0 Wonderful Attractions of Kamchatka

Wonderful Attractions of Kamchatka

Igor Shpilenok, whose photographs have often been published on our website, has presented his project "The Kamchatka, I love". It is full of beautiful images taken in the Kronotsky nature reserve, in the Valley of Geysers, at the caldera of Uzon
volcano, in the tundra and at the Kurilsk lake. Making such photos is a hard job that involves a continuous struggle with adverse weather conditions, photo equipment failures and the danger to be eaten by wild animals...

1 Liberation of Odessa

Liberation of Odessa

On April 10, 1944 in the result of the Odessa operation executed from March 26 to April 14, 1944, the Ukrainian troops under the lead of general R. Malinovskiy
liberated the city of Odessa from the nazi occupation. Its a significant holiday for all Odessa citizens, especially at such a difficult time for all Ukraine.

4 Life In The Moldavian Countryside

Life In The Moldavian Countryside

This post is about life in the Moldavian countryside, about ordinary villagers who work hard to the benefit of the country's economy. Blogger 3boi has visited some of them and found that the people are thinking of upcoming elections in autumn 2015, they actually have a choice, to be with Europe or with Russia. Young people mostly tend to look west, older ones tend to
support pro-Russian politics. In fact the results of the elections are already known, but it's hard to say how they will change the life of these villagers. Perhaps, no matter what, they still will be hospitable and cheerful. They cook tasty food and drink wine instead of water, it's a part of their culture, it's going to remain unchanged.

1 Peter And Paul Cathedral In Kazan

Peter And Paul Cathedral In Kazan

Blogger mihael-uwoo visited the Peter and Paul Cathedral of Kazan and shared his interesting images. The Orthodox Cathedral is built in the style of
Russian baroque that was rather popular in the epoch of Peter the Great. As you can see it has unusual windows and beautifully decorated facades.

0 Vorkuta: the Notorious Exile Destination

Vorkuta: the Notorious Exile Destination

It's an abandoned area of Vorkuta called Rudnik ("Mine"). The city itself started to grow from this very place. Rudnik settlement, founded in 1931, and Vorkuta are divided by a river, on its left bank is a
monument to everyone who served their sentence for nothing. In fact "Vorkuta" became a common noun In Russia to refer a place of exile and hard labor, including the one of the Stalin's epoch.

5 Sevastopol In the Years of the Crimean War

Sevastopol In the Years of the Crimean War

Here is a big collection of images depicting Sevastopol in the times of the Crimean War (1853—1856). Some panoramas, military portraits, forts,
city ruins, ships and more. In fact they are the oldest pictures portraying Russia in war. The images are taken from the blog of humus.

1 Moscow 1931 on the Photographs of Branson DeCou

Moscow 1931 on the Photographs of Branson DeCou

These images of Branson DeCou are still unpainted and perhaps being black and white they look better. On the pictures you can
see Moscow in 1931 - old transport, streets and people. It would be cool to spend a day in that forgotten Moscow...

3 Guy Makes Military Equipment From Paper

Guy Makes Military Equipment From Paper

Alexey Ryzhov from Togliatti, Russia, makes military vehicles from paper. It's a very laborious work so it took a year to make two ships in
scale 1:200 - "Peter the Great" and "Deyatelniy" ("Active"). Here you may see the ships in detail, tanks and a steam engine.

2 Moscow Thirty Years Ago

Moscow Thirty Years Ago

These interesting images of Moscow were made by an amature photographer from the Netherlands - his name is Aad van der Drift. There is
something cool about non-professional photos of Moscow that remained in the past. Many Russians still remember that city...

3 Beautiful Crimea

Beautiful Crimea

Crimea is truly a beautiful place that attracts many photographers who like to make photos of nature. Blogger anton-petrus is one
of them, his favourite Crimean places are Ai-Petri mountain and Laspi bay. Some of his works are presented in this post.

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