4 Russian Diorama of Exploding Truck

Russian Diorama of Exploding Truck

A Russian guy has built a diorama of a Russian truck exploding on a mine or hit by an artillery shell during the famous Siege of Leningrad, when the huge Russian city was blocked by Nazis for years and people were starving, especially in winter, with no
heating, nothing. And the only way to get supplies in was by trucks travelling on the ice road through the local great lake. They were constantly bombed by fascists and this is a sample of that moment, an explosion caught by an artist.

3 Russian Arms Expo 2015 Continued

Russian Arms Expo 2015 Continued

IIlya continues to explore the Russian arms 2015 expo in Nizhny Tagil and posts more photos of what is being offered for sale or is on display. Previously he posted tanks and
other large scale armaments that were displayed and he has now moved on to indoor expositions. If you like such kinds of reports you might want to view this one too!

2 Kazan Helicopter Factory

Kazan Helicopter Factory

Just a few photos from the Kazan helicopter factory. Russian blogger Mik25 has visited the place and shared what he saw. Just some rough uncut
pieces of Mi-8 bodies being made. We have probably had some reports on this place before, but thanks to MIK here are a few more photos!

0 Russian City Voronezh in 1980s

Russian City Voronezh in 1980s

A few photos of the Russian city of Voronezh in the early 1980s. It's churches mainly. Looks like many objects were in a state of despair, though the whole feel which I get
from the photos is like the empire is still alive and people are not aware of what is going to come in the next ten or so years. Pretty much atmospheric photos!

5 Russian Newest Jet T-50 or PAK FA

Russian Newest Jet T-50 or PAK FA

This Russian jet is the newest and most advanced jet Russian engineers have ever produced. There are not too many photos of it on the Internet yet, due to previous security and secrecy and also because not many of them have
been produced. But since it was recently participating in the MAKS-2015 air show new photo sets have started appearing. Like this one from Sergei. Thanks to him we can see this marvellous bird in more detail.

12 Jewish People Coming to Ukraine to Celebrate New Year

Jewish People Coming to Ukraine to Celebrate New Year

In some branch of the Jewish religion there is a tradition to come to the Ukrainian town of Uman to celebrate the New Year. So each year tens of thousands of the believers arrive. They probably even did it during Soviet times, when the
borders were locked, but now, when Ukraine is a separate state and there are no limits on travel, each year more and more people come to celebrate. One of our favorite bloggers, Ilya, has travelled there and taken some photos!

9 Forgotten Town of Gudym

Forgotten Town of Gudym

Gudym is a lost town on Chukotka Russia. Chukotka is a peninsula close to Alaska, just 90 km across the Bering straight from the USA. There are not many points of interest on Chukotka, says Evgenij, the photographer, and many people come to Chukotka to see
the abandoned Soviet town of Gudym. There are already multiple urban legends about the town and its vast underground buildings.  Russian people often get the feeling of loss of greatness of Soviet Times. Let's see what Gudym is all about.
0 Soviet Cats in Zero Gravity

Soviet Cats in Zero Gravity

According to this video, Soviet researchers were very fond of using cats in their experiments before sending people into space.
The documentary video footage shows lab cats in zero gravity during their research in the 1960s or even in the 1950s.

19 Russian 84 year old actor Married 24 year old girl

Russian 84 year old actor Married 24 year old girl

Eighty year old Russian actor, Ivan Krasko, recently married a twenty four year old girl in St. Petersburg. The girl, Natasha, used to be his student. It's the fourth marriage for Ivan and
the first for Natasha. They hired a cabrio to ride around the city after the marriage and then went to Ivan's villa. Inside are some more photos including their lovely kiss.

6 Ukraine American Military Drill September 2015

Ukraine American Military Drill September 2015

These days in Ukraine they say there is a military drill taking place. It's a joint forces drill of the Ukraine and American
armies, conducted according to NATO standards. Ships, tanks, HUMVEEs etc are there. Take a look, it's a short posting.

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