2 Amber And Tilt-Shift Moscow

Amber And Tilt-Shift Moscow

Some beautiful photos of tilt-shift Moscow from high and not very high
roofs and also views from the roofs of "Amber City" housing estate.
7 Practice Flights of Combat Helicopters In Chernigovka

Practice Flights of Combat Helicopters In Chernigovka

Last time we showed you the process of production of combat helicopters Ka-52 “Alligator” in Arsenyev.
Today we'll see their first practice flights over the airbase of Russian Air Force "Chernigovka".
23 Why We Love Russia

Why We Love Russia

Such things probably may be
seen only in Russia...
9 Spring 1918

Spring 1918

1918. By the end of April Vyborg was about to fall under the pressure of the Germans and White Finns. Red Finns were opposing with all their might. Thus, on 21st of April,
2012, on the Battery Mountain (Batareynaya Gora) there was held a reconstruction devoted to the last days of the city defence from the stronger enemies.
2 How To Make a Tiny Kitchen Knife

How To Make a Tiny Kitchen Knife

A kitchen knife may become
an end in any argument...
8 Hunting For Elks

Hunting For Elks

A story of one hunting for elks near
Kabanovo village, the Moscow region.
0 Shall We Serve It With Ice or Yakut Kingdom of Permafrost

Shall We Serve It With Ice or Yakut Kingdom of Permafrost

30 km from Yakutsk there is a mirror-world
with temperature -14C, a cool ice museum.
10 Caviar Eating Championship 2012

Caviar Eating Championship 2012

The first ever caviar eating championship was held in Moscow in April, 20th. Everyone who wished to take part in it came to a restaurnat "the Apartment". 12 persons were chosen to eat as much caviar as they could for three minutes. They didn't have to stop till they ate half a litre of the expensive food. Alexander Valov, 49, was
announced the winner of the competition - he ate half a litre of caviar for 1 minute 26 seconds and got 10 thousand rubles (330 USD) and ... caviar as a prize. Others took the remaining caviar home as a consolation prize. That evening the participants ate caviar for 2 million rubles! (66 600 USD).
3 On the Roof of Moskva Hotel

On the Roof of Moskva Hotel

When a building is under renovation it's quite easy to enter it. So the author of
the photos got onto the roof of "Moskva" hotel to take these pictures.
13 Kozino Vocational School That May Close Soon

Kozino Vocational School That May Close Soon

It's not so hard to enter a vocational technical school today. No entrance exams, it's enough to present documents and choose a profession you like. They get senior secondary education and thus teenagers who can't enter higher education institutions can get skills of a profession they like, find a job and have decent earnings. As part of modernization of educational system for the years 2011-2015 they
plan to open a polytechnic secondary school in Tatarsk, the Novosibirsk region. It will have to level up professional education in the region. But in Kozino village, the Ust-Tarksky district, where former vocational school #75 is located, they do not like the idea. They are afraid that students will go to Tatarsk to study and the vocational school will close soon.

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