0 Wonderful Attractions of Kamchatka

Wonderful Attractions of Kamchatka

Igor Shpilenok, whose photographs have often been published on our website, has presented his project "The Kamchatka, I love". It is full of beautiful images taken in the Kronotsky nature reserve, in the Valley of Geysers, at the caldera of Uzon
volcano, in the tundra and at the Kurilsk lake. Making such photos is a hard job that involves a continuous struggle with adverse weather conditions, photo equipment failures and the danger to be eaten by wild animals...

3 Beautiful Crimea

Beautiful Crimea

Crimea is truly a beautiful place that attracts many photographers who like to make photos of nature. Blogger anton-petrus is one
of them, his favourite Crimean places are Ai-Petri mountain and Laspi bay. Some of his works are presented in this post.

3 On Duty With Patrol Guards

On Duty With Patrol Guards

Several bloggers were invited to join Moscow patrol guards and private security agents at work on the night from January 30th-31st. The place of
duty was Yuzhnoye Butovo district whose population is 250 thousand people. We will join e-strannik blogger and see how it was going...

1 Underground Laboratory of Nuclear Research

Underground Laboratory of Nuclear Research

Abkhazia is not only the country with beautiful mountainous landscapes, endless beaches and classic architecture but also military research institutes including those for nuclear purposes. This post is about one of them. It was built in the mid 80s on
the territory of object "A" but never was finished due to the postwar crisis. Today the underground laboratory consisting of two big tunneled blocks is abandoned. Blogger samnamos visited the place to take some interesting images.

1 One Day At Near Polar Ural: Helicopter Flight For Fishing

One Day At Near Polar Ural: Helicopter Flight For Fishing

Here is one day from the life of Usik Markosyan who lives in a village Saranpaul of the Khanty-Mansiysk region, a beautiful and interesting polar place. Usik tried to attract tourists there
many years ago but didn't succeed much. However he learned many things about the place and found a lot of friends. Well, let's go back to June 15, 2014 to spend it with Usik.

5 Upgraded Center of the Russian Pentagon

Upgraded Center of the Russian Pentagon

Here is a new cool place built in Moscow for public events of the Russian Pentagon or the National Defence
Control Center. What you see is actually a covered yard, it looks rather impressive once you are there.
4 Space is Near

Space is Near

Ladies and gentlemen, please let me to remind you during these Easter weekend that space is really much closer to us
than we often realize. Especially in Russia. Inside there is a full set - click on the images to see full size.

2 I See an Aircraft Out of My Window

I See an Aircraft Out of My Window

They have done their job in the sky and could simply be destroyed as were many others, but these aircraft were lucky enough to become
city decorations. They are used as monuments in residential areas and people like to know that each craft has its own story.

7 Russian Scouts Practice Their Skills

Russian Scouts Practice Their Skills

Blogger smitsmitty, whose reports from the Russian Far East we are always happy to see, shares another military photo story from Sergeevka. This time you
will see how the Russian military intelligence learns combat skills and how to  survive. The winter drill was organized for 500 soldiers.

0 Red Deer From Altai Have A Long 8 Day Trip

Red Deer From Altai Have A Long 8 Day Trip

Just yesterday the Novonikolsk stud farm received 170 head of red deer from Gorny Altai. The animals shipped to the farm in the cattle trucks for eight days. But each of them is
safe and sound. Experts expect the deer to aid in the production of antlers based medicines and extracts. The photo report is presented by blogger smitsmitty.

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