1 In the Camp of Rescuers

In the Camp of Rescuers

The Tomsk region is having a harsh flood season now so its people need help from outside. The other day the camp of rescuers was set up there - 100 people and 27 vehicles including floating crafts. The mobile camp is located on the dry site in Anikino village with a good
vehicle access. They have everything they need there for comfortable and efficient work. When no emergency situations happen they practice their skills of working with life-saving and survival equipment until their actions become second nature.

5 Houses Built in the Moscow Area

Houses Built in the Moscow Area

While taking pictures of the Victory parade rehearsal blogger zyalt (Ilya Varlamov) photographed the territory around Moscow to show what houses
are rapidly emerging there, standing too close one to another. They look rather expensive, but we cannot say who they belong to...

1 Snipers On the Kremlin Roofs

Snipers On the Kremlin Roofs

On May 9, during the Victory Day parade, many important persons were in the center of Moscow, leaders of other states and Russian president as well. So they had to provide perfect protection to
make those people feel comfortable. Attentive visitors of the parade could notice many snipers on the Kremlin roofs, who, in their turn, could notice everyone from above too.

2 Getting Under the Ice of Baikal at -20C

Getting Under the Ice of Baikal at -20C

Photographer Andrey Nekrasov, 42, has made a long trip from his native Odessa, Ukraine thru Ulan-Ude to Baikal to dive under the ice of the world deepest lake at ambient temperature -20C. These images were photographed
on April 27, 2015 on Baikal lake that has five times more water than the five Great Lakes of North America all together do. Andrey managed to get into the cubic ice cave and take amazing photos there.
3 Husky Dogs: True Friends And Avid Travellers

Husky Dogs: True Friends And Avid Travellers

A Husky is a very photogenic dog, it looks perfect almost on any background. This is why Vladimir Polyanskiy, the happy owner of three husky dogs from Kirovsk, Russia, likes to photograph them so much. Vladimir has a cross-country vehicle and often goes to beautiful places together with his pets named Alaska, Metel and Shasta. Usually he is accompanied by other husky owners. Vladimir says that husky is
the only breed of dogs that may travel up to 500 km every weekend to see something new. They never get sick on their way just like any avid travellers. Weekdays for the huskies are full of expectations of another trip that's going to happen rather soon. These beautiful dogs share the mode of life of their owners who can't imagine their adventures without furry friends.

3 Amazing Caves of the Abandoned Carnallite Mine

Amazing Caves of the Abandoned Carnallite Mine

This abandoned salt cave located in the Perm region is unique and utterly interesting. Its walls are covered with psychedelic patterns "painted" with layers of carnallite - the mineral used for production of fertilizers. Normally it is yellow, white or reddish, but sometimes it can be blue or even colorless.
Some carnallite mines are still functioning there, but most of the tunnels are closed and one may get inside only if he has a permit from the authorities. These very pictures were taken by a photographer Mikhail Mishainik, 29, who spent more than twenty hours in the amazing cave.

11 An Abandoned Naval Base in the Crimea

An Abandoned Naval Base in the Crimea

In the times of the Soviet Union it was a super secret naval base, but when the Crimea came under control of Ukraine it was destroyed and plundered. The base was located near Mirny settlement being one of the objects of the Black Sea Fleet. The garrison of the base had a regiment of amphibious aircrafts Be-12 and a
separate anti-submarine helicopter regiment represented by different modifications of Ka-25 and Ka-27 helicopters. Those vehicles used to participate in months lasting ocean trips and military missions aboard cruisers "Moscow" and "Leningrad". Take a look at the base the way it is today.

0 The Mushroom Tunnel

The Mushroom Tunnel

Blogger kerrangjke has shared some pictures of an interesting place - the tunnel once used for growing mushrooms. Sacks
full of seeds, some equipment and remains of artificial lights are still there. This and more are inside the post.
2 Russian Airborne Troops Ride Dog Sledges in Extreme North

Russian Airborne Troops Ride Dog Sledges in Extreme North

Russian airborne troops had a drill in the Arctic using dogs and skis. They are training to travel up to 80 km daily by dog sleds, calling a 15
minutes halt every hour. The weight of the loaded dog-sledge exceeded 200 kg. All the dogs weighed at least twenty-five kilograms.

7 Another Forgotten Russian Village

Another Forgotten Russian Village

Here is another abandoned and forgotten Russian village, Mityukovo which is surrounded by other villages with no people.  A wide street, two dozen wooden houses, roaring wind
and ringing silence.   Nothing else remains of the life that was once here. Blogger deni-spiri has visited the village and entered some of the empty houses.

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