6 Soviet food advertising

Soviet food advertising

  I suggest you to move to the times when advertising was not as tricky and annoying as it is today – the times when there was no such thing as a "target audience" and the key message
was worded simply and clearly: "Demand it everywhere!" Find below the exhibits of the Jurassic period marketing from the Rybinsk Museum of Soviet food advertising...

1 Space shield of Crimea

Space shield of Crimea

  There is a unique place a couple of dozen kilometers away from Yevpatoria, the huge antennas of which can be seen from afar. It was built in USSR and
now the 40-th separate command and measuring complex as part of the Titov Main Test and Space Centre of the Aerospace Forces is located here.

1 How well is the MiG-31 Fighter Interceptor Armed? Lets See on this Fresh 2016 Example

How well is the MiG-31 Fighter Interceptor Armed? Lets See on this Fresh 2016 Example

During air festival "Wings of Parma, 2016" it was possible to look at the missile-gun armament of the
fighter-interceptor MiG-31. Let's see inside what sort of weapons does it carry and how bad they are.

3 Soviet Vintage Home Bike

Soviet Vintage Home Bike

That's an example of Soviet home engineering. When the large plants specializing on some other products decide to do something good for the normal Soviet citizens. This
bike has the odometer of a real Soviet motorbike. The price was 170 rub which exceeded average salary and if use Soviet exchange rate was over $200 at time.

0 Vintage Photos of “Rooks Nest”

Vintage Photos of “Rooks Nest”

  Attack aircraft SU-25 of the 452th Assault Aviation Regiment;
Chortkov airfield; ~ 1987-1992. Last days of Soviet Super Power.

2 Barbers from Kirov Cut Hair for Homeless Men for Free. Each Person Told Us His Own Story

Barbers from Kirov Cut Hair for Homeless Men for Free. Each Person Told Us His Own Story

The owner of the Kirov male hairdresser Eugene Bukharin and his workers visited the Center of assistance to persons without permanent residence to make them trendy hairstyles. Barbers had a small talk with the men and brought their hair and beard in proper form. "The idea to cut vagrants came after reading the material on how the European Barber once a week went to the streets and cut homeless We
liked this idea very much because it is easy for us, and people who find themselves in a difficult situation need support and human participation. Hopefully, with our help, beggars seeing themselves new and neat will want to change everythinhg and start life with a clean slate. Our plan is to make trendy haircuts for boys from the orphanage," said Eugene Bukharin.

0 Tornado in the Vitebsk region of Belarus

Tornado in the Vitebsk region of Belarus

Yesterday, July 11, the residents of Vitebsk region of Belarus witnessed an unusual natural phenomenon for the region – a tornado. After heavy hailstrom, the clouds were very low and formed a vortex that swept away everything in its path. The tornado ripped the
roofs off 20 houses and 3 farms, knocked down two cranes, left 8 settlements without power and made many other smaller "dirty tricks." 120 EMERCOM officers and 2 brigades of electricians were sent to eliminate the effects of the forces of nature.

6 Abkhazia. Mysterious country

Abkhazia. Mysterious country

Many countries recognize Abkhazia only partially. It is when there is a border, and the area where people live, there is the government and the police. But there are no maps on the navigator. Even the "Russian" maps. navigator sees Abkhazia on the map of
Georgia. So it turns out that the country is there, but it is not. But I can see mountains, countless cops under each bush (a bush is full of growing tangerines) and convincing me that no one can objectively see, touch, and taste  will not work.

6 Donetsk. The ruined Airport

Donetsk. The ruined Airport

Here is the place in Donetsk  where only the war remains. It is a ruined Donetsk Airport. A traveller went there and see his pictures and words about this place: I must say right away that though we aren't hippies, there were five of us who went to the airport. Three of us were Russian
citizens, and two of us were the citizens of the NATO countries - Poland and Latvia; two of us (myself and the Pole) had accreditations of "civilian" journalists without the right to visit the combat zone, and only one person from our team was not a guest in the DPR.

0 Attack on the US Embassy in Moscow in 1958

Attack on the US Embassy in Moscow in 1958

People protest by the walls of the US Embassy in Moscow in July 1958 They were talking about American invasion of Lebanon. Lebanon was living through a civil war. It was an echo of the Suez crisis and Egypt, hostile to Lebanon. There was a rather complicated political structure in
Lebanon, when the country's president was a Christian focused at the West, and the prime minister was a Muslim focused at solidarity to Arab countries. It resulted in the beginning of a civil war in Lebanon, and Lebanese President asked the US for help.