13 If You Work In the Space-Rocket Sphere

If You Work In the Space-Rocket Sphere

Research Institute-4 or military unit 25840 is located 25 km from the Moscow Kremlin in Yubileiny, the Moscow region. Once here was a flight control centre from where they were watching the flights of the first Earth satellites and the flight of Yuri Gagarin. The flight control centre was moved not far, to Korolev, and in the 1960s the instituted started performing other tasks: mainly at requests of strategic rocket forces. In fact all the
city Yubileiny was built to provide the employees of this institute. In the 1990s it lost its status of "a close military city" and military men started to occupy empty laboratory buildings of the institute. Let's see how officers' families live. Journalists, bloggers, press office of RF Ministry of Defense do not come here and do not show how live those who work for the Russian space-rocket field.
8 On the Highest Peak of Russia

On the Highest Peak of Russia

Mercury Tower of the business centre Moscow City is the highest construction in Russia for now. The height from the ground to the
top of the crane boom tip is more than 380 m! Inside the post you'll see one of the last winter sunrises of Moscow.
8 To Win The Chinese In Production of Electronics

To Win The Chinese In Production of Electronics

Can Russian electronics compete with the Chinese one? At the market of safety systems it is reality - more than 90% of fire detection devices and controllers for them are produced in Russia. This segment is one of the few where appeared strong companies with their own
production, development, integration, distrubution and service. That is why we go to see how these safety systems are produced at the largest and the most famous in the coutry producer that functions at the secret space research institute in Korolev.
1 Railway Trip Across Russia In 1917-1918

Railway Trip Across Russia In 1917-1918

Old precious photographs from the railway journey of
James Maxwell Pringle to Russia in 1917-1918.
31 Russian Military Photo Selection

Russian Military Photo Selection

One guy has selected a nice collection of Russian military
photos he likes most. Why not share them with you?
17 Unique Photos of the Chernobyl Catastrophe

Unique Photos of the Chernobyl Catastrophe

These photos of the Chernobyl catastrophe have never been published before. They are
unique. The author of the photos can be called a hero, what do you think?
5 One Day of a Cardiosurgery Clinic

One Day of a Cardiosurgery Clinic

A photo story about patients, employees, favorite
job. About the surgery that helps people.
11 If You Have No House

If You Have No House

Last year in the Pskov region they held a conference where they discussed the matters of accomodation for orphan children. They set a task to provide them with suitable accomodation using the funds from the regional budget. The regional
officials were also advised to look in the eyes the children who leave children's homes and have no place to live in. Half a year has passed. Let us see now what accomodation is offered to orphan children by the government.
11 Retro Ivanovo

Retro Ivanovo

A set of retro photos of Ivanovo. How did its
people look? What did they do? Look yourself.
2 Kadom, Another Victim of Flooding

Kadom, Another Victim of Flooding

Water level in the river Moksha that has broken its banks is higher 8-9 m than normal. The dams made by the locals from sand are being actively washed away and the densely-populated village is being flooded on. The streets have turned into Russian Venice and it
even looks beautiful but the people have lost almost everything they had. The road connecting Kadom with the big world has disappeared for a distance 1 km long. These people do not believe anymore that someone will help them but themselves...

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