeper Sidorov

Lighthouse named after M. Shpamberg was built in 1938-43 on Southern Kuril Islands. Its height is 18m. The Japanese used to move along the island on horses, sometimes on foot, and rather seldom by
cars.  In winter the lighthouse could be reached only on skis. This lighthouse is almost the last Japanese construction remained on the island. The similar one is only in Sakhalin.
4 Some Hours In the Army Or How They Destruct Expired Ammunition

Some Hours In the Army Or How They Destruct Expired Ammunition

Bloggers visited a polygon where time-expired ammunition is destructed.
Have a look at some photos of Ashuluk polygon in the Astrakhan region.
3 Altai Felt Boots Production

Altai Felt Boots Production

This is one of the few felt boots manufactures in Altai. The
photos were taken for the Russian "National Geographic".
15 Soviet Aircrafts Riga Got After the USSR Collapse

Soviet Aircrafts Riga Got After the USSR Collapse

Near the airport of Riga there is a strange museum - only one person takes care of it - Victor
Talpa. It seems he likes this work and may tell many stories about the air exhibits.