12 Night Visit of Chupacabra

Night Visit of Chupacabra

One man came to feed his rabbits in the morning as usual. What he saw simply shocked him. Most of the rabbits were dead. The cage doors were broken. The night guest was probably rather smart. The rabbits were smothered and  just scattered around. Two of them were bitten in their heads and their blood
was sucked. The animal that has been there was rather careful and quiet, the gates were almost undamaged. The man had two dogs but they didn't bark as if they were hypnotised or scared to death. The animal left traces similar to dog's ones. Out of 93 rabbits 73 were killed.

47 Moscow Spaceship House For Naomi Campbell

Moscow Spaceship House For Naomi Campbell

You may probably know that one of the most famous top models Naomi Campbell is dating a Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin. And she surely deserves the
best gifts. One of them has been recently built in Barvikha of the Moscow region. The designer of the house is a famous architect Zaha Hadid.

22 Comfort Town In Kiev

Comfort Town In Kiev

A new apartment complex "Comfort Town" was built in Kiev, Ukraine. The housing is of an economy class, the total area of the
complex is almost twenty eight hectares. However it doesn't look Ukrainian at all. You tell us what country it resembles.

4 Ants At Home, Part II

Ants At Home, Part II

Last year we showed you how one guy built a place for his ants to live in. This year he realized that the family
has grown too much and needs another apartment. Attention: better don't read this post while eating.

6 One Flight Over the Big Russian City

One Flight Over the Big Russian City

Yekaterinburg is a bright city where comparatively ambitious construction projects are being realized. It became the first Russian provincial city where appeared buildings higher than 50 storeys. The capital
of Ural is a large financial and industrial centre, it is the fourth Russian city according to the number of its population. Right now we are going to have an air tour over Yekaterinburg.

3 Cities Are Always Better To See From Above

Cities Are Always Better To See From Above

This is a collection of photos taken during the flight over Kazan, Tatarstan, on a sunny summer day. It is an amazing city: historic buildings stand near modern
skyscrapers. Kazan continues to get ready for the Universiade which is going to be held there in 2013: there are a lot of construction sites here and there.
3 The Milky Fog Over Kiev

The Milky Fog Over Kiev

We are asleep such an enormous part of our life! It's a pity because we must be missing
something worth seeing. Like this morning fog that recently covered the city of Kiev, Ukraine.
0 Flying Around the Ukrainian Capital

Flying Around the Ukrainian Capital

Today we are going to the Nalivaikivka airfield which is located 50 km (30 miles) from Kiev to have an air
tour over the Ukrainian capital and see how it looks like in the colors of the golden fall from above.

8 What I See From An Airplane Window

What I See From An Airplane Window

We often plan vacations, choose countries where to go. We take cameras with us and usually start using them only upon arrival. And in vain. Because in such a way we risk to miss the most
interesting shots, breathtaking views that can be photographed from a plane. One Russian photographer always has his cam with him when he flies. Here are some of his shots.
10 Dish of the Fall: Stuffed Peppers

Dish of the Fall: Stuffed Peppers

Fall is generous time giving us plenty of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers etc. It's the time when cooking from vegetables becomes tasty and cheap. So we are about to stuff some peppers and cook them with two
types of sauce. The first, made from tomatoes and other vegetables, will be used for stewing, the second, spicy one with concasse tomatoes, is going to be served with the ready dish as a garnish.

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