2 Following the Traces of Snow Leopards

Following the Traces of Snow Leopards

Snow leopard is a large predator from the cat family that is rather shy towards people, it may attack a man only in rare situations.
People, on the contrary, are not shy to break the law and kill these animals and use their fur for making carpets and coats.

3 The Nuclear Arsenal of Chukotka

The Nuclear Arsenal of Chukotka

This unique installation is situated in cold Chukotka of Russia, it was built in the time of confrontation of two strong nations. It is a kilometer long self-contained underground structure cut in the rocks. The
facility has a lot of branches provided with full nuclear protection. The object was created for storage and maintenance of nuclear weapons. Blogger underspace has been to the place and shared these images.

2 Photographing Aircraft In the Sheremetyevo Airport of Moscow

Photographing Aircraft In the Sheremetyevo Airport of Moscow

Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow has a round pavilion called "Ryumka" ("wineglass") by people. Some bloggers were invited
to come up to the roof of the structure for taking beautiful shots. These ones were made by fotografersha.

2 Just a Remote Russian Winter Road

Just a Remote Russian Winter Road

These images were taken in the remote region of Russia, on the road Yakutsk-Magadan which is also called the Kolyma road (Kolyma used to be the place of Gulag location). The road is said to be built on human
bones, it was made by hands of Gulag prisoners. Time has changed but the road still requires sacrifice. Blogger karpukhins has made a winter trip along the road and showed us how the it looks today.

0 Instagram Pictures of Baikonur Cosmodrome

Instagram Pictures of Baikonur Cosmodrome

Baikonur is the first and the largest cosmodrome created in the 1950s as a scientific-research ground for testing ballistic missiles in Kazakhstan. Russia is paying the rent to the country amounting to annual 115 million dollars, 23 million dollars
more is spent to maintain cosmodrome objects in a functional condition. Blogger TJ has collected cool Instagram images from Baikonur - from the priest taking a selfie on top of the rocket to the rocket-shaped garbage can.

1 Novosibirsk Then And Now

Novosibirsk Then And Now

Just yesterday we showed you how Russian cities have changed compared to what they were seventy years ago.Today we want to focus only
on Novosibirsk. Blogger gelio has shared a nice set of then and now pictures of the city which is a bit older than 100.

1 Russian Extreme Postal Delivery

Russian Extreme Postal Delivery

Blogger and traveller Dmitry Chistoprudov spent some time with the workers of the Russian postal service, visited the northernmost settlement in Yakutia, travelled on the thick ice of the Lena river,
ate the most delicious arctic dinner in his life and got many impressions in general. Here you can see Dmitry's pictures and check out how they deliver mail to the far north of Russia.

1 Deadly Fires In Khakassia, Russia

Deadly Fires In Khakassia, Russia

On April 12 an emergency situation was announced in the Republic of Khakassia. Dry grass burning resulted in multiple fires in approximately thirty settlements of the republic. Extinguishing was hindered by strong wind and continuous temperature differential. More than 600 people were
injured in the fires, fifteen died. The residential sector has been seriously damaged. The population lost about 1300 houses, 4000 head of cattle. The fire was being extinguished by 1300 people, 230 vehicles including aircraft. Five criminal cases have been opened.

9 A Piece of Italy in the Russian Province

A Piece of Italy in the Russian Province

Pavlischev Bor is a village located fifty kilometers from Kaluga, Russia. It's the home for an interesting mansion built in the end of the eighteenth century. Bloggerser-rubtsov has visited the place and taken these pictures. The ensemble had existed until 1917
when the main structure was damaged by the fire. It was replaced by a brick house that gave the mansion a new look. The complex belonged to an engineer Vasiliy Yaroshenko who designed it himself being inspired by an Italian house of his brother.

0 Once It Was a Bread Baking Plant

Once It Was a Bread Baking Plant

The bread-baking plant of Zotov is considered to be a unique architectural monument, it was promised to be restored but hardly it will ever happen... Some people even rumor they plan to
build a new residential complex in its place. The building of the plant was finished in 1932, according to the same project eleven plants more have been built in the USSR.

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