1 Adorable Seal Cub Met By a Lucky Photographer

Adorable Seal Cub Met By a Lucky Photographer

It's not difficult to see an adult seal in Baikal, Russia. This land is full of seals. But to see a seal cub is very lucky!  Usually they are very timid, do not like people to be
around. But blogger alexphotograph has managed not only to come close but to take these adorable images as well. And please do not worry, everything is okay with the baby!

1 The Unique Volcano of Sakhalin

The Unique Volcano of Sakhalin

In the photo above you see the caldera of Golovnin volcano located in Sakhalin, Russia. In fact it was an ordinary volcano that had been sleeping and erupting until its central part vanished under the ground as if it never existed. A big pit
surrounded by high walls appeared in that place instead. A new volcano (small one) is growing in its center. It actually looks like a lake but there is a volcanic activity inside that may result in a new eruption quite unexpectedly.

2 Following the Traces of Snow Leopards

Following the Traces of Snow Leopards

Snow leopard is a large predator from the cat family that is rather shy towards people, it may attack a man only in rare situations.
People, on the contrary, are not shy to break the law and kill these animals and use their fur for making carpets and coats.

2 Just a Remote Russian Winter Road

Just a Remote Russian Winter Road

These images were taken in the remote region of Russia, on the road Yakutsk-Magadan which is also called the Kolyma road (Kolyma used to be the place of Gulag location). The road is said to be built on human
bones, it was made by hands of Gulag prisoners. Time has changed but the road still requires sacrifice. Blogger karpukhins has made a winter trip along the road and showed us how the it looks today.

1 Novosibirsk Then And Now

Novosibirsk Then And Now

Just yesterday we showed you how Russian cities have changed compared to what they were seventy years ago.Today we want to focus only
on Novosibirsk. Blogger gelio has shared a nice set of then and now pictures of the city which is a bit older than 100.

1 Russian Extreme Postal Delivery

Russian Extreme Postal Delivery

Blogger and traveller Dmitry Chistoprudov spent some time with the workers of the Russian postal service, visited the northernmost settlement in Yakutia, travelled on the thick ice of the Lena river,
ate the most delicious arctic dinner in his life and got many impressions in general. Here you can see Dmitry's pictures and check out how they deliver mail to the far north of Russia.

3 The Southernmost Valley of Kirghizia

The Southernmost Valley of Kirghizia

Alay valley is not the end of the world, it's just the southernmost place of Kirghizia. Further on lies the desert   It stretches for hundreds or maybe even thousands of kilometers up to the Arabian Sea. Compared to
that desert Kirghizia is a blooming garden. Quite surprising that Kyrgyz people live on both sides of the deserted land. Blogger Vladimir Trofimov has visited the valley and shared these pictures.

6 Another Drill of a Russian Air Assault Brigade

Another Drill of a Russian Air Assault Brigade

Another interesting photo report from blogger smitsmitty: soldiers and officers of an air assault unit had extensive exercises in the Primorye
Territory in the end of March. More than 300 parachutists landed from Il-76 aircraft, took up their positions and prepared for fighting.

1 The Nature Park of Ergaki

The Nature Park of Ergaki

These are some beautiful images of Ergaki - a mountain range in the Western Sayan Mountains - we have taken them from blogger deingel. A
trip to the nature park of Ergaki may leave you breathless and give you a lot of wonderful pictures and unforgettable impressions.

2 Tactical Exercises of an Air Assault Unit

Tactical Exercises of an Air Assault Unit

Blogger smitsmitty has made cool photos of tactical exercises of an air assalt unit in Primorye, Russia. The trainees were
practising parachuting, landing on railway transport, on a big craft, on an unimproved shore for the bridgehead capture.

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