25 Good Bye, Army!

Good Bye, Army!

Tough dischargees on a
long-awaited day.
3 Back to Alatyr, Russian Venice

Back to Alatyr, Russian Venice

Let us check out some more photos from flooded
Alatyr where almost 200 houses are sunken.

22 The Plant of the Russian Orthodox Church

The Plant of the Russian Orthodox Church

An artistic-production plant "Sofrino" is one of the largest production sites of the Russian Orthodox Church. Here they make everything: candles,
icons, books, innumerable quantity of church utensils. The entreprise is a secure facility so it's not easy to witness their work.
1 Abandoned Air Defense Missile System S-25

Abandoned Air Defense Missile System S-25

Not far from a military town there used to be a closed down SAM regiment. Its launch site was in another place
and here was a guidance locator and related supporting service. Let us see what's remained of it.

18 Only Stars Are Higher

Only Stars Are Higher

A Russian photographer Vadim Makhorov climbs incredible heights for an ideal shot. The results of such risky and exciting rising are always incredible. Do not set Vadim equal to
reckless youth who just try to get somewhere where they are forbidden to be. Vadim is a fan of photography in the finest sense. Some of his photos make you feel giddy.

5 Aboard the Most High-Speed Sailing Ship

Aboard the Most High-Speed Sailing Ship

You know it's the most high-speed sailing ship among the existing ones today. And not everyone
has a chance to come aboard. Here you can see what interesting the sailing ship has there.
15 May Holidays In Moscow 1958

May Holidays In Moscow 1958

Russia is having May holidays now. Let's
see how it used to be in 1958.
39 Life of Chechen Ladies

Life of Chechen Ladies

A photographer Diana Markosyan working in a Moscow agency in 2010 asked to be sent to Chechnya. Diana grew in Russia but studied in the USA, in 2010 she was only 20 years old but she was interested in the notorious region. The agency refused to send her there and she decided to go by herself. Grozny became her aim and later - her home. Many colleagues of Diana didn't want to go to Chechnya but she returned
there after the first trip. In November 2011 she came there to stay. According to Diana it's dangerous and risky to work and live in Chechnya, girls are often kidnapped. In her project Diana Markosyan tried to show life of girls living in Chechnya. "Coming here for a week is pretty much different from staying here forever". Let's see how it feels to be a Chechen girl.
10 Homeless Pavel

Homeless Pavel

Pavel lives in a Cheboksary grove. He didn't prevent visitors from
examination of his dwelling though had no desire to answer many questions...
13 The Childhood Dream Comes True

The Childhood Dream Comes True

Sometimes men decide to go back to their childhood by realizing their most wonderful boy's dreams no
matter how crazy they may be... It is so cool when your son has what you were just dreaming about...

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