2 Unexpectedly Beautiful Command Post

Unexpectedly Beautiful Command Post

Russian blogger armahema took interesting images of an abandoned command post consisting of two modules - each of them is located
deeply in a shaft whose size is 35 x 60 m.  Some places turn out to be beautiful even when we don't expect it at all...

5 Northern Sea Route: Way Back Home

Northern Sea Route: Way Back Home

Another sailing is over and the huge grey vessel comes to the native berth after
endless polar nights and numerous rescues of ships from the jaws of the arctic ice...

6 One Day of a Russian Polar Explorer

One Day of a Russian Polar Explorer

We've just had a post about awesome icebreakers sailing to the farthest places of our planet and right now we are going to visit one them. A Russian polar explorer Alexey, 39,
tells about his ordinary working day at the cold pole of the Earth, the Russian Antarctic station "Vostok". You are invited to spend his January 31, 2014 with him.

2 Chinese Air Force in Lipetsk Russia

Chinese Air Force in Lipetsk Russia

Three SU-30MKK war planes of the Chinese air force have arrived in Lipetsk, Russia. It is not often that an airplane of the army of the another state is a guest in Russia, and it is even more rare to see jets from China. So here is the story and photos. By the way, those SU-30MKK are Russian SU planes that were specially designed for the
needs of the Chinese air force in the early 2000s.  They are very similar to the SU-30MK planes that were designed for and sold to the Indian air force, but still there are some differences. The Russian prototypes used to design those planes were called SU-27. Sergey has taken some photos of those and has a story.

5 Trip to a Traditional Cloths and Fabric Making

Trip to a Traditional Cloths and Fabric Making

In the small village on the bank of the river there is still a factory which continues the tradition of old craftsmanship. Well, there is no real continuity as in 1927 it was converted into a communist owned factory with appointed managers,
however the methods they use today are very reminiscent of the ones they used years ago. They even used the old machinery from long ago. And here Dmitriy is taking a tour around and we can see the photos thanks to his effort:

3 On The Roads of North Ossetia

On The Roads of North Ossetia

Traveling in North Ossetia is rather enjoyable mainly because of breathtaking views all around. We are
going to join the blogger who calls himself "zavodfoto" to travel along the roads of the region.

4 Winter in the Mountains

Winter in the Mountains

Enjoy wonderful landscapes from the mountainous regions of Dagestan. The pictures
were taken in January, when the mountains were covered with snow and sunlit.

14 What Has Happened To My Hometown?

What Has Happened To My Hometown?

It must be really awful to see the place where you grew up and lived, in this sort of condition... Very sad
pictures of a town located some twelve kilometers away from Ukrainian Donetsk are inside the post.

7 Blind Shells of Donbass

Blind Shells of Donbass

Judging by numerous photos on social networks, the territory of Donbass, Ukraine, is awash with blind shells
today. Fortunately, they have not exploded yet but there is another acute problem - how to utilize them..

5 Look, They Have Caught a Piranha!

Look, They Have Caught a Piranha!

In Gomel, Belarus, one fisherman caught a real piranha in a local lake. A foam plastic ball was used as bait. It was a big surprise but a woman complained that she had been bitten in the lake by something...
Ichthyologists say the fish looks like a brown pacu from the piranha family. Its length may reach a meter and more, the fish has big strong teeth that resemble human ones, it eats plants and shell-fish.

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