1 Awesome Photos of Moscow Above and Below the Clouds

Awesome Photos of Moscow Above and Below the Clouds

Such weather you have only a few times a year when after the extreme cold a warm air arrives from South.  At this moment magic happens but you can't see it from the
ground, you need to get bit higher to see all this, for example like this photographer did, you can climb an Ostankinskaia television tower. See awesome photos!
Яковлев Андрей Алексеевич  (Россия, 1934-2012) «Быть в тайге городам» 1985
1 Visual Arts of the USSR. ” Old Road motive …”

Visual Arts of the USSR. ” Old Road motive …”

Yakovlev Andrey (Russia, 1934-2012)
"There will be cities in Taiga" 1985

3 Space Museum Part 2.

Space Museum Part 2.

We continue the tour. Today, we’ll l watch the story of space that I saw personally and remember how it was. We start of course
from the station "Mir". Layout of "Mir" station. In addition to this layout there is a layout in 1:1 scale...

6 In The Valleys of Death: The Top 5 Russian Ghost Towns

In The Valleys of Death: The Top 5 Russian Ghost Towns

In the 1930s in the Soviet Union an active development of natural resources of the north began. Among the gray snow of tundra and walking reindeer coal, tin, gold, nickel, oil and molybdenum were extracted from the earth. A little later, the military joined a bearded geologists and miners: these little adapted areas were suitable for defense from attacks of probable enemy. After the collapse of the Soviet Union a lot of northern businesses and a significant number of military bases became unnecessary for the government. Along with the slaughters, shops and airfields towns in which their employees lived became abandoned. Iultin, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug In the mid-1930 s industrialization came to the Land of the Soviets. In different parts of the state at the same time they were built hundreds of large industrial enterprises. Most of the new industrial giants needed relevant raw material base – there weren’t enough of
old resources found in the times of the Russian Empire, and many valuable minerals were not mined. Meanwhile, in the face of the deteriorating of international relations, when everything showed the coming of world war, development of new deposits becomes a matter of strategic importance. In search of the desired "Klondike" by party and Comrade Stalin personally geologists climbed into the most inaccessible places. In 1937, in the north-west of Chukotka they found large reserves of tin, molybdenum, tungsten, lead. The nearby Mountain is called Iultin, the deposit and the village near it had the same name. Construction was made by prisoners, and the scale of development was such that, in addition to the settlement of miners, at the same time on the shore of the Bering Sea was built port for export production and a 200-kilometer road between them.

5 Crimea. Military Unit X. Balaklava. Secret Object 825 GTS.

Crimea. Military Unit X. Balaklava. Secret Object 825 GTS.

Turn came to Balaklava, it is a village in the outskirts of Sevastopol on the shore of the picturesque bay of the same name. For a long time this town wasn’t on the maps of the Crimea, and all because of the fact that secret facility under the code "825 GTK" was here. We’ll talk about it. Object 825 GTS – it is a complex of underground structures for shelter and repair of submarines. In Soviet times there was a possibility to combine the seemingly incompatible, underground complexes and submarines. For
reading and understanding convenience, I will place a scheme of this object; a red dotted line is a tour route. In 1954 this secret project was developed, and in 1961 the building was completed. The length of internal navigable canal was 600 meters, and inside there is a 100 meter dry dock for repair of small and medium diesel submarines. Also, the complex includes all the necessary operating and support units required for the repair and maintenance of autonomous submarines.

2 About Real All-Terrain Vehicles in Chukotka.

About Real All-Terrain Vehicles in Chukotka.

Hello, I’ll tell you not about Gelenvagen, but about the real hard workers who have to carry geologists across the expanses of Chukotka, where there is no civilization,
and about my personal experiences and the all-terrain vehicles that I worked with. So from simple to difficult. UAZik. Here without comments, all is clear.



Every year, the famous Chernobyl ghost town merges more and more with the surrounding terrain. Nature relentlessly recaptures it metre by metre. But time has no power over the Soviet mining town of Pyramid, located on the Arctic Shpicbergen archipelago. People left it almost 20 years ago and the cold preserves it from vegetation. The settlement was established in 1910 by the Swedes who received permission for coal
mining on the archipelago. It got its name from the nearest mountain. 17 years later, the mine was bought by "Arcticugol" trust, and the village became Soviet. 1300 kilometers from the North Pole were built houses, a school, theater, library, cultural center, two cemeteries (one for people and one for cats) and sports complex with the most northerly heated swimming pool in the world.

13 Moscow Decorated for Christmas and New Year

Moscow Decorated for Christmas and New Year

Moscow is finally decorated for the New Year. I can say that it is really cool this year! I can not think of another city in the world that has been so stylish and decorated for the holiday. Compared with last year, it has become more modern and more laconic. Previously, many of the streets were literally inundated with various light installations, and it was too much, and even these ridiculous
houses, which didn’t always stylistically fit in with the overall design. This year Moscow is gorgeous! There is almost nothing to complain about! Yesterday I walked for three hours and had a great time!   As in the past, the main idea of ​​the design was to make a lot of light steel arches with patterns. Here is the arch in the entry to the Kamergersky.

1 Beautiful Russia bird’s-eye view (38 photos)

Beautiful Russia bird’s-eye view (38 photos)

Furthermore, we offer you to look at the photos, which were taken by photographer Sergey Fomin. Over the last 13 years, he takes great pictures bird's-eye view. Sergey flies over various regions of our country, to get unique photos. The best works were
included in a new book, "Flight over Russia", which was published this month. The acid lake in the crater of the volcano Small Semyachik. Kamchatka Peninsula River Amgun. Area named in honor of Polina Osipenko. Khabarovsk region

1 Experimental Soviet Tank Carrier

Experimental Soviet Tank Carrier

Experimental tractor MAZ / KZKT-545 In the late 60's there was a need to create a wheeled tractor to replace the old MAZ-537 tractor. There were strict
requirements from the USSR Ministry of Defense for the characteristics of the tractor, in particular for the capacity and security of cabins.

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