13 Those Who Oppose Terrorists

Those Who Oppose Terrorists

These people have been sent to North Caucasus for fifteen years. At the cost of their lives they stop bandits and terrorists. The images you are about to see are exclusive. They were taken at the time of special operations by the special-purpose team from Moscow (usually it is a sniper who takes photos). We cannot show you their
faces. Such operations are secret and no journalists are allowed. By the way, this group is equipped and prepared better than others. The fighters of the group are constantly taking exercises being an elite of special forces. It's hard to believe but their monthly earnings are only about 1300 dollars.

8 Russian Fairytale Winter

Russian Fairytale Winter

Winter days are over, and the remaining snow is already turning grey and melting, we won't see real winter beauty in the nearest time. So at the beginning of
spring we decided to show you some cold and beautiful pictures from a Russian photographer Vladimir Chuprikov who took them not far from Perm, Russia.
4 Mid Summer Snow in the Mountains

Mid Summer Snow in the Mountains

It must be cool to find snow in the middle of
July! But where? For example, in Kazakhstan.
7 One Horsepower Russian Chainsaw

One Horsepower Russian Chainsaw

Most inventive people live in countryside. And here's one more
proof. Maybe this chainsaw is not so powerful but rather reliable!
7 Crocodile as a pet? Bad bad idea!

Crocodile as a pet? Bad bad idea!

Sergey Falkov from Irkutsk, Russia, has always been interested in crocodiles. He was very happy when he bought one in Africa and could bring him home to Russia, but today his life under the same roof with the
crocodile is far from ideal. Recently he has been made by the reptile to live in only one room while he has two rooms in his flat. The second room is fully under control of the crocodile Tuzik.
1 The Ukrainian Nipple And Other Mud Volcanoes

The Ukrainian Nipple And Other Mud Volcanoes

This must the biggest nipple of all the Crimea! One can see it on the Kerch peninsular of Ukraine. It has a company of
different mud volcanoes, some of them rather resemble small puddles, others have conical craters and splash with mud...

0 Half Siberian, Half Ural City From Above

Half Siberian, Half Ural City From Above

Chelyabinsk is a Ural city with population of 1,13 million people. It's one of the biggest industrial centers of the country. By the way, it's partially situated in the Ural territory,
and partially in the territory of Siberia. This separation is geological. The western part of the city is a granite one, the eastern one is in the zone of sedimentary rocks.
1 Far Eastern Marine Nature Reserve From the Air

Far Eastern Marine Nature Reserve From the Air

Another set of pictures of the Far East of Russia taken from above. We are
about to fly over the place inhabited by leopards, tigers and seals.

0 The Magic Night

The Magic Night

What a truly magic night! The sun going behind the horizon and the erupting
Tolbachik volcano (Kamchatka) whose lava paths illuminated the night.

2 Thunderstorm In the Mountains

Thunderstorm In the Mountains

We are at lake Kulsai in Kazakhstan on a rainy dull day. Probably such a paradise on earth is
wonderful in any weather, but there is something mysterious about a thunderstorm in the mountains.

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